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Resident Evil 7 Could Be Released Between Oct 1st 2016 And March 31st 2017


We have yet to hear anything about the next instalment in Capcom’s ever popular Resident Evil franchise, but according to sales data for Street Fighter V it could come between October 1st 2016 and March 31st 2017. Whether or not it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 like current Resident Evil titles such as Resident Evil Umbrella Corps remains to be seen. But if it did indeed launch in March it would tie in with the Nintendo NX release which would clearly be a good thing for Nintendo and Resident Evil fans alike.



19 thoughts on “Resident Evil 7 Could Be Released Between Oct 1st 2016 And March 31st 2017”

  1. re6 and revelations 2 skipped the wiiu so unless nintendo didn’t mess up the nx, re7 nx is a high possibility.

  2. Nice! Im a huge Resident Evil fan so I can’t wait! It would be really neat if it came to the NX but we will just have to see.

  3. I should have Resident Evil 6, which I got digitally for PS4 a couple of days ago, beaten by then. I wonder if Resident Evil 7 will be a sequel to Revelations 2 in any way. Guess we’ll find out either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

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  5. It’d be nice to see RE on a Nintendo console again, especially since the popularity of ‘Revelations’ on the 3DS basically saved the franchise from its downward spiral. Would be nice to get some of those spiffy super HD remakes on there too.

    1. If it doesn’t, no loss for me since I’m going to be treating Resident Evil as PlayStation only franchises from now on. I already got every Resident Evil (0, 1, Revelations 2, & 6) available as PS4 games downloaded onto my PS4 currently.

      1. Do you think the PS4 upgrades make the games better? Thinking of grabbing one as my next system. My 360 is nice, but not necessarily nice enough to keep me with Microsoft as my ‘violence console’, lol.

        1. I don’t really notice. But I will say having a cloud system for my saves is nice. Oh & not having my digital purchases locked to my current console & can transfer them to another PS4 at any given time I choose by simply logging into my PS account on a new PS4 & simply redownloading them is also nice. If only Nintendo did that with the Wii U then I wouldn’t be nearly as pissed at them as I am right now.

            1. No.

              1. I haven’t played it on PS4 yet.
              2. I haven’t played it on PS3, either, so I wouldn’t notice a difference, regardless.

  6. Did anyone else NOT care much for Resident Evil Revelations (part 1. I haven’t played part 2)? I played all the way through that game, but couldn’t beat the last boss. I don’t care much for Jill Valentine, and being trapped on a ship was a bit boring to me. Though it had it’s interesting moments. It’s just that I LOVED RE4 so much that I got spoiled to everything in that game. It’s an example of a game where I don’t care much for the main story, but the fun gameplay helps to block it all out.

    1. If you are going for these games on PS4, go with 0 or 1 before you move on to the PS4 port of Resident Evil 6.

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