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Rumor: Multiple Unannounced Wii U Projects Were Moved Over To Nintendo’s NX

As Nintendo’s NX reveal creeps closer, more and more rumors surrounding the mysterious system continue to surface at a frequent pace. One of the most recent unconfirmed reports deals with how multiple unannounced Wii U projects were apparently moved over to NX. Another rumor states that, in a single year, the NX will build a larger library of games than Wii U produced in three or four years. These claims come from Emily Rogers‘ alleged “Nintendo sources.” You can read more of her rumors below:

  • The big fundamental focal point (and overall goal) behind NX is to vastly increase the software output from Nintendo’s first party teams and studios.
  • To accomplish this, the entire process of how Nintendo develops and produces software has gone through radical changes.
  • There is a new strategy that was put in place to create and release first party software at a faster rate.
  • The NX could potentially see the highest output of first party software in the company’s history. (I’m talking about the entire lifespan of NX. Not just one or two years.)



143 thoughts on “Rumor: Multiple Unannounced Wii U Projects Were Moved Over To Nintendo’s NX”

  1. At this point, I’m hoping the NX can blend as well as understand why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

  2. While the rumors are running Muk
    (.. :]…). This actually is a nice bit of information that hopefully at least hits close to home in truth. Just because it would be great for the NX.

      1. I agree Sylux. Vanquish was fantastic but it was just too short. It suffered from the fate as their other amazing title Madworld……great but very less on content. If sequel does happen for Vanquish more content should be the main goal

        1. I throughout enjoyed MadWorld too, despite its flaws and, at times, pretty juvenile humor. It’s aesthetics and style are its stronger points, I can only dream about how amazing a possible HD sequel would look. The ideas are all there, Platinum just needs to execute them a little bit better and, as you say, add more content. More stages, more weapons, more moves, more hazards. If they make it just a tiny bit longer (and don’t rush the ending like in the original) while preserving the Sin City-like visuals and soundtrack, that’s another stylish game to add to Platinum’s résumé.

          Also, give the greys a larger role, just for shit and giggles.

          1. MadWorld was the shit. Jack Cayman was a badass and the motherfucking Black Baron’s a riot. I do agree the sequel will have to be longer in terms of everything (even the unique kills).

              1. The announcers were great as well. You have no idea how hard I laughed at most of the jokes. The vacuum blade one about it sucking harder than his ex-wife was the best.

  3. More Nintendo games than the NES? That would be something, wouldn’t it?

    Besides that, it’s quite obvious that Nintendo jumped ship last year or so to focus on the NX. That’s less of a rumor, more of common sense. As long as the quality of the games doesn’t tumble, let them put out as many as they can.

  4. I hope this is true! Nintendo has the best first party titles, so as long as they can keep the quality, upping the quantity is always welcome!

  5. I think this could be accomplished by reusing game engines a la Super Mario Galaxy 2. They could’ve made a third game with that engine and I would’ve been happy. I think too often they make everything from the ground up, but that’s not always necessary/cost effective to create great games and sequels.

    1. Im with you there. Some games, like Galaxy 2, are good enough where we just want more levels and challenges. For the Wii U they kind of did it with Luigi U

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  7. Who wants to bet that Pikmin 4 will be on the NX?
    EARTHBOU……..ah, never mind. That would be too cool to happen. I’d love to see a Super Mario Galaxy 3, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Super Mario Sunshine 2, a REAL Super Mario RPG 2 that has no affiliation with paper, Zelda is a no brainer, a new Donkey Kong Country, A Mario Party game that doesn’t suck, the list goes on. Man, Nintendo has the greatest IP’s EVER!

  8. Expanding on what others have said, reusing assets and engines might be a double-edged sword. While it would augment the number of titles and lower development costs, it might negatively impact variety in the long run. You can still make a lot of different games using the same engine, that much is obvious, but reusing assets can make every spin-off (thinking of Mario’s case in particular here) feel a bit samey. Hopefully this rumor has more to do with Nintendo’s internal restructuring and less with the scenario I mention.

    1. They use the same engine for Wind waker and twilight princess I think, so I guess it’s not a problem, they are so different from each other, but I got your point.

      1. Yeah, engines are generally not much of a problem. I was thinking about the need of developing new (or modifying old) engines to update older franchises, for example. By all means, you can make two games of the same franchise with the same engine, but two games of different franchises running under the same engine might be a bit riskier, especially if we’re not talking about just two entries. Many major developers can be blamed of this, try to feel how many Ubisoft titles resemble one another.

        1. I’m pretty sure Ocarina of Time was made on the same engine as Mario 64, and I don’t think anyone would say that it was harmed by it. Maybe this is more about making engines that are more versatile and can better accommodate a wider variety of game types.

  9. This seems too good to be true, but I still have hope that this is true anyways. I’m drooling just THINKING about all those high-quality Nintendo games…

  10. Please be true.
    The NX could use a good line-up of games ASAP.
    It may hurt our wallets, but it sure as heck beats waiting over a decade for something new on my Wii U.

  11. This rumor is BS how bout she sack up and tell us what unannounced games are coming. Nintendo merged the handheld and console division to out put more software. They themselves outlined this a while ago. Also that rumor she debunked was not even a debunk it was just a guy who a website verified said something no one really believed and she said it’s not true. Ummmmm she didn’t tell us actual specs and until Nintendo says so nothing is proven or unproven.

    1. He’s a fake, you idiot? LMFAO!

      Everyone can get verified on that site. Doesn’t mean that what they say is true. I heard that 10k got banned for that shit. XD

      I can make up shity too. Like…. “The NX has some nice boobies and will be a great sex girl for your new anime waifu like that shit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

      See? It’s BS and insane and anime cartoon girls in the real world will never happen cause money and power!


      Don’t be a 10k faggot fan? ;)

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  13. Terrible idea. Some of its exclusive are going to be locked on it forever, unless Nintendo decides to add backwards compatibility to the NX, which I seriously doubt. Best case scenario, we get Wii U VC. Keep your Wii U games, they might be worth a good penny down the line.

      1. You really want them to become a third party Dev? Yeah….. When Isis attacks America? It’s not gonna happen, girlfriend?

        Also why play a shitty game like Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival?

        That games shit and I don’t want that damn garbage on my PC anytime soon?


            1. Hah! I knew it! The numbering after a first and last name & the “Nintendo is shit” part was unmistakable!

        1. No! If “Isis” attacks America, then you should be able to protect me. I’m not your girlfriend either! Not until you protect me from Isis. Then we can get married and have 10 kids, mate. And play Animal Crossing on my PC. XD

          1. I’ll protect you, dear? I may not have a gun or learn fighting skills from the TMNT? But if a chick is endanger of being “Taken”? I’ll go Rambo on their asses and save you from gaming darkness. I promise I will make my first fan game in either Gmod or Unreal Engine 4?

            Plus It can’t be too hard to make a 3D model from scratch? XD

            What’s the worse thing that can happen. ;)

          1. I want good working games. Not 2001 Big Rigs Awesome Track riding game for the older PC models? That shit was bad, yes? :/

                          1. None right now. I am so far behind… I haven’t even finished some that I started from last year. I’m trying to wait till I can get things settled irl. Then I’ll get a subscription to one of the streaming services. (I’m looking at either Hulu or Crunchyroll)

                            1. Watch some great anime like Cory in the House or filthy frank? ;)

                              By the way? Before I go. Are you an actual chick since a lot of dudes sometimes uses anime girl avatars to piss people off and junk? XD

                              I’m a dude, by the way? lol

                              MEGA LOL

                                1. Not half angel, half demon. It’s half human, half angel, actually. And no. My avatar & me are guys, not girls.

                      1. Well I really hope that’s rumour is false cause it means the Wii U owners are f***ed. We were waiting for a lot of games to come and wait patiently (well some of us did) and then we are told to buy the new shiny hardware?!

                        But again from what nintendo told us it’s not a home console neither a handle game. When we first hear about the NX, I was let to believe it was like an addons to the wii U and 3 DS which allow you to do thing on the cloud and with your android/IOS phone. I don’t remember the graph but it was something like a nintendo + mobile phone ecosystem (hence why I don’t trust so rumour).

                        Anyway if that rumour become a fact then it would be a sad day for wii U owners…

                        1. The writing was on the wall. The multiple game droughts have shown that.

                          Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything, can’t set expectations on speculation.

                          It’s been a sad day since release.

                      2. Surprise! Wii U owners f***ed again! Why on Earth would I buy another $300+ Nintendo product, when they never made good on their last one? Gee, maybe if they actually marketed the Wii U and put some games on it, it might have done better.

                        1. Just like the PS4 fans with the rumor PS4k or what’s now known as Neo? XD All console gamers are screwed! PC will be next unless we go Anonymous on those suckers? lol

                          1. Console gaming is ruined. Sony will soon go bankrupt. Now if I don’t upgrade my PlayStation every 3 years, all my games will play at 5 fps. This is horrible and I hate it! I wanted to stay with the same console for 10 years but now I can’t!

                            1. Because they suck balls! No one is safe until there’s blood in the console gaming war. Only Nintendo will save us and even than Sony and M$ will ruined that for them and create a war that would make the Console War era look like nothing in comparison. Why do you think that now terrorists like Isis are now using consoles like the PS4 to recite dumb kids into their Ali Ball Z?

                              New era, same shit! That’s what I get after 9/11 has passed?

                              You should leave gaming all together. It will ruined your life and break your heart knowing the people that used to make games for fun. Are now part of that system.

                              :( It’s sad but true. Not even PC gaming is gonna change that? Already more laws and bills are trying to turn the 21st century into the dark ages.

                              You can not even insult a woman without a bunch of cops handcuffing you to the ground and pay you over $10.000 bail!

                              Just get the hell outta that community! It’s not a safe place as it used to be 5 to 10 years ago? :(

                                      1. Im back i guess i was banned and i have been beasting on x i have over 300 hours and decided to beat the game and have frye and alexa and lao to grind to level 60 and nintendo is still utter fecal matter

                                          1. What is up and i forgot to add i still have mias missions to do before i grind her to level 60 and lao if you can play as him after you beat the game and i have over 11 million dollars saved up to buy everyone the best armor with the most upgrades and the best skells etc etc and from then on do all of the side missions and character development missions and i have been gone for sometime and have seen a lot of bullshit stuff no one cares about nintendo is shoving in our faces lately and it is on now nintendo will be getting defecated on much more then they already are and hopefully the nx isnt absolute gob shit but who knows its nintendo

                                              1. dude you totally can talk all sorts of shit, it’s the first nintendo product to allow all sorts of cursing, and you will get to hear the mii’s actually say the curse words, it’s funny to hear a mii say stuff like “motherfucking cocksucking shitfucking ass ranger dick quad cunt dripping ass fister”. there’s no censorship whatsoever lol

                                                1. I have a question. Can the things you get in Miitomo like clothes for example be used for your Mii outside of the app? If not, that sucks. Miitomo wouldn’t be of much use other than the coins you can get, of course.

                                                  Also, yeah. It’s kinda funny. I like giving sarcastic or rude answers to the questions like

                                                  “What’s the most fun you’ve had in your time in school?”

                                                  “School isn’t fun in any way. Don’t ever ask me that question again.”

                                                2. it’s funny to use and kill time when i’m bored plus i like all the miitomo and platinum coins you get from it, after just a couple days i got enough coins to get warioware on my 3ds, if you get one follow me on twitter its listed in my gravatar, then ill follow you and we can be friends on miitomo

                                          2. I’m now known as Parachan. Nami was yesterday’s news? I’m into the Pokefusion craze. Plus Sun & Moon needs to have more Megas so that I can play as my Mega Hitmonchan. (The avatar of mine is female.) But she’s a cross breed between a male Hitmonchan and a female Parasect.

                                            That’s like her parents and I hope that someday I can go to the Japan’s and make some animation and game shit about “stuff” and work in some long running animu. Like One Piece. Cause I love that anime to death! And plus there’s no American’s that have ever worked in the anime industry and gain quick bucks for it.

                                            (I wanna make my first hentai animation over there.)

                                            But it’s just a shitty dream that will never happen cause earthquakes? :(

                                            Bye Japan? ;(

                                          3. Everyone knows that I became a female Bruce Lee Pokemon name Parachan? ;)

                                            I need to ask an artist online to draw Parachan wearing Nami’s clothes? <3

                                            Which version of Nami should they draw Parachan as?

                                            Bikini, clothes, etc. Big boobs. You name it? ;)

                                1. “Multiple Unannounced Wii U Projects Were Moved Over To Nintendo’s NX”

                                  OBVIOUSLY. Why would no one expect that by now? We were obviously dropped since last year with mere scraps being given.

                                  1. Main reason this is nothing new is because this happens every generation with every console that has a replacement.

                                    1. Exactly. It has happen to not only every Nintendo console but to every other home console that has ever existed. Those who do not believe that the NX will replace the Wii U who seriously fooling themselves

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                                4. I’m hoping that any projects being saved for the NX still come out on Wii U. Not that it’ll make a difference to me, since I would definately go with the NX, but Nintendo did say that they plan on continuing support of the U after NX release.

                                  Obviously Nintendo’s history and the current game drought would suggest that U will be dropped completely after NX comes out, but there’s always the possibility that Nintendo is holding off on projects because they want to release them for U and NX simultaneously.

                                  1. Every company says that they will to continue to support their current product when their new one arrives so that existing owners of that current product who probably can’t afford it won’t lose faith in them….it’s all smoke and mirrors talk. Once the NX gets established on the market it will be the primary focus for Nintendo going forward along with the mobile gaming market.

                                    Now I do agree that Nintendo could be doing some Wii U/NX cross-platform releases so that Wii U owners who can’t upgrade won’t feel alienated but that will probably last for about a year or so but after that it will only be about the NX as far as the dedicated gaming platform space is concerned

                                    1. I don’t completely agree with that, or perhaps just not in the way it was written. Typically console companies have remained faithful to their promises of continued support. Xbox 360 games are still being produced. So are PS3 games. Hell, the PS2 wasn’t discontinued until 2013. Now obviously the new system should be a company’s primary focus. It would be stupid to release a new system and not make it your main focus.

                                      The fact that Nintendo promised continued support of the Wii U is big though considering that their past practice was to completely abbandon the old system for the new as soon as it came out. I don’t remember if they promised continued support of the wii. Maybe someone else knows.

                                      I agree with your timetable though. If Nintendo does continue supporting wii u, I say it’ll only be for about a year after NX.

                                    2. i do agree for the Wii U ports is getting transported to the NX console in the Wii U hardware. i’m sure they will get the console ready and put it on there markets in 2 months. and what emily said she lied because someone on here told me she did.

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