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Limited Run Games Is Exploring A Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water North American Retail Release

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water may have received a retail release in Europe on the Nintendo Wii U, but North America never got one. However, Limited Run Games doesn’t intend for it to stay that way. The company announced on Twitter that they are “trying to work towards a Fatal Frame 5 release”. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was the fifth main Fatal Frame title.

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35 thoughts on “Limited Run Games Is Exploring A Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water North American Retail Release”

  1. I'm just an Animal Crossing

    This is why I hate NOA. I wanted this game so bad. But it never came to The U.S.
    I hope it does. I’d love to have it in my collection.

    1. There’s a ton of reasons to fucking utterly despise NoA. Bullshit censoring being another thing. Removing lingerie outfits from an M rated game & replacing it with less revealing Nintendo cosplay outfits! Pfft! I’m perfectly fine with changing the ages since a 14-17 year old girl with boobs looks no different from a woman 18 & over. That’s not exactly censoring in my book but localization in it’s truest form. I think along the way that Nintendo forgot about the difference between the two. :/

      1. I just don’t understand this strange obsession NOA has about western audiences and the female body. They truly believe if a western gamer see’s a female in a revealing outfit the world will end. Meanwhile the Witcher 3 has threesomes and orgy fests… Not one complaint. This is why Sony has sold 40 million consoles and Nintendo is spinning their tires. Nintendo is lost IMO. They have no idea of the market anymore nor do they understand where they belong in it. They are in this strange limbo. Little do they know, that if they just made a powerful gimmick free console and put all their first party titles on it all their problems would be solved…

          1. One word: fad. Motion control was a fad among casual gamers so it sold millions. When PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 adopted their own motion control, many casual gamers that got the Wii went & bought those consoles, too. Wii only won that gen because they were early to the party with motion controls. By the time PS3 & XB360 adopted them, the fad was slowly starting to lose steam as more & more people lost interest but not before those two consoles managed to catch up to Wii’s sales, short of a couple million. If all three had gone with motion controls at the very beginning, I’d bet anything that things would have ended quite differently for Nintendo.

    2. Yea, NOA is destroying thier brand. Between bad releases, lack of special editions, and censoring games, I’ve honestly had about enough of NOA. I hate to blame Reggie, because I honestly like the man, but at the end of the day the fault is defiantly his. Oh, and Fatal Frame? Yea, another game NOA censored. This is a MATURE game btw, only for ages 17 and up, yet they still felt the need to remove a bikini from the game…. I mean really. A fucking bikini, because God forbid and 17 year old, or a 23 year old see a woman in a bikini. Now that would just be a fucking outrage! (I said that last part with a whole bunch of sarcasm)

      1. I guess they think everyone in the US is a far right idiot that bursts into flames at the sight of too much skin because a teenager or adult is in a bikini. Or maybe they think they are curb tailing rapes & child molestation. lol Either way, NoA are fucking imbeciles & everyone there that supports this bullshit should be fired.

    1. For people that didn’t buy many wii u games at all or those that haven’t got one, yeah they should just wait for NX. But for people like me that bought a bunch of wii U shit it’s worth picking off the last few wii U games that interest me, with the wii U’s library being so small it’s easier than any other console to just get literally everything that even somewhat interests you. Not that the wii U is going to be rare by any means at all but it will be a neat console to own in hindsight. It will be the last nintendo console using the old architecture from wii/gamecube, and has entries from series a lot of people just aren’t going to be able to play unless they emulate (if they don’t need the gamepad for the game). Maybe the NX is powerful enough to emulate wii U and use it’s own controller for the wii U games but I doubt it, smash and 3 other games might be ported at the most.

  2. Too late, I’ve already got the digital copy since launch. It wouldn’t be that way if it weren’t for the silly cucks at Nintendo of America.

        1. Now where in the hell did you get that from you stupid fuckin drobe and i dont care what age a girl is in a video game because it is a video game and i dont see how the fuckin idiots connect because a girl is underage in a video game that people in real life support that shit stop grasping for straws you retarded cunt of a punk bitch

        2. Context, dude. Porn involves sexually explicit poses & actual sexual intercourse, oral or otherwise. Our country needs to quit being so stupid & treating any form of nudity as pornography. It’s stupid, really. “That guy’s peeing in the bushes! He’s a sexual deviant! Put him on the sex offender’s list, with child molesters & rapists, for the rest of his life! He’s evil just like them!” *rolls eyes*

  3. Might be interested. Passed on the digital cause it’s way over priced for not having a physical copy you can resell after you’re done with it. I only go digital when it’s cheap. Plus the censoring bugged me, so if they add the original content I might bite.

    1. I don’t see why we couldn’t have all gotten, Japan included, both the lingerie outfits & the cosplay outfits! I’m sure many Japanese gamers are upset they got lingerie outfits but no cosplay outfits while us in the West are upset we got the cosplay outfits but no lingerie outfits.

      1. In a perfect world sexy Zero Suit Samus fans and sexy black lingerie fans can come together in one game and rejoice! Hear us, Game Genie, and make our wish come true!

  4. If it comes to retail, I’d definitely give this game a try. I can’t do digital on Wii U. Games being tied to hardware as opposed to accounts and the embarrassingly small internal storage keeps me from buying anything digital on the Wii U.

    1. I should have had that mentality myself. But nope. I foolishly got a number of digital games on my Wii U. Now they are all stuck on a broken Wii U. :/ I was hoping Nintendo Account would rectify that issue but apparently Nintendo wasn’t thinking of a universal account system for Wii U when they were working on it. It better at least mean a universal account system on NX. If not, I’m so not getting it Day 1.

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