Video: The Life Of Satoru Iwata

Gaming Historian has posted a touching and interesting video on the life of Nintendo’s former president, Satoru Iwata, who sadly passed away earlier this year. The video takes us through his life, including the start of his career as a developer and a computer science graduate from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

As the video points out, Iwata was not only the President of Nintendo, he was a developer, a gamer, a father and a husband. The fact that over 4,000 people attended Iwata’s funeral proves the impact he had on people’s lives.

You can watch Gaming Historian’s 37 minute video below, which is a great recap on all of Iwata’s achievements in the industry:

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  1. I’m still sad for this unfortunate event. Sure I’ll watch it later.

    Truth be told, The Gaming Historian is a fantastic channel. I know it’s off topic, but for those who want to discover how Doki Doki Panic turned into Super Mario Bros. 2, here goes a link:

    Maybe this is one of their best pieces of work as of yet.

    1. I knew about this LONG before TGH talked about it.
      It’s been talked about before.
      It was talked about on a show called ICONS back on G4 when they presented the story of Mario.
      I have some old books that even tell the tale.
      Maybe some folks don’t know.
      But i knew.
      I know cause it’s my favorite Mario games cause it stands out the most.
      And no mario game has stood out as much since.. not in my mind.
      I wish Nintendo would make a game that throws back to SMB2/Doki Doki Panic.

        1. Super Mario 3D World was hardly a throw back, all it had in common was being able to play all 4 players again.
          There was no veggie pulling and tossing at enemies like their should have been.
          No magic jars that make doors…
          It was hardly at all a throwback..
          You did not even fight wart… you fought bowser like usual…

          1. It also brought back the cherries as an actual functioning power up, as well as the slot machines. I appreciated the little throwbacks, but it was in no way a remake or direct sequel.

            1. That’s what i’m saying.
              I want an actual sequel.. something more connected to Super Mario Bros 2/Doki Doki Panic.

                1. Horror and Mario never mixes.
                  Unless you count the luigi’s mansion games.
                  I just want a game with similar gameplay. With all 4.. Similar enemies, similar set up. Plucking things from the ground. It could work.

  2. RIP Iwata.
    It doesn’t matter. You were only human. Knowing death was near, it’s not surprising you catered to families.
    I’d have done the same thing.

  3. Iwata, though I don’t agree with your business decisions or vision you were first and foremost a father, son and husband. I’m sure your family misses you very much yet extremely proud of your accomplishments.

    Stranga disrespected this man many times saying some very hateful things about him. You should be ashamed of yourself you waste…

    Church of Sasori – 2015

    1. I somewhat surprised you said something so nice being the character your are, then I read about the Stranga part. That being said it nice to hear that Iwata was well respected even from someone like you.
      Thank you from saying something so nice.

  4. That video taught me so much I didn’t even know about Iwata, by the end I was crying again…I seriously miss Iwata so much, even with his mistakes he was probably the best president a company could have.

  5. Did anyone pick up that his first computer was a “2001,” and the company he worked for was “Hal.” – both components of the scifi classic, 2001 Space Odyssey? O.o

  6. i remember the feeling that many fans are still sad about his death yeah he is one of my top 5 best icons.

  7. I don’t recall Super Mario Bros. 2 being THAT difficult. I took part in a Nintendo Power magazine challenge back in the day (for the Lost Levels) to try completing the entire game with no warping. I eventually did it, and Nintendo sent me a special sew-on patch as a reward. That’s probably the only time I ever took part in any of the challenges. They weren’t that easy, because you had to take a picture of the tv screen. And back then, digital cameras didn’t exist.

  8. Iwata lived his life the way everyone wishes they could. By making such an impact on the world that people would forever remember him and everything he accomplished. He succeeded at that. Because all of his contributions will forever be felt and known. He planted seeds that will forever flourish. I’ll never stop missing him. Such a wonderful man.

  9. I hate being “that guy”
    But i want to say.. after watching the video, the reason the Wii sold so well was not cause of the gimmick.
    It’s because it was something new, and something different and something affordable.
    At a time when we seen the XB360 and the PS3, the Wii stood out and was vastly cheaper than the 2.
    So ofcourse it was going to sell so well.
    Sadly the Wii U while different, was marketed wrong, named wrong.. and was not as cheap as the Wii was at launch.
    The video says otherwise.
    And as much as i love Nintendo, i am not a blind fanboy, so i can sit back and look at things and go “this is why”.
    Maybe others won’t agree, but i’m just going by everything i seen taking place.
    Mothers buying it, not buying new games for it, stuffing the console into their closets when the novelty wore off, saying that the games cost too much for it.. all notions that only a non serious gamer would complain about.
    I know folks won’t agree.. but i felt the need to say it how i see it.

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