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A Nintendo Selects Version of Disney Frozen: Olaf’s Quest Has Surfaced In North America

A Nintendo Selects version of Disney Frozen: Olaf’s Quest has started to appear in retail stores over in North America. A NeoGAF user posted a picture of one of them. Nintendo has also given the game the label on its official page. The Nintendo Selects label is used for releases that are published by Nintendo, so this makes the game the first third-party title to get the label in North America.



Thanks, holonboy


  1. Nintendo selects go for $19.99 right? So a bargain bin title, that should go for $10 is going for double the price by making it a Nintendo Selects title?

  2. ….

    Say what now?

    The UK can get fucking Mario Kart for $20.
    The UK can get Legend of Zelda for $20.

    The U.S. can get… a title almost no one fucking heard of?
    Much more, a spin-off title of everyone’s “favorite” movie, Frozen.

  3. Classic example of why NintenD’OH! *facepalm* of ‘Murica is shit. Not really surprised at all.

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