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Video: Here’s How The Second ‘Leaked’ NX Controller Was Faked

The mastermind behind the second Nintendo NX controller leak has stepped forward to say that it is a fake and has showcased how he went about tricking the entire internet. I guess we shall just have to wait for E3, or possibly just before, to see what the actual Nintendo NX and its controller look like.

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58 thoughts on “Video: Here’s How The Second ‘Leaked’ NX Controller Was Faked”

  1. actually, he only tricked idiots. I still have faith in nintendo enough to know they wouldn’t make an eyesore like that at this time with the situation they are in right now. of course, unless they’ve given up on the hardware side of things.

    1. This is the number one thing I hate about the community: Each time a leak comes out as fake, the non-believers bash and flame the people who CHOSE to believe it. I don’t get what’s so wrong about believing a leak? It ain’t gonna ruin your life. Nor anyone else’s. What you choose to believe is up to you….. But please don’t bash or flame those of us who willfully chose to believe it.

      1. Because they same people start spreading false information around as if it is true. This is how people become misinformed. It is a reason why companies have official statements and don’t comment on rumors. Rumors are damaging to the industry. I blame the media along with the believers. People need patience. All information will come out in due time.

      2. Well, I did see some people bashing those who didn’t believe it. So it seems the nonbelievers are just returning the favor. Personally, while I wanted it to be fake, I did not feel the need to comment. And now we find they are in fact fake. Kind of reminds me of that saying, cooler heads prevail.

      3. What urks me more about the non-believers saying “Haha, told you it was fake, how could you fall for something so stupid?”

        Don’t realize… That Nintendo actually does have a patented handheld project that looks exactly like what this guy made. Just Google “Nintendo Patent Project”.

        He didn’t just make that controller out of nothing. He based it off something Nintendo actually has a patent on.

        So to be utterly honest, there is a small % chance that this guy made an NX controller before the world got revealed one.

        Since Nintendo DOES have a patent with this exact device look, then chances are still high we might see that handheld in some form with Nintendo.

        1. Nintendo has lots of patents. Most of them don’t become a reality until decade or decades later. Patents do not help to determine the next project but do speak of ideas they may try in the future.

    2. /cough

      Uh buddy, hate to break this to you. But he based that fake off of an ACTUAL Nintendo patent for a controller exactly the same.

      He tricked those who saw that patent.

      There was a good 50% chance that leak was real, as the patent for a controller exactly that shape and size has already been patented for Nintendo to use. Just google “Nintendo Patent 2015” in google images and it’ll pop right up.

      1. There was a 50% chance? Well no shit it was either real or not…however everything till E3 when Nintendo shows NX off is 100% fake. And that patent is the NX Handheld, not NX Home Console Controller.

      2. Again, patents are just ideas. They do not mean that a product will be made with the features or design of a patent. I can go patent a design that I may use 20 years from now and it would mean nothing at this current time. Nintendo patent features or design every year. No one pays attention to them but as soon as iwata said codename NX then they start analyzing them. They should look at past patents to get a better idea.

        1. Which is pretty much exactly what I said, stop being trying to be a white knight.

          I already said, and you had to elaborate in 3 paragraphs: Nintendo already has a ton of patents so chances are nothing will ever happen with that one.

          But again, my point was just for those being harsh on people saying “it’s not something Nintendo would make”.

          My point wasn’t that “oh gee it’s gonna happen guis it’s in a patent!”

          It’s that we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that this could still happen.

          And I guess saying “50%” chance was too high? I mean.. It’s even odds, but fine for arguments sake let’s just say it’s less than likely to happen.

          But it’s STILL a patent. And ruling it out as impossible and non-nintendo is silly.

          1. White knight? What is that? The patent was not about the shape but the features. My point was patents doesn’t mean anything when it comes to product. You can say patents all you want but what about the patents before the code name NX was announced. Those patents will give more information than the patents the fakes were made from. What do you say about the people that was being harsh to people that was saying it was fake. It work both ways. Internet learned a lesson for now but the next leak is around the corner. Yeah, 50% was too high and too low. Unless stated by nintendo it is always 100% fake and 0% real.

            1. He’s got a point, though. You do tend to come off as white knighting Nintendo at times. Like those of us calling Federation shitForce as not a true Metroid then you come along with some defense for Nintendo why we are wrong.

              1. I don’t disagree with people’s opinion. People that don’t like it they don’t like it. I only speak when misinformation is typed. We are on a Nintendo website. If you go to a Playstation website or XBox website, I do it there too. I still don’t know what white knighting is. I don’t follow most of these words people use.

    1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

      Ha! You can’t fool a fucking fool. I dont know why this stupid bitch thought he was fooling anyone. If i was to make something fake. Confidential property would not be the fucking words that I’d use. Maybe a serial bar or serial code. Like A412-571-Dv03.

  2. So next time there’s a “leak” or rumor about something just do what a human being with any fucking common sense would do. Just stfu and patiently wait for some confirmation instead of jumping on the Internet ready to riot, i saw so much people so sure that this was real, i wonder how the idiots feel now?

  3. I never got tricked. he only tricked The Medias that believed this xDDD It was funny when he said i wanted to trick and it was easy. LOOL, some people gets tricked fooled so easy… Wait for Nintendo To announced some info about Nintendo NX. its not even E3 yet Stop with these Rumors of the NX.. and make other, something else Runors. please stop with the NX Rumor, wait for Nintendo… i know i can’t stop people with the NX, Rumors. It just getting annoying, cause Nintendo haven’t even said anything about it yet.

    1. I was never convinced it was real, but a part of me was kind of dreading the possibility of it being real at the same time. I don’t mind rumors that much, though. It’s kind of fun discussing this kind of stuff, but it does get a little old after you see one leak after another and no official info.

  4. Wait. They’re both coming out and admitting it was fake? Something fishy is going on. Why would fakers do this? Fakers want nothing but fame and glory. Why flush that fame and glory down the drain by admitting what you created is a fake? The tone of this guy is off too. Not a tone you’d expect from someone saying “yeah, I faked it!”. His tone sounds more like a “ah shit, I got my company in deep doo doo and I’m forced to say I faked it.”.

    Something tells me these guys were paid by Nintendo to say this.

    1. No they wasnt. One of the guys was a Neogaf member. He did it for the fun of it. I’m glad that he did. It shows how the media and people will believe anything. Nintendo will release information when they ready too. Rumors and leaks are always false until made official by company or person the rumor or leak is about.

    2. Sounds like you’re reaching here. I am guessing you want this controller to be real. They definitely were not paid by Nintendo to say this. It’s not a movie with professional actors. Just some guy on the internet. If he sounds weird, it is probably just how he talks. Certainly not proof that he was paid to say this. Come on now.

    1. I know right? There is another article titled, “fake controller had entire internet convinced it was the new NX from Nintendo”. Facepalm from hell.

      1. I didn’t believe it to begin with, it was all to shady. Besides that, the second round of different looking “controllers” didn’t match the first one. I am glad it didn’t last to long though, don’t take away from the big reveal!

  5. So he’s basically trying to be like that guy who faked the Rayman “leak” to have attention to his channel. Next thing you know, this guy might start a series taking requests for making controllers from any designs requested in the comments.

    1. He did it for fun not fame. He stated as much on neogaf. If you go to the thread on neogaf you can see it all.

  6. I admit I was duped. Maybe it’s he cynic in me, but I have very low expectations for the NX. If this isn’t the real controller, the real thing will probably be just as gimmicky. Nintendo has not been on a good trajectory lately. This new president seems to lack vision, and it seems as though Shigeru Miyamoto is making all the creative decisions for the company now. I think that is a mistake. He is 63, whereas your average gamer is in his (or her) 20s or 30s. The company is being run by dinosaurs who are struggling to connect to the mainstream, casual, and/or core gamer, whatever the case may be–even though the task isn’t actually that challenging. Read the TIME article. He just doesn’t seem to know what’s going on (and even admits it at times). I don’t think the NX will be Nintendo’s last console, but I believe it will be their last console that people view alongside the XB and PS. After that whatever Nintendo produces will be seen more as a toy than a piece of technology (and let’s not forget that Nintendo was a toy company before it was a video game company, which puts things in perspective).

    1. We should give Kimishima credit for at least partially knowing what the western audience thinks since he didn’t think the Wii U would take off. Let’s face the facts, though. Kimishima is pretty much taking over from where Iwata left Nintendo, much like Obama was taking over from where Bush left off. They have to fix the mistakes of their predecessor & sometimes that isn’t always easy when you are part of a democracy where you don’t always get final say so on something. That & they are a Japanese company. He can’t exactly outright abandon everything Iwata set into motion or otherwise he’d be seen as disrespecting & dishonoring Iwata’s name. So til Kimishima is able to finally make his own plans for the company, he has to respect Iwata’s plans to a certain degree.

      I could be wrong, though.

      1. Not to mention the business aspect of it where they already spent some of their money & time into Iwata’s plans.

  7. Well what I would like to know is, how the media felt after it was revealed the controller was a fake. As a media/journalist I will feel ashamed to report that news and make it was the real deal. I would by all means repair the damages caused to my reputation. As for the Nx I don’t know what it is but I know I don’t need now.

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