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US: Here’s How Recent Nintendo Consoles Have Performed


Data lover ZHugeEX has published another graph and this time it looks at Nintendo home console sales in the United States. It’s readily apparent from the graph that the Wii U has been nothing short of a disaster for Nintendo and further explains why industry sources are convinced that the NX platform will be launching this year in certain territories.


47 thoughts on “US: Here’s How Recent Nintendo Consoles Have Performed”

    1. Have a little faith. The Wii U was an almost literal worst-case scenario. Seriously, what else could have gone wrong with that launch? Nintendo’s worst mistake with it was letting Sony and Microsoft blow the Wii U out of the water a year later, and that won’t happen this time around. I’m optimistic, I’m convinced the Wii U has been a wake-up call for them.

      1. I would hope so. I don’t want to be disappointed again. I want to be able to play a Nintendo console and feel like it’s really great to own. I got that feeling with the Gamecube. The Wii U made me feel deep regret though. My most played games for the first year were Miiverse and internet browser. Lmao. At least I was able to meet some cool people. *sigh*

        1. I got the Wii U for xmas of 2012 and played NSMBU for a little bit and then it just collected dust until MK8 came out, after that there was a good steady stream of quality games to keep my interest. I feel like the Wii U is focused on quality rather than quality like the original Wii was.

          1. I guess the main problem for me is that I trusted Nintendo to be the only one I needed. They couldn’t provide me with everything I wanted so I got really frustrated. I am sure people who owned multiple platforms didn’t have as much of a problem as I did, but it is sadly too late. Even though I can play more than one platform now, the damage has already been done. All that frustration and complaining can’t just be reversed with a single switch. Lol.

            But anyways, next generation, I’ll mostly stick with PC. This platform has given me the most satisfaction out of any gaming system I’ve ever had. The PS4 by itself was great and I could actually go with just that system alone if I wanted to and get most of what I needed. I cannot go with only a Nintendo console anymore though. There’s just no way. It’s a REQUIREMENT to own a second system with them now. I don’t want to experience that pain again. XD

            1. Oh yeah, I forgot to add I know that the Wii U is much better now. But it’s already gone away now. (Traded it a year ago) Perhaps I’ll get it again in the future, but I’m more into PC and PS4 now. I still need to build a new PC as well as buy a new PS4 and I’ve been thinking of getting an Xbox One too. And also a PS3 but I’m not really sure about that one. So it’s going to take quite a long time before I actually do get back around to Nintendo. Managing multiple systems can be cumbersome at times. :P

              1. As a late-ish Wii U adopter, I am satisfied. I have too many games to play on it (who would have thought, right?), but I can see how that wouldn’t be the case if you bought the console on 2012-2013.

                About the PS4, what are you playing on it? Out of the exclusive titles it has, I’m only interested in Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank and Gravity Rush (might as well be exclusive, I’m not interested in the Vita at all), so I’m curious about what other people are playing right now.

                1. I’d definitely be playing Ratchet and Clank. I’ve had my eye on that one. I’m not sure about Bloodborne as I’m not really a Souls fan. I skipped it and I think I’ll probably begin with DS3. And I do want to get Gravity Rush too. I didn’t own a PS3 for myself so I’ll also be looking into The Nathan Drake Collection probably before I get around 4.

                  1. Right now I’m playing SFV more than anything on any other systems. I was playing Battlefront for a while and it was pretty fun. MKX is pretty fun, I need to go back and finish the story mode and i might get that XL pack. Dragon Quest Heroes is fun and I liked it better than Hyrule Warriors. BO3 is ok, I’m not a big fan of COD games but the story mode has Stabler from SVU and I found that to be highly entertaining personally lol, Zombies mode also has Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman as playable characters lol. Wolfenstein is intense!! I need to go back to that. I also have the Uncharted collection, GTAV, Until Dawn, The Evil Within, Last of Us Remastered, and Destiny. <—–I'm yet to even open those out of the box yet, I have too many games and not enough time lol

                    1. I don’t trust Capcom enough to suppose they won’t release a multiplatform Super Street Fighter IV in the long run. Wolfenstein interests me, and The Evil Within too despite popular opinion (I love Mikami). The rest I could live without. They’re nice to have if I already own the console, but I’m not willing to get a system for those titles, especially when many of them are multiplatform.

                        1. Just Nintendo consoles + PC. So, if I wanted to play SFV in its current state I would have done that already. I’d get the PC version of the multiplatform titles (assuming I have interest in them), but a PS4 would be useful as a backup plan for those horribly optimized titles (looking at you, Arkham Knight). If the NX gets 3rd party support, I’d make it my “platform of choice”, but I doubt it.

                          1. I also forgot to mention Rocket League and Worms Battlegrounds as games I used to play a lot. They are fun to play online in short bursts. I’m also super hyped for the new Worms WMD coming out. The worms series is one of my favorites of all time though.

                              1. Yeah man and they’re going back to the classic physics style of Armageddon! And now there will be tanks, helicopters, and buildings that you can hide inside of. I can’t wait!!

                              2. It still saddens me that the GCN didn’t sell well. The console had great specs and tons of great 1st and 3rd party games, arguably one of the best Nintendo line-ups for any console. How in the world did it not sell?

                                1. Bad press mostly like the Wii U. Also the small disks discouraged 3rd parties from porting their games to the system, so the support wasn’t as good as the PS2, but it was still good. The Wii U is an amazing console, but its a commercial failure. Hopefully the NX will do good, but i’ll enjoy it either way.

                                2. because of the media they chose is why it didnt sell well, hell i still have mine in working condition with the latest games i recently purchased; baten kaito 1+2 (both were under $60 which included s/h, both in excellent condition, one came with its original box, art and manual, well worth it).

                                  1. I miss playing the original Baten Kaitos. That & Eternal Darkness. We need these two games remastered into HD with better graphics!

                                  2. I'm just an Animal Crossing

                                    It was purple and had a handle which made it look like a purse of lunch pale for girls.

                                    That’s why I didn’t buy it.

                                3. The Wii U is a great console just let down by virtually no 3rd party support, poor branding and marketing. Also Nintendo never made the gamepad feel essential, even though I enjoyed using it and found it surprisingly “agile”

                                4. The NX will hopefully have a better generation than the Wii U did.
                                  So long as the same mistakes are not made (i.e., No constant delays and droughts, give reasons to purchase one, etc.) and they put effort into the marketing.
                                  As of right now, I’m a bit skeptical about a day 1 purchase like I did with Wii U, but we’ll see what’s in store once more info is revealed.

                                5. Nintendo have no one to blame but themselves.
                                  Awful branding
                                  Piss poor marketing
                                  Releasing a console on par with current generation of 7 years
                                  Launch game is a 2d Mario
                                  Launch games have been out over a year already
                                  Nintendo land not online
                                  Barely any hard-drive space

                                  After the millions they’ve recently spent on r&d I bet my life they screw up the NX

                                6. I hope they get the marketing right for the NX. It sounds like NX spec decision is ready for today’s world so Im not worried about that. Just the marketing now.

                                7. Wii u has some really good games but all people care about nowadays is graphics power. Honestly idk wt Nintendo was thinking by releasing such an underpowered console. Anyone who knows anything about so called gamers now a days would know that all they care about is that. Its like they only have really old Japanese people that work for Nintendo or something. That’s how I see Nintendo like a really old Japanese person trying to stick to their samurai ways when everyone else has guns lol

                                8. I feel bad for the Wii U. I really don’t understand why it all went so wrong? It’s sad to see Nintendo’s first HD console suffer so badly. My biggest complaint about the Wii U has always been the weak memory in them. It should have had no less than a 500GB hard drive inside, like the PS3. I’ve been needing a hard drive for my Wii U for several months due to the memory being filled up. I haven’t even been able to play my Super Mario 3D World, Splatoon, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Super Mario Maker, Shovel Knight OR the soon to be released Star Fox Zero because of this. None of which I have ever played. And btw, I WANT THAT INDIGO Wii U!

                                  1. Nintendo deserved this because of their choices. Didn’t they know that would happen?

                                    What even is that game pad? Splatoon made amazing use of it and so did Nintendo Land. Any other games though? No, not really. What a lame console.

                                    The worst part is I practically play Nintendo exclusively. I love the characters and am stoked for stuff like Star Fox Zero etc. We’ve had enough time with this console, it’s time to move on to something that makes sense, dammit.

                                    1. Mario Maker made amazing use of the gamepad, also Windwaker HD did as well, and I’d imagine Twilight Princess HD is the same. I never want to go back to playing a zelda game where i have to pause to look at the map and inventory again tbh. Game and Wario had some cool uses of the gamepad as well. And now we have Starfox Zero right around the corner which will make good use of the gamepad. I actually just installed a high capacity battery into the gamepad to get ready for the new Starfox. ^^

                                  2. Well, if the chart is anything to go by, they have nowhere to go but up, and the NX had better be strong enough to pull them back. Amazing launch lineup with several killer exclusives, a mix of single-player games and ONLINE multiplayer games (no more local-only crap- we don’t all live down the street from our friends anymore, *coughcoughMiyamotocough*), cutting-edge specs, cloud saving, account system where you buy once, download as many times as necessary a la Steam, and bring out an exciting new IP like Splatoon pulled off. Do all that, and the NX has a chance.

                                    1. Well when the wii u came out people were :”that x or y game will be a system seller.” well it did not happen some games did they job i.e.Mario kart, splatting,Mario maker and smash Bro. But US home console market is about power and how much realistic graphic you can display. Also like it or not shooter and football games sell consoles. Nintendo has to few of them and what they have are not better than the competition and late port. Additionally aiming at the kids is good but focusing on that demographic too much and you have the failure of the wii u. To be honest NX is a very good marketing name and should not be change people already know the name and they won’t be confused especially in Usa where it has been proven people were confused at what the wii u is.

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