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It’s Unlikely For Five Nights at Freddy’s To Release On The Wii U

Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon recently announced that he was pursuing a current-generation console release of the original games. Cawthon has been replying to fans in the series’ Steam community, and one reply to a fan was about bringing the franchise over to Wii U. Unfortunately, Cawthon said it was unlikely. He gave his reasoning, stating that he “doubts the Wii U will be thing by the time a console release is ready”.

As for the NX, it wasn’t mentioned. It’s not out of the question, though, as the console versions are not expected to release until “at least 2017”. The NX is slated for a March 2017 release, so the odds that the NX could see the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise is much higher.

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71 thoughts on “It’s Unlikely For Five Nights at Freddy’s To Release On The Wii U”

  1. He gave his reasoning, stating that he “doubts the Wii U will be thing by the time a console release is ready”.

    Ironic, because is FNAF still a thing? Sounds like the popularity of the series is gone. Any developer would be smart to avoid putting any games on the Wii U, thanks to news of NX.

      1. Miiverse has been a joke for a very long time, anyway. If it’s not the bad users making Miiverse crap with false reporting & shit, it’s Nintendo themselves with their so called “updates.” :/

        1. Oh or their terrible admins who let people get away with false reporting because they actually agree with the bastards reasoning for reporting said post/comment/drawing. Biased people should not be in charge of things as they only see their own self centered opinion. It’s like letting a judge that is obviously against women’s rights be able to be the judge on a woman’s rights case. :/

          1. I’ve had two temporary bans. I only broke any rules for a few of them, and that was just me trying to communicate friend codes without the admins noticing in the early days. A few of my comments have been a bit suggestive, but hardly ban-worthy. Either the admins have become more lenient or I’ve just been posting less. By the way, 30 posts/replies a day is nowhere near enough. Why can’t we have the two minute delay back?

            1. It’s not the limit that’s the problem. It’s the fact posts AND comments share the limit that is the problem. If the limit was 30 posts a day & 10,000 comments a day, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Oh & the character limit for posts & comments should be boosted to 1000 characters. 400 isn’t enough. Not even 500 would be enough. The current set up they got for Miiverse with posts, comments, & character limits is pretty much inviting spam.

                1. True. I might have been too generous with that number. I was originally going to say 1000 comments a day. lol Oh & I forgot about the limit to number of comments for posts. 100 comments per post? Seriously!? If you are gonna have a discussion section, 100 comments per post is definitely not discussion friendly.

              1. Miiverse has been so far removed from it’s original purpose that it’s pathetic. “We want Miiverse to be a place for our fans to be socially active!” Oh? Could have fooled me with all of the anti-social rules & limits they got in place.

                1. Why do you guys talk about women like their losers or something? lol

                  Meet Shelly from Pokemon RSE!

                  Say hi, Shelly?

        2. RIP in peace Youtube community. You used to be an enjoyable place that I could go to to have a random conversation with someone. Then Nintendo ruined it by not realising that Youtube contains videos about everything, so no conversation is off-topic. At least we still have the NSLU community, though nothing really happens there anymore. Just that one guy who doesn’t realise that we don’t give a toss about his ever-changing list of friends.

  2. Wii U is dead so smart move. Putting it on Wii U is pretty much saying “I want this game to fail on a Nintendo console.” Wait for NX. It might have a way better user base as long as Nintendo doesn’t fuck anything up. Sure is a lot of hate for this franchise in the comment section, though. *notices it is a mobile franchise* Oh. Well that answers that. lol

    1. how about we dont put garbage games like FNAF on any nintendo home/portable consoles. im sure people like the game and good for them but i’d like to see games like dark souls on wii u or better yet the nx

      1. Whether FNAF is garbage or not, I can agree we don’t need any more garbage on Nintendo consoles. We got enough of Nintendo themselves doing that with things like Federation shitForce. *throws up in mouth again* Ugh! A true Metroid needs to hit soon so I can stop thinking & talking about that garbage…

        1. Wouldn’t it be poetic for everyone to, on the day(s) of FF’s release, not buy that and instead download Super Metroid or Metroid II or Fusion?

          I think that would be an even bigger “fuck you” than simply not buying FF.

            1. I wish instead of fucking Federation Force for 3DS that they were working on remaking Return of Samus the same way they remade the original Metroid. It’s gameplay has not aged well. I played it once & haven’t returned since.

  3. why does everyone hate this game in this thread? i’ve never played it, so what’s so bad about it? the only thing i’ve heard about it is it’s pretty creepy…

    1. I’m wondering that myself, actually. I, too, have mostly heard it’s a pretty creepy game. I’ve rarely seen people actually hate on it… til now. lol

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      You should be careful when using licensed characters in your personal store. While Nintendo is not the kind of company to sue it’s fans, You could easily be reported and have your shop legally shut down. This is a friendly warning. If I see you here promoting your wares again, I am reporting you myself.

        1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

          I see you’re a soldier within the Metroid branch. I only rarely see him, but if what you’re saying is true, I’ll have him eliminated at once.

  4. While the Gamepad being used as the camera feed would be a marvelous idea, I think it would be a bad idea to take FNAF to the Wii U because:

    1. The Wii U is clearly in its endgame and even Nintendo is dropping support for it.
    2. People would throw their Gamepads across the room whenever they get jumpscared.

  5. This game isn’t even scary or creepy. At last not to me. Then again I’ve played Resident Evil 4 and Zombi U and was not scared by either. So maybe I’m not the best person to go by in the scary/creepy department. But scary aspect aside, I still think the game is lame. You just watch cameras and wait for Chuck E. Cheese and the gang to sneak up on you. No thanks.

    1. Either you didn’t mention Silent Hill because you haven’t played any of those games or you didn’t mention Silent Hill because those games actually are scary/creepy. Resident Evil hasn’t been scary for a long time. Having a shitload of action in them kind of kills the scary factor by a good margin.

      1. Nope. I haven’t. I heard they’re good. One day I will try one of them. But I don’t really think it would change anything. I watch horror movies a lot, and they didn’t scare me either. I know it’s fake, so I just don’t get scared. But I still enjoy them. And scary aspect of Silent Hill aside, I’ve heard it’s a good series anyway, so I would probably like it.

        1. Since the Silent Hill movies are among the rare good video game movie adaptations, I suggest watching them to get a feel for the Silent Hill games’ use of horror.

          1. I saw the first movie and loved it. Got scared off from the second because no one even cared about it. Like it just came and went and none of my friends even talked about it. Was it as good as the first?

            1. No. No it wasn’t. Stay away from it.
              On the gaming side, to me SH has some of the best atmosphere of any series. Imagine a crossover between Twin Peaks, The Omen and Jacob’s Ladder and you’re halfway there. Even if you don’t find them all that scary, I’d say 1-3 are worth playing for sound design alone, especially 2. The lore is fascinating too, if you’re into that.

                    1. Nope. PS1 (1) and PS2 (2-4) originally. The rest of the games range from good to bad, so focus on the original 4. 4 is polarizing, but I enjoyed it.

                      There’s PC versions of at least 2-4, not sure about 1. As far as I know, they’re a bit hard to run properly. If you have a PSP, you can play 1 on that through CFW. Otherwise, emulation is your only chance.

                      3 is a direct sequel to 1, and 4 is slightly related to 2. I’d say it’s fair to start with either 1 or 2, but certainly not 3 and 4.

                        1. I don’t know. I can see them getting more expensive with time. You can get a PS2 for cheaper than a SNES now, for example. Old yet functional consoles can only go up in price.

                          Of course, they could be ported or remade in the future. There’s an HD collection on PS360 that includes both 2 and 3. I’m not much of a fan (some changes mess with the atmosphere big time) but it’s decent enough if you’re not a tech-head. If you were planning to get one of those, I bet that version is the cheapest option.

                  1. I personally enjoyed Silent Hill 2. It wasn’t as good as the 1st movie but I wouldn’t say it was terrible. The only terrible thing is how they handled Dark Alyssa’s final scene.

                      1. If you have Netflix & are paying for Bluray/DVD shipping, you can always use them. *checks to see if Hulu Plus has it on streaming* Nope. Damn.

        2. People bashing FNAF annoys me, I can completely agree that the fanbase of 8 year olds are annoying but don’t fucking act like the first time you saw FNAF and the concept of the game that you didn’t think it was cool. I don’t think it’s worth 17 sequels and endless replayability but it was a cool idea done well. People need to separate fanbase and the actual content itself.

        3. The whole “we didn’t want it anyway!!” thing is annoying too, no shit but most core nintendo fans don’t want FNAF or minecraft or whatever. Know who does? A fuckton of other people that might be able to keep your console alive for longer than 3-4 years, things like this support the console. It’s why ps4 fans cheered about COD shifting it’s platform of choice to PS4 this gen despite not necessarily liking it themselves, shit like that is huge.

          1. I’ve played the first one- it’s not so bad at first, but then on later nights when one mistake can cost you the night, tension ramps up quickly. Its a less-is-more take on horror and, personally, I think it works.

            I don’t think it should have gotten as many sequels as it did in less than 2 years, but the presentation is good and the lore is pretty engrossing.

        4. Putting indie games, that can be played by any PC, on consoles for much higher price years after release on steam is just BrokeBack.If anybody wants this game go buy it on steam or some shit. Console editions will rape ur wallet.

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