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Nintendo Opens E3 Miiverse Community

As I’m sure you are all aware E3 is taking place next week and you probably won’t be able to escape it. Nintendo has decided to open the E3 Miiverse Community so you’ve all got a place to discuss what you would like to see from Nintendo this E3 and to discuss their playable title at the show, the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda. Be sure to pop in and talk about your hopes and dreams for Nintendo this E3.

33 thoughts on “Nintendo Opens E3 Miiverse Community”

  1. Shouldn’t they have just used that special Zelda community that they already created?
    Or does this confirm that they’ll actually have more big surprises at E3, and not just Zelda.

    1. Which they will ignore anyway because “we know what’s best, we know what you want! Super Mario Galaxy 3, Metroid Dread, and Animal Crossing: To The Moon? No! We give you Super Mario 3D World 1.5, Metroid Prime: Federation Force 2, and Animal Crossing: BeCrossed, where you match your favorite AC characters in rows of 3! Just don’t match 3 Resettis! Score high enough, and you just might win a new background for the puzzles!

      Oh, and did Miyamoto mention you must match them by swinging the Gamepad in the direction you want the tokens to move? That cannot be disabled, but we’re all certain you’ll love it!”

        1. You try having one request for Nintendo and being repeatedly let down for years. In my case, it’s wanting a new F-Zero that is better than GX and has online play. For others, it’s wanting a new, GOOD Metroid after Other M screwed the pooch but then getting a cartoony spinoff that has no business being called Metroid. For others still, it’s wanting a massive, HD Animal Crossing but then getting a board game with one board, boring gameplay, shoddy minigames, and an unhealthy focus on amiibo.

          It’s like I always say: you can only ignore your fans for so long before it bites you in the ass.

          1. Next thing you know, the company files for bankrupcy due to sheer stubborness and refusal to listen to fans, but willing to deprive their freedom of modifying games to something they like.

        1. I *wanted* to love SFZ, I really did. But its controls often lead to frustrating deaths and either your aim or your flying suffer when you are looking at the other screen.

          It’s not a terrible game, but it’s held back so much.

  2. And watch as any users who say they want more than what we’re getting (which is either stuff we already know about or the ONLY new thing, Zelda) get banned for speaking out against what is 99.9% certain going be a terrible Nintendo E3.

  3. Miiverse is cancer. It had potential, but by God most of the users in the popular communities are plain dumb (Take the Super Luigi U community for example).

    There’s a reason why I stick to YouTube instead of going anywhere near Dumbverse.

      1. Hardly anyone uses the Youtube community any more after Nintendo removed to ability to reply to comments there. The NSLU community is only full of rubbish because it’s the last community with the old format and people migrated there from the Youtube one.

  4. Interesting to see that E3 2016 and Holiday 2016 is such a joke at this point.

    Times like this make me feel glad that I resorted to USB Loader GX (mainly for other reasons) to get all the hidden gems for the Wii I missed out on when they where relevant.

  5. “I hate Color Splash! It sucks! Give me a true Paper Mario! And Federation Farce looks like someone took a poop on Metroid!” *minutes later gets banned for being hateful/bullying* <.<

    1. WWE practically does it at times when they mute a certain section of the crowd’s sound because they are booing someone that WWE wants cheered.

      1. WWE? Ah, I used to watch that all the time when I was little. But I was shocked when I heard it wasn’t real. I quit watching it. It’s been so long and I had recently saw it again on TV. It’s hilarious. They come out with the stupidest wrestlers nowadays. And I saw John Cena get jumped by these three guys called The Club. Come on… how is that even allowed? I can’t believe I used to think it was real. It’s so obvious! I think maybe I’ll start watching it again. Just because of the stupid stuff that happens. Lmao.

        1. Don’t confuse being real with being staged, dude. That aside, are you serious that you stopped watching because you found out the stuff is staged? I hate to break it to you but the Easter Bunny isn’t real, Star Wars is not actually taking place in a galaxy far, far away, Santa Claus does not actually traverse the entire planet in a day to give kids little presents because Santa Claus, though based on the real life Saint Nicholas that lived centuries ago, does not exist, the Tooth Fairy does not give you a quarter for your tooth, there is not a war going on between Templars & Assassins, toys do not actually come to life & interact with each other when we humans aren’t around, etc. *pats Hollow’s head* I’m sorry that your entire life was a lie. lmfao

          Joking aside, I can’t wait for Money in the Bank next Sunday. I hope Dean Ambrose wins MitB so he can cash in on his former Shield teammates so we can get a 3 way feud between those three.

          1. Ok. I guess maybe it was a little dramatic to stop watching it. But I was so disappointed. I’m ready to start watching it again cause I actually find it pretty entertaining. But I liked it a whole lot better when I never knew about it being staged.

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