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Natsume’s E3 Line Up Has Been Confirmed

Natsume have now confirmed their official E3 line-up, and the company will have booth 513 in the South Hall of the LA convention center at the event next week.

Their line up will consist of their 3DS titles, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village and River City: Tokyo Rumble, along with their PS4 release Wild Guns: Reloaded.

All three titles are currently in development and we should know more information about release dates once they are showcased at E3, however, if you’re attending you’ll be able to try out the titles as they will all be playable at the event.

Source: Natsume PR / Via

5 thoughts on “Natsume’s E3 Line Up Has Been Confirmed”

  1. Every time I see the name Wild Guns, I can’t help but think of Wild Arms 3. Good thing Wild Arms 3 became available as a digital game for PS4 last month! :D

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