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Yo-kai Watch Anime Coming To Netflix US And The Cartoon Network In UK


Update: It’s now on Netflix US.

The Yo-Kai Watch anime will soon be available on popular video on demand streaming service Netflix, but only in the United States. If you want to watch it in the UK then you will need to tune into the Cartoon Network on April 23rd. France, Germany etc will also be getting the anime in the next few months. The news that the show will be available this month on Netflix in the US was revealed in a recent interview with the president of Level-5.

Following the U.K. launch, Yo-Kai Watch is due to arrive in over 100 territories worldwide. In France, it will debut on BOING in April, on Gulli on September 1 and on Cartoon Network in March 2017. Nickelodeon will air the show in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands beginning May 21. In Italy, the series will launch first on Cartoon Network in April and later on BOING.

BOING is also bringing Yo-Kai Watch to air in Spain and Africa starting in May. Through April and May, Cartoon Network will further roll-out the show in CEE, the Nordics, Portugal, Turkey and Poland. The show is also set for Noga in Israel this summer, and on to-be-announced channels in Russia and Ukraine this fall.

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  1. Gonna have to renew Netflix! I was trying to download it but could only find the Japanese with subtitles and I’m not a fan of subtitles for animes that are more cartoony like this, Pokemon and Digimon. I’ll watch stuff like Sailor moon with subs but not this. Glad it’ll be more available to see now!


  2. Okay, strange update on the Netflix thing: When it started streaming yesterday, the first 26 episodes of the US dub were there, but just today, they were randomly replaced with the Asia dub.


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