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Video: Check Out Nintendo’s Spring Partner Preview

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Nintendo has released a YouTube video discussing upcoming games that are being released by their development partners on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS this year. Among the games are Axiom Verge, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Monster Hunter Generations, and Super Meat Boy.

Most of the titles shown are indie games, but if there’s something in there that you’re interested in, then you won’t have to wait long. However, some titles discussed in the video have more specific release dates. If you’re curious, feel free to check out the video below.


5 thoughts on “Video: Check Out Nintendo’s Spring Partner Preview”

  1. Two things to note here:

    1. Did a Nintendo employee just acknowledge that they actually played a game on another platform…in an official Nintendo video?!
    2. Note how they refrain from using the word “Nindie,” despite both highlighted games being Nindie titles. It’s very clear this was done in order to lump in the sparse retail 3rd-party releases of the Spring.

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