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European My Nintendo Updated With Bravely Second Theme


The European version of My Nintendo has recently been updated to include a rather fetching Bravely Second Nintendo 3DS Home Theme. If you want the Bravely Second: End Layer Home theme it will set you back 100 Platinum Points and be available as a My Nintendo reward until June 30th. So, if you have some spare Platinum Points and are a Bravely Second fan then it’s worth treating yourself to this theme.


11 thoughts on “European My Nintendo Updated With Bravely Second Theme”

  1. The theme was there as a reward this morning, but it was unredeemable. It’s now gone completely. Hopefully it’ll come back and they won’t make as much of a mess as they did with FE:Fates bundles.

  2. That’s a way better theme than the one I got for preordering Bravely Second. :/ Least I got a set of costumes to make up for the lame theme. :D Please come to the States, damn it! So much for My Nintendo being better than Club Nintendo. :/ In fact, it makes me want Club Nintendo back right now. Hopefully it’ll get better before my current fucking coins expire. -.-

    1. 6 months before coins expire. Fucking bullshit. Least Club Nintendo coins lasted a full year before going poof.

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