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Current Booth Floorplans For GDC 2017 Do Not Include A Nintendo Booth

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Although it hasn’t been confirmed that Nintendo won’t have a booth at GDC 2017, and it’s quite some time before the event takes place, the current GDC floorplans don’t include a Nintendo booth.

However, Nintendo does have 3 meeting rooms for the show which means they will be present at the event, despite the current lack of dedicated booth. Here are pictures of the floorplan from NeoGAF user Rösti, with Nintendo’s meeting rooms marked with bob-ombs.



As previously mentioned, it’s still too early to say that Nintendo won’t eventually reserve a booth for GDC. The floorplans are not currently complete and could be subject to change prior to the event.

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16 thoughts on “Current Booth Floorplans For GDC 2017 Do Not Include A Nintendo Booth”

    1. I don’t think this would be irrelevant. Firstly, they are going to be there and have a presence. I think their investors, the company itself, understand that they are not in a position to reveal the NX; the software lineup isn’t there to support it yet. I like the idea that they are going to be there, but not on the main floor. If they were, it would be embarrassing not having much to show. There will be Nintendo fans watching them, gathering swag, and talking about the NX. It will have an aura of wonder and fun to it, but unfortunately it won’t be there.

      IF Nintendo didn’t show up at all, wasn’t on the floor, and didn’t have booths… I would be more disapointed. The fact that they are trying means something. At least for me it does. I’m happy they are working hard to bring us another amazing product with games that will always have that Nintendo charm I grew up with. This is all relevant.

      Also, not to be snobby or an asshat, but why are you coming into a Nintendo site…posting in their forum replys a rude comment like this? Even if you are a frustrated Nintendo fan I would encourage support for the company that you love. If you don’t like them that’s fine, piss off.

  1. Since they “showing” zelda this year and there’s none damn booth to present it. Just maybe and I mean just fucking maybe they’ll release digital demo to users play. Like splatoon test fire.

  2. The lack of appearances at events clearly means they’re saving up to buy the entire Superbowl halftime show and devote it to the NX announcement and all the best new games. 100% true prediction.

  3. If it does turn out that Nintendo did not reserve a booth, then this new CEO has to go.
    Allowing, and possibly creating, the E3 plans was bullshit enough.

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