Here’s One Hour Of Tokyo Mirage Sessions Gameplay (English)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is nearly upon us as the game launches later this month. To whet your appetite for the Japanese centric title YouTube channel GameXplain have uploaded the first hour of the game for you all to see. If you’re still unsure about the game after watching the video then be sure to check out our review which will be coming soon.


  1. Was the limited edition already up on Amazon?
    I have been watching it for weeks and it just says currently unavailable. We di not know when or if the item will be back
    Or something like that

    1. Amazon is done for when it comes to that. They have restocked once a week later only for it to be gone again.

      Try GameStop since they should have pre-orders open for the limited edition (I’ve claimed mines around Star Fox Zero’s launch).

  2. So they decided not to dub the songs in the game? Oh good. If I ever did play this game, I’d become annoyed very quick if everyone was speaking Japanese only to suddenly start singing in English when it was time for a song.

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