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Medli Out Now For Hyrule Warriors

Can you fight with all the forces of the wind? Well, Medli can, and she’s now available to download worldwide for both Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Released as a free character alongside patch 1.9.0 & 1.3.0 respectively, the harp-wielding Rito packs a pair of mean wings that deal a decent amount of damage when coupled with her wind abilities. You can get a taste for her fighting style in the video below, following the patch notes.

Ver. 1.9.0 Details (Hyrule Warriors)

  • Added playable warrior Medli. Control the power of wind to bring the fight to enemies both on the ground and in the air!

Version 1.3.0 (Hyrule Warriors Legends)

  • Added playable warrior Medli. Control the power of wind to bring the fight to enemies both on the ground and in the air!
  • New medals are awaiting to be won!
  • Adjustments have been made to improve the overall game experience.


15 thoughts on “Medli Out Now For Hyrule Warriors”

  1. Does anyone know if I need to do something to unlock the DLC in legends?

    I pre-purchased all of it the day I got the game and have it downloaded, but have access to None of it on my N3DS.

    Weirder, when I booted up the game today to get my 500,000 Rupees and my Fairy Food, I checked the “Buy DLC” link to see if there was anything new to download, and it said there was an update for previously downloaded content. After it downloaded that, it said I already had all the DLC, so I backed out again.

    I was then BOMBARDED by “You Got..” screens, and I had to page through about a Dozen or so of them. The thing is … They were ALL Blank. Just a Dozen brown message boxes that said “You Got” … and nothing else.

    I’m worried my game may be broken somehow. Because I already played through the story on the WiiU, I have not finished the main quest on Legends yet, and have been mostly just been playing adventure mode now and then, casually.

    I do not have access to Medli … or ANY of the DLC. It says I downloaded it … but nothing is there. I hope I don’t have to erase my game and start over. Leveling up all my characters has taken FOREVER.


    1. I had to go to “Download Again” or whatever the last option in the extras menu is – which then told me there was nothing to download. But when I backed out, the message showed up for me saying it was unlocked. It’s very wonky.

      1. I tried that. It said I could not download because it is already downloaded. Nothing became available after backing out again. Not the King. Not Medli, Not the Adventure maps … Nothing.

        I suppose, if an uninstall is required to fix it, I may as well do it now, before I only need to do MORE to catch up again. … though I would lose all those rupees, and that much food takes FOREVER to get.

        Maybe I can uninstall, or repair without deleting my save? I should try from the e-shop. I think there actually is a “Repair” option for downloaded games.

        1. vuldari and anyone else having difficulty with the DLC not showing up in-game; try going into the Nintendo eshop (the main eshop, not the in-game one) and go to “menu”, then “settings/other”, then ” updates” under the “history” list. You should see a list of your downloaded games; find Hyrule Warriors and select “download”.

          Hope this helps. I was having the same issue and this fixed it for me (I’m playing on the 3DS version, so I’m not sure if these same options are available on Wii U)

          1. I downloaded the Update from e-shop (why didn’t the game do it from the in-game dlc function?) and it added Meldli and the Master Wind Waker map … but I still do not have Skull Kid, Tetra, King, any costume recolors, or any Adventure maps other tgan default and Master wind waker.

            I went to e-shop to the game, had it check my game for repair, it said nothing was wrong, but I said to redownload anyway … then fell aslerp before it finished, and woke up to see it say it disconnected due to “user inactivity”. I have no idea if it even reinstalled or not, and only logged ne out of e-shop. I still have NONE of the DLC I paid for. Ugh.

            1. I just created a save data backup and completely deleted the game from my N3DS system (and deleted the DLC, which needs to be done with a separate action for some reason on 3DS), and am reinstalling the game again (using the “download later” function this time) as I type this.

              For anyone else who has had the same problem, I will update with the results as I get them. I’ve never restored a save file from a backup before, so this process is new to me. My intention is to boot the game ‘vanilla’ first, after the latest update installs, THEN download the DLC to see if any of it shows up, and only restore my save file last after it (hopefully) works … unless it forces me to apply the restore sooner. If re-applying my save makes the DLC disappear again (which is what I’m fearing) … well … I hope not.

            2. the costume colors, are unlocked while playing the Master Wind Waker Map, while the other adventure maps are unlocked by defeating the other adventure maps, when you clear the first, you unlock Wind Waker Map, when you clear the WInd Waker Map, you unlock the Master Quest Map, and when you clear the Master Quest, you unlock the termina and twilight map. The way to clear a Map, its by defeating the demon lord in each map.

              1. Thank you for that information. King of Red Lions and Tetra, etc. unlocked immediately in my WiiU version of the game, but still never appeared in my 3DS version (and yes, I bought the version that included both, and confirmed it said it was purchased and downloaded on my n3ds). I am hoping my total reinstall will fix that.

                The Demon Lord thing must be new, because I didn’t need to do ANYTHING to unlock ALL maps in the WiiU version.

                1. AAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!! Why Did Nintendo Explain NOTHING??

                  I feel like such an idiot.

                  When I bought All the DLC …because I had already completed most of the WiiU version, nearly everything (other than Gannondorfs Wind Waker Robes) unlocked IMMEDIATELY.

                  No Where in the DLC descriptions, the games website, or even on some of the Wikis does is even MENTION that you need to complete the Old Adventure Maps to unlock the NEW adventure maps, or that I need to play through the Legends Mode to unlock the DLC characters. It just looked like I threw a ton of money at the game, but didn’t get anything for it, when really … I just had not played the right stages yet. I had only ASSUMED it would all just Show-Up like it did in my WiiU version.

                  Upside … my save file restored, so I lost nothing but a bit of time … and sanity.

  2. I would get Hyrule warriors just for Medli.

    You know, if I had the right system to get the game. Yeah, Medli’s one of my favorite characters.

  3. Did anyone know when well be able to purchase the Linkle and other Wind Waker characters DLC for the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors? I don’t have a 3DS, and although I could buy a DLC code from someone on eBay I’d rather Nintendo get my money for their characters directly.

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