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Pachter Apologises For Disrespectful Comment About Satoru Iwata

Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has apologised for his disrespectful comment regarding late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. His words caused uproar amongst the video game community when he refered to Satoru Iwata as “the late and not so great” during his latest episode of Pachter Factor on YouTube.

103 thoughts on “Pachter Apologises For Disrespectful Comment About Satoru Iwata”

    1. Seriously? Calm down.

      We know Iwata was an innovative man who gave people many things they liked, but he isn’t Jesus Christ. ALL CAPS and exclaimation points don’t justify any form of defense.

      1. Iwata was the most kind-hearted gamer ever. Our best friend, Mario’s best friend, Kirby’s grandpa! AND PATCHER DISRESPECTED IWATA! No praising of the upcoming Zelda will save him now! And Patcher, you idiot, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are next for mobile! YOU LOUSY IDIOT ANALYST! Fi analyzes better than you, Patcher!

      2. I wouldn’t care if he talked shit to Jesus, lol. Iwata was working on his projects in the hospital room he stayed, before he died. You don’t disrespect a person like that. And working for what? Giving people nice times and memories through games. And by judging the video he insulted Iwata, Patcher seems like a complete dumbass, doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. He should get more hate.

        1. Yes, he should. What’s he going to do next: Say that the NX will have 12-0 games at launch? Say that Pokkén Tournament won’t get DLC? DISRESPECT REGGIE?! He better not! HE DISRESPECTS REGGIE AND I’M FLAGGING HIM ON YOUTUBE! AND KEEP FLAGGING HIM UNTIL HE QUITS HIS JOB! But seriously, he’ll probably say that Banjo & Kazooie will never return to Nintendo, when we know there is a really slim chance they will.

      1. I totally agree with you. I don’t think he meant to disrespect Iwata-san out of hatred but from a money grabber’s point of view. He wanted some attention and publicity and he knew which button to press.

      1. The most hype Nintendo ever got in gen 8 was with SSB4.

        And then Sakurai ended DLC with Corrin, Bayonetta, and cut charcters still missing…….. And with nothing but shallow spin-offs on the Wii U, the system was dead. Now we have to define what we out of Nintendo (and don’t get me started on SEGA and the Sonic franchise), because I don’t think things can get any worse. Nearly every game on the Wii U (minus DuckTales Remastered, and hopefully Yooka-Laylee) was a disappointment in some way or just meh, even the third-party titles.

  1. Seriously? His apology’s bullshit. So after you had done the voice recording for the video, you left it in while editing, and didn’t think about what you said? Shame on you. And if you say that he maybe skipped past it, that makes him a clumsy analyst who should get another sick job.

    1. Probably the latter. Even Microsoft and Sony sent condolences to Nintendo, they may be rivals, but they had great respect for Iwata. I still hate the Xbox systems though. Playstation, still hate, but not as much as Xbox systems. Anyway, who’s with me asking Nintendo to put an Iwata statue into Breath of the Wild as a tribute?!

      1. “Even” Microsoft and Sony? Why “even”? Just because they compete in the same market, doesn’t mean they loathe one another. Truth is, they are way more respectful towards each other than their supporters are.
        And why do you hate Microsoft and Sony systems? Just curious to know what would make you have such strong feelings for just some boxes. I mean, nothing wrong with a system simply not catching one’s interest, then you just ignore them; but hatred is a strong word, especially for mere inanimate objects, haha.

  2. Apologies like that are hollow, it meant nothing…. I still push for getting done with his stupid “analysis” in this site.

  3. Tbh it doesn’t matter if the person he insulted was without a home, family and job, unless the person intentionlly spread hate and harmed other people while alive you have no real reason to take jabs at them after they pass. At that point you’re just being unnecessarily rude to their loved ones. But hey, he knew he could just apologize later and stay in the gaming news headlines for this little stunt and most sites will continue to report on everything he does because we all click and comment on articles about him. 😐

  4. I don’t see Nostalgia. He usually comments on here. Huh, guess I scared him away. The lousy jerk. Anyone who sees him on here, give him heck. And some of you know whom I’m talking about.

  5. I dont understand why anyone posts about this guy. The show is lame, he doesnt have much of a following to prove his importance. Plus hes an investor why should we care what others think of Nintendo besides having more click bait for us? Just stop with this guy.

  6. Sorry pachter. It’s too late. Saying you’re sorry now won’t get you back the “credibility” you lost. You can’t just drop a bomb and cover it up with a pile of leaves and pretend the destruction was never there.

  7. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||The First Order doesn’t care about its useless apology, destroy it at all costs…||

  8. This guy is such a sack of shit. Always taking shots at Nintendo is one thing, but speaking ill of someone who has passed is another. This isn’t the first time he’s given shit talk about Iwata, either. Kill yourself, Snatch Patch.

  9. Pachter is a piece of shit no doubt. But he’s not wrong about Iwata failing in his last years. He squandered all the goodwill from the DS and initial Wii era badly. They could have supported and updated the Wii to be as powerful as the Wii U minus the gamepad back in 2010 with cutting edge graphics (for that time). Instead, he was late to the tablet fad with Wii U and made it harder for 3rd parties to easily develop for it. Plus they ordered way too many Wii Us initially which kept them from being able to lower the price due to no economies of scale when it didn’t sell well. Before the Wii U came out he screwed up the 3ds launch by having it both too expensive and having no games. He swore to not let that happen with the Wii U and promptly duplicated those same two mistakes. NX inception began under his watch so maybe his legacy will be somewhat repaired. But even you fanboys have to acknowledge was a piss poor job he did from 2010 on

    1. Regardless of that (that was a relatively small portion of his life), his accomplishments were immensely bigger. Not to mention the wide amount of support and respect from many game developers (due to his own programming background and various GDC conferences) and consumers (well, there’s this: and even their rivals, Microsoft and Sony.

      The point isn’t that he pointed out that Iwata made some business mistakes here and there (no one’s perfect; look at Sony in the 7th generation, the Vita, and the PS4 Pro), it’s the harsh comments and the fact that he (pretty much) completely blocked out and ignored any good things that he’s done; he made sound like Iwata was a parasite to the gaming industry. And frankly, the community (angrily) disagreed with that, regardless of what camp you’re on. Enough to force an apology out of him.

    2. They made enough wiiU to satisfy demand. Remember when you couldnt buy a wii in the first months? Sold out everywhere and on ebay for $800? The fact that the midnight launch was cancelled by ebgames in Canada makes it look more like the retailers are responsible. And the amiibo craze! Great Nintendo president.

  10. Meanwhile this is still on his page:
    “Appreciate the horror at my consistency. Was vocal that Mr. Iwata did a bad job when alive; calling him “not so great” after death horrific”

  11. “His words caused uproar amongst the video game community when he refered to Satoru Iwata as “the late and not so great” during his latest episode of Pachter Factor on YouTube.”

    Yeah… No s***!

  12. Um, what does this have to do with Nintendo news?
    This is the same situation as someone logging on to a forum and saying “This thing Nintendo did is dumb lul”
    Why don’t you cover that stuff if it’s “Nintendo news”?

    This is just one’s guys opinion on the internet. It has no relevance to Nintendo or Nintendo related news whatsoever.

    1. I know right??
      They should be reporting on all the games Nintendo are releasing, focusing on their stellar summer lineup! Or at least covering all the Nintendo-released details on the new NX system!

      I don’t know what the fuck they are thinking. Well, at least they aren’t being stupid by just not posting anything day after day, gotta giv’em credit for that!

  13. no amount of apologies can erase what he said. with his record on bashing Nintendo thru meaningless predictions, the insult was truly the icing on the cake for me to refuse even reading his game. whether he takes it back or not, he isnt gonna change his cynical ways.

  14. He’s only sorry because so many people got so angry at him (and that GoNintendo refuses to ever report about Pachter again). But the fact of the matter is, HE SAID IT. How could he? Nobody that truly had respect for Iwata could ever say that he wasn’t great. I had great respect for him even before I knew about everything he accomplished. I only wish he was still alive so I could shake his hand and say, thank you for everything!

  15. It’s okay to have a disliking toward another person as long as it’s displayed in a RESPECTFUL tone.
    What Patcher said yesterday was indeed immature and unnecessary, but he did take a step back and apologized for it.
    It’s up to you to choose whether or not to forgive.

    Satoru Iwata was a living legend that none of us will ever forgot.

  16. Y’all need to calm down and take a chill pill. So what if he made that comment towards Iwata? Every holocaust and 9/11 joke you laughed at would almost be equivalent to this.

    1. I’m all for universal freedom of speech, for it’s only by listening and comparing diverse ideas that we can identify and call out the stupid ones for what they are.
      My problem with Pachter is not that he said something unsavory, but that he did so for the sole purpose of directing attention to his dying Youtube channel; and that his defenders are trying to equate this to a crusade for ethics.

    2. Those events happened over 10 years ago. Iwata passed away just last year. There is such a thing as “too soon” when it comes to making jokes. Besides, what Pachter said was not some attempt to be funny or cracking a joke. Hence why he doesn’t deserve a pass.

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  18. More like he’s apologizing because a website was going to never post articles about him again with others possibly planning to do the same. Pachter can’t have that as it’s because of people reporting on him that he’s able to even make money. Just a case of someone backtracking because their bank account was about to take a hit from the lack of attention.

  19. Biggest problem is this guy has to damage control his petty and disrespectful comments which proves how credible his opinion is if he’s not willing to defend or stand by it lol. Fuck him, he’s always been a sensationalist hack of an analyst anyway, people will always remember Iwata’s legacy, but this guy? Hell no…

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