Satoru Iwata Passed Away One Year Ago

It’s hard to believe but it has been one year since the tragic passing of the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Mr Iwata passed away on July 11th 2015 due to bile duct cancer and his legacy shall forever be remembered. The Japanese clock just turned to July 11, 2016 which means its one year since Satoru Iwata left us. Feel free to share your favourite Iwata memories or just pay tribute to the man who was a key part of Nintendo’s success.


  1. That is such lovely picture at least get to see his face with Shigeru Miyamoto & Reggie, it is so sad has left us gave us great games and such tragedy has left us forever, well Kimishima is putting things right as know Wiiu was commercila failure with NX the console will become huge success as Nintendo hoped for.

  2. Such a great legacy. I grew up playing Nintendo games and have owned each Nintendo console. Mr. Iwata and Nintendo will always be in my fondest memories.

  3. Very unfortunate that this had to happen.
    On the bright side, he’s not a person that will be easily forgotten.

  4. I still can’t believe he’s gone….smh. He was one of the greatest gaming minds to ever grace us. RIP Satoru Iwata… are deeply missed

    1. So sorry that happen. My thoughts, prayers and condolences are with you and your family

  5. despite that he made a lot of questionable decisions (mainly bad ones) he is still one of the legendary developers and a good president. he made nintendo how it is, even the bad ones.

  6. R.I.P Mr. Iwata you will be missed but your legacy lives on in our hearts, the hearts of developers and the hearts of Mario and all his friends. You gave us Kirby, helped bring the company to what it is today, gave us the gaming experience revolution known as the Wii. Mr. Iwata, no, Satoru Iwata, you were a businessman, a developer, a gamer. R.I.P Satoru Iwata, you will be missed and we’ll always love you. Nintendo will carry on, but so will us gamers you loved so much. Good-bye our great friend.

  7. When my health went down, I relied on Nintendo and the great games and consoles that came out. I would count down the days when something new came out. Then the unexpected thing happened, my dad started counting down with me! As new games came out, my dad was more than happy to spend time with his 3 kids to play any game we wanted. RIP Satoru Iwata. You will always be in my heart and in my dad’s heart as well. Even a year later I still cry that we lost a great man.

      1. Considering all the shit happening in America alone right now, we can’t really blame people like Collector for wondering when their time on this crappy planet will end. Even I sometimes wonder “God, if you are real like I believe you are, please hurry up and end this shitty planet already!” But then I remember the media in the United States likes to focus mostly on the negative happening in news today and remember why I don’t bother watching too much news and like to mostly watch fictional TV shows, movies, and play video games. lol Fuck the real world most of the time!

        1. Ah. Well, it’s kind of the other way around for me. I kind of have death anxiety. When I see graves, it makes me very uncomfortable. The one thing that I cannot stand is the fact that death is unpredictable. It could happen to anyone at any time. I’m just not prepared. There’s already been a couple of losses in my family and I hate it. But if it ever gets to my mother, I honestly do not know what I would do. In fact, I’d say it would be better if I die first than live to see her go away.

            1. Yeah, it does. I haven’t even talked to anyone about it because it scares me just thinking about it. In fact, I should probably stop talking about it now because it’s making me feel uneasy. Lol sorry.

          1. If vampires existed and you could either eventually die of old age or become an immortal vampire that feeds on people with no emotions or conscience, would you become one? If you’ve seen John Carpenter’s Vampires, you’ll actually get why I ask this question. lol

          2. ||Your doom is closer than ever, you humans will realise your irrelevant beliefs, cultures, nations and silly differences were for nothing and a complete waste of time…||

            ||Death is something no human can ever prepare for, some only pretends to do so…||

  8. Standing in the exact same place I stood when I First found out about Iwata’s Passing. I still remember that moment very clearly, how I was stocking the Biscuits in my Parents Shop and having the Urge to check MNN for some reason. Seemed like this was the Reason. R.I P Mr Iwata.

  9. One year today since you left us, yet i am still heartbroken.
    For all the stay up nights playing, to escape my parents screams
    On gameboy at recess, when school was tough.
    With all my friends after dinner running towards your games.
    By helping me temporaraliy escape the bruises my parents gave.
    Thank you for your passion and the love for your work.
    The gaming industry will never be the same.
    The world It will never forget you.
    You created all my childhood heroes.
    You are a hero of mine, now and always.
    I hope you are at peace.
    Thank you Satoru.
    My friend.

  10. Wow, time sure flies doesn’t it?
    One year ago on July 11, 2016 was when Mr. Iwata passed away.
    And his death make a mark on the Video Game Industry.
    With rivals of Nintendo (and former rivals) Paying respects to Iwata’s family during their loss of their son, on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.
    I wish the new president luck in fixing Nintendo’s mistakes and failures. (Cough Cough Wii U Cough Cough)
    May his soul rest in peace, one year later.

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