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The Pokemon Sun And Moon May 10th News Will Be On The Pokemon Company’s YouTube Accounts

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda has provided the location of where you can find out tomorrow’s Pokemon Sun and Moon news, via his personal blog. Fans looking for the new Pokémon Sun and Moon info can head to the official Pokémon Company YouTube accounts. Here’s the Japanese one, and here’s the English one. Although he specifically mentioned the former, it’s likely that the other accounts that are in different languages will get the info too.

He also posted what times you can expect the information at in your time zone. If you live on the East Coast of the United States, it will be announced at 8:00am. The West Coast will get the info three hours earlier, at 5:00am. If you live in London, it will be 1:00pm.

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15 thoughts on “The Pokemon Sun And Moon May 10th News Will Be On The Pokemon Company’s YouTube Accounts”

  1. I still think they should save this news, whatever it is, for E3. Then again, this news might not even be that big since it doesn’t seem to be a Nintendo Direct. Or maybe it is a Direct & I just forgot about it.

    1. $100 bucks say that you’re wrong and the winner will have to donate the money to their PayPal accounts? lol

      Trust me? I think they have their reasons why Pokemon is doing this part. XD

      Plus a Mega Hitmonchan would be pretty cool. Am I right? ;)

    2. e3 isn’t all that important these days. especially not for pokemon. since it’s a fucking KIDS game. kids don’t watch e3, especially not in japan. they have coro coro, pokemon news shows on TV and of course youtube. yes many adults love pokemon too yada yada. but in japan at least the kids thing stay strong.

  2. By the time every pokemon game comes out you know so many locations and the whole dex, even with the global release shit. I hope they don’t give everything away before the release, or they have something huge about the game that makes it exciting after how boring the last 2 were once you got past mega evolutions, getting a ditto safari, and realizing how easy IV breeding/EV training was. Good additions but a small, kind of boring map and horrible story hindered it. I way more excited for when game freak makes the leap to new hardware for the next game as that is always the reset button for the visual style and expectations in general, never been a fan of how safe gamefreak plays it with sticking to a handheld til it dies.

  3. I wish another developer could make Pokémon. Give the story some actual depth. Instead of just going to the next city and defeating the gym leaders. Rinse and repeat

    1. I feel they leave the story light is because a lot of people play Pokemom for everything but the story: breeding, contests, dex completion, online battling, exploring, etc. A complex story that takes up a lot of time would just get in people’s way. Now perhaps if they had a complex story post game that could be a possibility.

  4. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

    -||If no Quadraxis like Steel type Pokemon then I’m not interested||-

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