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Video: Story Of Seasons Cherished Friends Of Three Towns

Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns is due to be released in Japan this summer and promises to be a worthy entry into the life-sim series. The game which is produced by Marvellous is the Harvest Moon series special 20th anniversary game. As the name suggests, there’s three villages to explore, Rurukoko Town, Tsuyukasa Village, and Wes Town which are all unique and special in their own way. Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns is coming to Japan on June 23rd.

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7 thoughts on “Video: Story Of Seasons Cherished Friends Of Three Towns”

  1. instead of finding a star fox thread I will just say here, that I saw Star Fox Zero in person at Best Buy and it looks pretty sweet. Online videos don’t do it justice. The look is both crisp and nostalgic and if the game play rocks, it is going to be an awesome game

      1. Not quite. They also add new mechanics and new stories each time, among some other things, I suppose.
        Of course the gameplay is generally going to stay the same though, it’s a series, after all. The same things you’ve said also apply to series like Mario Kart or SSB. Would you criticize those too?

        It’s loved the way it is, so there is no need for drastic changes. Just recently, a game called Stardew Valley launched on Steam, it’s basically a Harvest Moon copy, and it’s gotten pretty popular – for a reason. The general idea and gameplay of the game is simple and relaxing, yet engaging, just like it is the case for the Harvest Moon games. There seems to be enough people who do enjoy the series, as it’s been successfully existing for 20 years now.
        I mean, of course I understand these games might not appeal to everyone, but looking down on them for “always being the same thing” doesn’t seem like a valid reason to me.

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