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The Official Sonic Social Media Is Teasing Development On The Next Sonic Game

The official Sonic social media accounts are at it again. Another pair of teasers suggesting that Sonic Team is at work on the next Sonic game was published earlier today. The former comes from a Facebook post, in which I tweeted in case some users can’t see it due to Facebook privacy settings, and the latter comes from the tags to a Tumblr post on the same image. Both teasers contain a simple subtitle, which is “we solemnly swear we’re up to something good”.


55 thoughts on “The Official Sonic Social Media Is Teasing Development On The Next Sonic Game”

        1. I’d be fine with that. Haven’t played a Sonic game myself since Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (I think that’s the name) on the Gamecube, but I heard Colors is good. Well, I did play Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, but obviously that’s not the same thing haha.

            1. Generations didn’t go on a Nintendo console if I remember correctly, because I did want t play it. Otherwise I would have bought it. I don’t have PS or Xbox, so I can’t get it. Unless it was released on a Nintendo and I didn’t realize it. Please tell me I’m mistaken. I would love to be wrong.

              1. Generations is available for Nitendo’s goose of golden eggs, aka 3DS. Remember, for Nintendo’s understanding, handhelds are consoles. So, technically, Generations is available for a Nintendo’s console…

              2. Generations is sort of eh on 3DS and is no where near as good as the console versions. It’s basically Sonic Rush, just a whole lot shorter and with better visuals. I regret spending 40 bucks on it tbh. Not exactly bad but nothing special.

    1. I personally like the Sonic Boom designs of Sonic, Amy, & Tails. Too bad they were used for a failure of a game, though. Otherwise, those designs might have been better received. Knuckles’ design was the only abomination. As for Dr. Eggman’s design, I’m okay with it, at best, but it could have been better.

      1. Boom was made to be different and people just didn’t get that. What I don’t get though is how Sega can put out all these bad sonic games and still make money to make another. Half the games don’t sell

    1. I can see it end up being in the same vein as Aliens: Colonial Marines & Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: all the hype for what people were expecting because of the initial advertising that they give us the complete opposite of what they initially had us suspecting it’d be because of the hype they themselves created.

  1. I hope for a game much like Sonic Generations, I thought it was the last really good Sonic game. It had decent 3D gameplays and 2D ones, Also the return of older stages. It should have more characters playable.

  2. Completely off topic, but there needs to be like a WiFi Shop or something where you could bring in any type of system that needed updating and update said device’s. Pay a small fee and get your console or computer up to date. Why don’t these places exist already?

        1. Ah, I got the game, unaware that there would be a massively huge update to the tune of like 20 gigs. So, while I got the game fairly cheap. I’m pretty sure it’s going right back to the bin. It looks hella fun, but not enough to blow energy and money updating the crap. People complain about DLC, I love it, I complain about games that have to have massive updates!!! Haha. Crap, time to make a decision…

  3. And yet, “we solemnly swear we’re up to something good”, they can sure say that, I bet they said it during the last five epic fail Sonic games.
    At the same time… they have gotten my attention.

  4. …Haven’t they been teasing this for a while? Or are they being more specific now? I hope they use the classic designs though; that would be really interesting to see. That Harry Potter reference tho :p

  5. I wish companies would just shut the fuck up until they have something, sega LOVES to tease, that is all they do. The next big sonic game is going to be in 2019 they have to spend more time making sonic wallets and keychains, apps, and posting jokes on social media.

    1. It’s exactly why they fucked up Aliens: Colonial Marines. They wanted to show something to get people hyped for the game but didn’t have any real in-game crap to show so they gave us what was actually just CGI bullshit. So when they finally did have something to show & it wasn’t roughly the same as the initial trailer with the CGI, boom! It was over.

    2. It’s also why Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is ruined because Nintendo & Atlus had everyone thinking it was going to be Fire Emblem meets Shin Megami Tensei but gave us Fire Emblem meets Vocaloid instead.

  6. I don’t mind what type of Sonic game it is, as long as it’s made well. I’m tired of rushed or poorly managed, glitchy Sonic games. They need to put a lot of time, effort, and enthusiasm in this game to help breath life back into the series. Generations and Colors were my last two favorite Sonic games. I wouldn’t mind a 3rd Sonic Adventure game, but they should make the levels a little longer and more challenging with various challenges and game modes.

  7. Probably looking too much into this but…
    > Anniversary is June 23rd.
    > We get a teaser on May 23rd.
    Thinking maybe we’ll get an announcement on the anniversary?
    Man, it’s been ages since we heard about a new Sonic.

  8. Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure are two of the best Sonic games that are somewhat recent. I really hope this will be a sequel.

  9. Last really great Sonic game was Generations. After that I guess Sega realized they were making GOOD games again so they went back to their older routine of rushing games/changing the gameplay style when they don’t need to. Like, the boost gameplay was perfectly fine, it just needed some more refining and maybe some more characters playable. Also, the writing could’ve been better, but story has never been that good in Sonic games anyways. Nonetheless though Sega changed it up with Lost World and shit’s been going downhill since. I thought Unleashed was pretty good too. The the Werehog gameplay was fun enough even though the whole werewolf Sonic concept was weird, and the boost stages are the best out of all three games to date. But, in my opinion, Colors was the best out of them. It just had so much replay value, all the fun is in replaying the levels to see what secrets/Red Rings you can find, and getting as much points as possible to improve your score. Not to mention, the return of having Super Sonic playable during normal levels. The visuals were top notch for the Wii and the soundtrack is some of the best to come out of a Sonic game.

    What happened Sega? The next game better be good, you’ve been disappointing us for far too long now. Hopefully THIS time Sonic Boom will have nothing to do with things. (seriously, it just needs to die already)

  10. Take your time, Sega, take your time. Your lasagna analogy is on point. Take it out of the oven when it’s ready, not a second before. Craft something wonderful, not something quick.

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