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Nintendo Teases Possible Mario Kart 8 DLC On Twitter

The Nintendo of Europe Twitter account has recently posted a Tweet, which has in turn sparked speculation surrounding new Mario Kart 8 content.

The Tweet simply stated “good things come to those who wait #MK8” with nothing more, however it has left people wondering what could be arriving in the near future for the Wii U title.

The last update released for Mario Kart 8 ramped up the speed with the option for 200cc races, and prior to that was the purchasable double bundle that added new characters, tracks, motorcycles and cars to the mix.

What this Tweet is actually hinting is still unclear, but it is certainly getting a reaction. Hopefully we will soon see some new content announced for the game.


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56 thoughts on “Nintendo Teases Possible Mario Kart 8 DLC On Twitter”

  1. My brain froze for a minute when I first saw the tweet, I had no idea what was going on. Would love some MK8 DLC, and that’s actually a pretty good idea for the Wii U’s last year, considering that no new major games will come.

  2. thenintendoreviewer

    Surprising. But only good if it’s actual battle mode arenas. MK8’s current battle mode is trash

  3. This would be a freaking fantastic idea: to update a lot of Wii U games that have come out over the system’s lifetime and to give them new features/modes, so that people who bought the system might not feel as ripped off. (I still think I got most of my money’s worth, but I’m not everyone.)

  4. If this happens, I want a Splatoon themed pack, with an Inkling, Callie and Marie as new characters, a Splatoon themed kart, the Turbo Blooper from Mario Kart Wii and Kalamari Desert and Inkopolis tracks! The second new pack should be Kirby themed with Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede and Kirby themed track with a remix of Gourmet Race!

    1. Splat that! As much as I love Splatoon, actual Mario characters who are still missing from 8’s roster should be added first (Bowser Jr., Birdo, Diddy Kong, and E. Gadd- seriously, why has E. Gadd not been a racer yet?- come to mind).

      The only N64 track to not come back yet is Wario Stadium, and I would love to see what they do with that. I also want to see old tracks like SNES Vanilla Lake 2, GCN Mushroom City, GBA Shy Guy Wilds, and DS Shroom Ridge return, I feel there’s a lot they could do for those (the tunnels in Shroom Ridge becoming full floor, walls, and ceiling anti-grav is an exciting thought).

  5. Oh boy, they’re only like what, a year and a half late?

    On a happy note I sure hope this is the case. Mario Kart 8 has the best replay value and a total of 56 or 64 tracks (depending how many cups they’re adding) on a Mario Kart game would be insane and honestly is something people would be playing forever. Just look at how popular Mario Kart 64 & DS is with it’s 32 tracks. Imagine how MK8 will go down.

  6. If they ever did go back to a number of games like Mario Kart 8 or Hyrule Warriors & added some brand new, exclusive DLC, I’d definitely reconsider giving up on Wii U and send it in to be fixed. But that’s a really big IF.

      1. I know which is why I said exclusive. Unless I’m missing something, the new characters you are thinking of are already on the 3DS release of the game so they aren’t exclusive.

        1. Sadly, I think the same mindset that Smash 4 was built around is happening with Hyrule Warriors now- what characters one version gets, the other gets it too.

          I still resent Smash for that- the Ice Climbers wouldn’t have missed out on 4 if they ditched that line of thinking. It would have been nice if Wii U version owners got a little something extra for supporting the struggling console anyway.

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  8. People still play this? I finished this game ages ago, then moved on. Probably even before any DLC was available. I played this game a few times online many months ago (maybe a year or longer ago), and people were cheating SO bad that I never cared about playing online ever again. These type of games are just NOT fun playing online (like most games, IMO).

    1. It’s impressive how MK8 cheaters are not banned by Nintendo, which loves to play the role of the legalists of Universe.

    2. There are Story Based games, like Epic RPGs and Action adventures that take 16 – 100+ hours to finish and then not feel any desire to play again for YEARS, if ever, even if you Loved them.

      There Are Score and Time based games that keep you repeating the same challenges over and over for months, which you come back to now and then to challenge yourself and your old top scores.

      And there are casual, comfort food games that really have no end, and exist just to keep you stimulated and entertained whenever the mood strikes you, like multiplayer games (shooters, racers, fighters) and procedurally generated puzzle games (falling block puzzlers, some dungeon crawlers, village simulators etc).

      The Mario Kart series was MADE to be one of those types of games, of which Animal Crossing, Smash and Splatoon also are. There is no being “Done” with them. They are something to be played when you are in the mood to just PLAY. The only reason one would be DONE with them is if a different game has replaced the role it used to fill. There does not EXIST a superior option for Kart racing at the moment … so, YEAH. MILLIONS of people who enjoy the Kart racing genre are still playing this game, because it is still the latest and greatest of it’s category.

      … What game is Your go-to at the moment for casual, “I’m just in the mood to have fun right now”, play?

      For me, it is currently cycling between Monster Hunter, Smash, Hyrule Warriors (both), Mario Kart(s) [8, 7 and 1], Splatoon and occasional random Mario Maker levels.

      Overwatch looks sweet, and I think Rocket League is still hot …

      … but for Kart Racing, 8 is still where it’s at. (I wish they were still supporting 7 with fresh content. I like racing on the go).

      1. WHAT?!

        Who has the time to replay games? I barely have time to beat a title and then move onto the next one. Can’t imagine wasting more time on a previously completed title.

        1. I can’t imagine treating games like they were disposable. Who can AFFORD that? It’s like buying a shirt, wearing it once and throwing it away. What a waste. If it is comfortable, your style, and still fits … wear it AGAIN.

          The term “Replay Value” is not hypothetical. I, like many, have played many of my favorite games from start to finish many times. Not only my recent games, but my old ones too.

          I currently have a CRT TV next to my HDTV with an NES, SNES, Genisis, and GameCube hooked up to it. I’ve recently been playing Burnout 2, Duck Tales, Perfect Dark, Vectorman, SanFrancisco Rush, TMNT 2, and StarFox. They are still FUN.

          Knowing that I’ve not yet seen the End Credits of Bayonetta 1 and 2, or completed Watch Dogs 100%, or collected every Skulltula in Hyrule Warriors does not forbid me from giving those games a rest to get a few races of MarioKart in, if that’s what I’m in the mood for, or Splatoon. I have 2 characters in MH4U, a game I’ve owned since lanch day, and neither is G-Rank yet. It’s my favorite game … I’m just in no hurry. In fact, on my lunch break at work today, I loaded up MH3U and hunted a few rounds against monsters you don’t see in 4. I forgot how much I missed some of the music, characters and environments from that game. I didn’t play a whole new 500 hour run. Just 20 minutes. Who can’t spare 20 minutes to revisit an old favorite?

          … You can’t understand why I would take 20 minutes here and a few hours there to replay my old Favorite games.

          … I can’t understand why you WOULDN’T.

          1. … and a Nintendo 64 hooked up as well, obviously. It’s quite the tangle of consoles, and over 100 games between them. I’m not a ‘trade in my $60 game for 10% credit towards the next one’ kind of gamer. If it’s GOOD, or at least holds Nostalgic Value … I Keep it … because I ‘DO’ still Play them. Regularly.

            1. I don’t trade in anything. The only items I’ve sold were this gen’s Sonic titles because Sega pissed me off, Wii vaporware, and Dark Souls 2 before it plummeted in price (went digital afterwards).
              And I tried offloading Okami because I can’t draw, but I got stuck with it again as the buyer returned it.

          2. When did I say I got rid of my old games? I’m a collector, with hundreds of titles that I’ll never sell.

            I have played my old SNES and PS2 titles a couple times e.g. TMNT, Mariokart, Zombies Ate My Neighbors… Titles that are easy to pick up. I can’t fathom playing an RPG again as I’m OCD and wouldn’t be able to only play a little.

            I can’t spare any time. I only have so much time to dedicate to gaming as I’ve gotten older that I can’t replay anything. Also I’m a completionist, so I can’t put a title down until I finish it.

            Glad to see you have the time to enjoy this great pastime, but unfortunately a lot of us don’t.

            1. I work 40+ hours a week like most, though I have no kids or significant others taking up my time. It’s just all about playing whatever you want when the time presents itself, rather than a singke thing until it’s done. The last game I played exclusively to it’s end was Xenoblade X. 230 hours in 2 1/2 weeks. New Zelda games I usually play straight through as well.

              The only RPG I’ve replayed so far is Morrowind, though I only beat the main quest once. I did play Golden Sun twice, back to back because I missed a Djinn but saved after a point of no return. Second time was much faster. It has been 15 years since I beat Earthbound (Mother 2). I think I will play that again this year, after I finish Origins (Mother 1).

  9. Mario Kart 8 online is the most fun of anything to me. me and my mom play Mario Kart 8 online evry day and no mattr how many times i play i allways look forward to my Mario Kart 8 online play time. we r realley hopeing theire is going to be a new DLC we will buy it rite away. Mario Kart 8 online play is the most fun thing on Wii U. an we hope that theire will allways be online play mode for Mario Kart 8 .

  10. No games coming out for wii u? Give em more Mario kart dlc! That’ll shut up the fanboys! Especially the ones who were so against Nintendo and dlc! Right?!?! “Well if it’s done well then I’m ok with it”. Even if it’s all your system is riding on for the next year? Mario kart hype has died tremendously sorry. People will buy and play this for a week and be done like the last packs.

    1. Nintendo fundamentalists when any studio makes DLC available: “greedy bastards, they make their games full price and still dare to release DLC, I won’t get it, I’ll vote with my wallet.”

      Nintendo fundamentalists when Nintendo makes DLC available: “I’m pretty confident this DLC is going to do well, it’s been doing right, Nintendo can do no wrong, I’ll get it as soon as it releases!”

      1. The only things that need to be questioned are, What are they adding? Is what they are adding, well Priced for what it is? and, Does it hurt the Game to have it? It depends on percpetion.

        1. Exactly. You do the right thing that need to be done. Fundametalists, a priori, find 100% of what Nintendo does awesome, and what the rest of the word does, a pile of sh*t.

  11. That would be pretty awesome, but I’m not sure how likely it is… only because I’m not sure how invested Nintendo is with Wii U games with the NX being released some time in the future.

  12. Do anyone remember Nintendo’s statement back in April ?
    “For our content download business,
    we will continue to offer appealing additional download content that enhance the characteristics of each game. We believe
    this will keep games actively played and maintain their popularity.”
    So far we have only gotten for Splatoon, so it wouldn’t be so far fetched to get something for Mario Kart

  13. Guys, I’m sorry but this clearly is a joke.
    The image is of a train and the people are hit by it. If they waited then they would have gotten across without getting hit, hence the term “Good things come to those who wait”.
    I’ll admit, I thought at first it was real and it is understandable that we get sucked into it but when you give it some thought, it’s clearly a joke.

    1. Like it was pointed out before, there’s a glaring problem with that assertion. The abbreviation MK8 follows immediately after the adage. What we see is a screenshot of Mario Kart 64, and the featured track, Kalamari Desert, does not appear in Mario Kart 8. So why would Mario Kart 8’s abbreviation be thrown in there? Unless this is hinting at something, there is no reason for that to be there, and I doubt even Nintendo’s Twitter handle would do something that arbitrary.

      I guess we will see if indeed good things come to those who wait, or if this is some misleading promo. As for me, my stance won’t change.

  14. Didn’t they also hint at some more MK8 DLC about a year ago? Is it finally happening!? ouo

  15. Lemme guess, Green Silver Luigi! Wahoo!

    Or Dr. Mario….

    How about Birdo, Bowser Jr., or Nabbit instead.

    Or they can just patch Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Dry Bowser, and Pink Gold Peach as alternte costumes like they’re supposed to be.

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