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UK Winners Crowned At Pokemon National Championships

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Top players in the UK have won the opportunity to compete in the Pokémon World Championships this August in San Francisco. Players battled their way through the UK National Championships that took place at Exhibition Centre Liverpool over the weekend to become the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Video Game and Pokkén Tournament UK Champions.

The UK champions now have the chance to take on the rest of the world at the Pokémon World Championships facing off against players from Europe, America, Korea, Australia, Korea and Japan.

The UK winners include:

VG Juniors Top 4:
Champion: Jaden Davies
Finalist: Ethan King
Semi-Finalist: Zak Moxon
Semi-Finalist: Angelica Sala

VG Seniors Top 4:
Champion: Theo Chevis
Finalist: Fergus Costard
Semi-Finalist: Jan Tillmann
Semi-Finalist: Daniel Burton

VG Masters Top 4:
Champion: Alejandro Gomez
Finalist: Ethan Hall
Semi-Finalist: Luis Lopez Rodriguez
Semi-Finalist: Liam Tansleyt

TCG Juniors Top 4:
Champion: Jake Beeston
Finalist: Thomas Forster
Semi-Finalist: Robin Waters
Semi-Finalist: Vanshay Bhucher

TCG Seniors Top 4:
Champion: Adam Gregson
Finalist: Joshua Richards
Semi-Finalist: David Mathias
Semi-Finalist: Joshua Toulmin

TCG Masters Top 4:
Champion: Tamao Cameron
Finalist: Scott Burgess
Semi-Finalist: Oliver Barnett
Semi-Finalist: Daniel Melrose

Pokkén Tournament Top 4:
Champion: Josh Simmonite
Finalist: Vinay Sajeer
Semi-Finalist: Nathan Robertson
Semi-Finalist: Joseph Barron

Pokkén Tournament Top 4:
Champion: Alex Stopher
Finalist: Tourell Black
Semi-Finalist: Reuben Sarfo-Annin
Semi-Finalist: TBC

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