Rumour: Has Mighty No.9 Been Delayed Until The Summer?

Twitter user TyrantLizard45 has discovered that EB Games is now advertising Mighty No.9 with a summer 2016 release. Nothing regarding Mighty No.9 should really come as a surprise to anyone at this point in time as the game has faced multiple delays and has frustrated backers and fans. Let’s hope it does indeed ship this summer, which isn’t too far away now.


  1. At this point, they may as well have a rumour that says:

    “Rumour: Mighty No. 9 Cancelled and company taking all the money for themselves?”

    … okay: the latter part is a bit extreme, but seeing that I actually paid a lot for this (… I wanted the rewards, too -_-), it certainly feels that way. I’ve clearly learned my lesson.

    If there’s a class-action lawsuit against them, I’ll certainly join it.

      1. I’ve paid money in Kickstarter before and so far, I’ve either received the items or I haven’t, but they’re giving out consistent and trustworthy updates (or, well, the date of arrival hasn’t reached yet).

        I’ve heard of bad things happening when it came to Kickstarter, but this is the first time I’m experiencing it myself.

      1. -||Well I’m sure they’ll come up with more pathetic excuses in June first||-

        1. That’s… not a surprised at all, seeing that it’s become a pattern:

          1) Rumour starts.
          2) The official forums start talking about it.
          3) The company announces something in the forums and in the Kickstarter Blog (and then they casually bring up the fact that’s delayed because of issues (or “excuses” as we as well know).

          Question: do you know if there was a rumour that a class-action lawsuit will pop up (I’m actually serious about this: I WILL join it if that is happening)?

          1. -||I’ve only heard whispers about it around but I personally haven’t seen anything concrete||-

              1. -||No problem, maybe we should create just for the cause||-

  2. I honestly don’t give a shit for this game anymore. I remember being wayyy hyped for it when it was first announced but to go through all these delays and rumors.. Meh.

    1. -||You’re wrong, the Xbots if they somehow are still alive by then, will call their defective machines for Xbox e^x||-

        1. O.O
          It’s all clear to me now. It’s a formula!

          XBox = x + b•x

          Since their last console was the xbox 360 and this generation is the xbox one, the limit is clearly approaching zero. So as the limit approaches zero, the formula innevitably approaches

          0 + b•0 = 0

          It’s only a matter of time before they cease to exist.

        2. -||Yes that is a possibility, now if we can only calibrate it to x = -1 or lower , x < 0, then it shall be non-existant forever||-

  3. This game hasn’t been released yet? I haven’t been following it, but I’ve been hearing about it for years now.

    On that note, EB Games still exists? Where I am they were all replaced with Gamestops long ago.

  4. “Whoops! Looks like we need another million bucks. We accidentally used it on cocaine and hook-I mean on the highest soundtrack quality possible and didn’t pay enough attention to other things we needed. Yeah that sounds like a good reason.”

    1. Dudes asked for 4 kickstarters and received like, 4 fucking million for this game. Dudes need to fucking hire better staff to get this game rolling or expect a class-action lawsuit. They haven’t even fucking spoke about this game since the last delay which was over 3 months ago. No update, no release date, no possible release date. I didn’t back the game and I did want to play it, but dude, wtf? How long does it take to make a game that you received 4 million dollars for and said you were almost done making 3 times?

  5. When this game was first announced, I was optimistic. After seeing footage of actual gameplay, and the visual style, I stopped caring. The flow of the characters movement doesn’t look fun to me, and the overall presentation gives me a “Game students final exam” vibe, like a game that started as a flash game and was remade in polygons.

    I honestly don’t care if this game EVER comes out. I don’t plan to play it when it does.

  6. This is why I didn’t put in $100 for Little Devil Inside. I’m not big on paying for things before they can be promised. That is horrible though, I mean realistically what’s keeping it?

    1. Probably Keiji Inafune, Comcept and Inti Creates all juggling too many projects at the same time.

  7. Does anyone even care about or want this game anymore? God this game is such a mess. It started out so hopeful and so many people backed it and supported it, but then the actual gameplay ended up look dull and generic, Inafune started going crazy with all a bunch of other kickstarters, plus it gets delayed over and over. At this point the game is more of a joke than anything else.

  8. Might No.9: Delayed Edition.

    It feels like by the time this game is ready to be released, Capcom would already have a dedicated Megaman game out.

  9. While I didn’t back this myself, I’m still pissed for all of the people that probably feel screwed. :/ It’s because of people like Inafune that Kickstarter has such a bad reputation as it probably started out with the best of intentions. Least Patreon is here. But the question is, how long before that thing’s rep gets damaged as the people misusing Kickstarter migrate to that to rob people?

  10. While I don’t mind developers delaying a game to make it better, I do find it extremely unprofessional of them to be unable to accurately predict a release window. Like, for example, rather than delaying a game by 3 months four times, just set the launch window to be that entire year and maybe push it back a year. Keep it broad and don’t make it a specific month or even date until you know you can deliver by then…

    And more importantly… GIVE MORE UPDATES TO THE BACKERS. They at least deserve that rather than be kept out of the blue….

  11. While I didn’t back this myself and probably won’t play this at all, I understand the anger of anyone who did contribute to its funding. You feel used, and betrayed, and by the time the game finally (if ever) releases, you probably won’t even want to play it anymore. For that, I feel sorry for you.

    This guy has royally screwed himself over, I’m sure of it.

    1. Inafune screwed himself harder than Denis Dyack screwed himself & Silicon Knights with that one X-Men game debacle where he was putting some money back from the development to fund a sequel to Eternal Darkness if I remember correctly.

        1. Why do you think Dyack’s kickstarter for Shadow of the Eternals’ failed? Because no one trusts his ass.

          1. Shame, really, because Eternal Darkness was one of the best things on GCN because of that man.

  12. LOL, that’s what people get for trusting Inafune with their money; him kick starting this crap by stealing Kitamura’s cred and claiming to have been the brains behind Megaman/X was a gigantic red flag; Inafune’s never been a game developer, he’s just a suit who had a fluke designing Zero.

  13. Everyone is giving Inafune CRAP because of all the delays this game has had, which is only a LITTLE understandable for those who donated money. Yet everyone is ok with Nintendo’s constant delays of the new Zelda game, and feeling reassured that the game will be of better quality for the delays. Would people have preferred Mighty No. 9 to release quickly, but be a total mess? Now, I can understand people getting ticked off if the game released and it had horrible control and glitches galore. Patience is a virtue (usually)

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