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Lost Reavers Beta Is Out Now On The Wii U eShop

If you’ve been looking forward to it then you’ll be excited to know that the Lost Reavers beta is now available to download on the Wii U eShop. The download size for the beta is 1156.1MB and should prove to be a bit of fun. Be sure to check it out now for free on the European and North American eShop!

Thanks, Nintendo Impact Gaming

10 thoughts on “Lost Reavers Beta Is Out Now On The Wii U eShop”

    1. You’ll probably be able to purchase weapons or armor if you’re too lazy to work towards earning the in game currency you get on your treasure hunts. That’s just my guess anyways.

  1. No micro-transactions unless you’re terminally lazy (there’s ammo in the eShop, but you can get PLENTY of that in-game by playing as rewards or drops by other players). I

    That said, I’m gathering more items (medals, most likely) will be added post-beta, but this is a grindy game where you’ll do better leveling normally. Post-beta At the very least you’ll be able to tell who’s buying anything else that shows up in the eShop if/when you start seeing low level (1-3) players with high-grade weapons they didn’t unlock though normal channels or by using the “minigame” that unlocks at a certain point…

  2. Correction! The eShop content is FREE (for the beta at least!). It’s only ammo, but you can buy quite a lot of it (that will HOPEFULLY hold over once the beta ends).

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