We have already heard that Miitomo has been a resounding success in Japan, even overthrowing the mighty LINE messaging application to become the number one app on the Japanese App Store. The official Japanese Miitomo Twitter account has confirmed that the social application has topped one million downloads in just three days. That’s certainly not bad going for Nintendo’s first foray into smartphone gaming.

Bing Translate: Miitomo (meet MO) customer has exceeded 1 million people in 3 days! I also am alarmed in early. Thank you very much! Miitomo is more interesting by engaging with lots of friends, so continue to enjoy.

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  1. I’m I the only person that is tired of seeing Mii’s ??
    I mean that shit was played out a long time ago..
    It should of been put along with the oldies but goodies that were playing Wii Sports bowling back in 2009 at Serenity Retirement home… Buried..

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        • But now Miis are tied into our profiles, and chances are they’ll never do away with them.

          Same with xbox and their avatars. You don’t have to like them, they’ll still be there.

          What Nintendo should do with the Miis though, is update the features. I was hoping Miitomo would add new features so then they wouldn’t all feel so dated.


        • If not get rid of them, they could at least update the damn things. The choices for hair color, for example, are all bland ass colors. I want some damn pink or gold hair options, damn it!


    • No, your not alone. Nintendo just can’t let go of the success they had with the original Wii. The Mii’s were fun……. in 2006. They are outdated looking and just frankly annoying now. I hate Mii’s and hope they all burn in hell. But honestly, they need to let go of everything from the Wii era already. It’s like a clingy ex that just can’t seem to move on. It’s over, time to find something new…lol

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  2. If this wasn’t free to play, I doubt it would be doing as well as it does. Just wait til it starts getting more microtransactions down the road, though. The number of users will either go down or it’ll go up because some casuals just have a lot of money to burn.


  3. This doesn’t surprise me at all since Tomodachi Life did extremely well in Japan. Though, I don’t know how big a deal this is, since its a Smartphone game that anyone can download… I do want Nintendo to do well in the future, so I hope this does get people on Smartphones interested again.

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      • Honestly Nintendo should be more concerned about getting the core gamer base back instead of winning the casuals back. The casuals are wild and unpredictable. If they continue to ignore the core gaming community they do so at their own peril.

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      • Unless those casuals cease to be casuals & become more like some of us hardcore/core gamers/whatever term you want to use that honor & respect a franchise’s heart & soul & not try to turn them into cash grabs, I’d rather they stay far, far away from the consoles & handheld. Otherwise, we’ll have a bunch of ignorant people buying crap like Federation Force giving Nintendo the wrong impression that we actually want chibi crap in our Metroid or amiibo Festival where we want nothing but board games of Animal Crossing on consoles instead of a true Animal Crossing experience. Bleh… Yep. Federation Force & amiibo Festival are/were nothing but big fat cash grabs. Nothing more, nothing less.


  4. So one thing it looks like no one here really understands is that Japanese culture is very big on both mobile apps and social-specific apps. Therefore, Miitomo stood a very good chance from the beginning. Will it do well in the US or Europe? Maybe moderately, but overall this seems like it was targeted to do well in Japan overall. And it did just that so it looks like Nintendo did well.


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