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NPD: The Wii U Sold Less Than 28,000 Units & The 3DS Sold Less Than 72,000 Units In May

Nintendo’s NPD results have come in for May, but they’re not good. The Wii U has had its worst month ever for sales. The console sold only 28,000 units, 1,000 shy of the second worst month. That was the 29,000 units that the console was able to sell in July of 2013. As for the 3DS, it sold less than 72,000 units.



    1. I don’t think Sun and Moon will move that many 3ds’s. X and Y moved a lot of 3ds’s because it was the first Pokemon on the system, and the first “next gen” Pokemon. Sun and Moon will be the third game on the system, and it’s all reused assets from the previous two games. I think it will sell great, and I think it will move a few systems, but for the most part most Pokemon fans already own a 3ds.

      1. While Pokemon is knows for heavily re-using assets, and they’ve used the same system for X/Y and OR/AS, Sun and Moon seems more powerful than the past two games, at least graphically. Still, nothing else seems really new from the trailers shown.

  1. Considering nothing good has come out for the U since Mario Maker released last year I would call moving 28,000 new units a mind blowing success.

    1. Unfortunately, I have to agree… Which is sad because I was really hoping Star Fox Zero would be a good title. Just my opinion, of course, but the controls felt like that situation when youre trying to read, text, or play video games and someone is trying to talk to you withlist you trying to listen, but cant focus on both XD That makes sense, right?

      1. I can barely play my games during the day because people want to be loud & talk loud, essentially yelling, a lot. Yeah, I understand what you are saying. Star Fox Zero would just end up being the worst game in the series for me. With that in mind, I think I’ll go research the game’s story in case a sequel brings anything from the first one up… if I even play that game if Miyamoto is in charge of that one too & insists on using the awful controls from Zero for it.

  2. I’d say Monster Hunter and Pokemon should be a definite saving grace for the 3DS of what we know coming thus far. It’s been pretty dry since Bravely Second….here’s hoping for some good demos out of E3 next week, possibly some strong announcements during the Direct to boot.

    1. What a dumb comment. Did you finish Xenoblade? Smash Bros online? Splatoon? Made some amazing stages on Mario Maker?

      People saying nothing to play on it, either have no lives and finished all the games released or just like to complain.

        1. Just ignore it, Collector. Obvious Nintendo fanboy is obvious. In fact, she, or he, has been obvious for a long time now. “People saying nothing to play on it, either have no lives and finished all the games released or just like to complain.” Obvious fanboy mentality. People don’t complain because they like to. Anyone that honestly believes that is an idiot.

          1. ||All of those weapons are great…it doesn’t invalidate the Wii U in that regard…the truth is out there…||

            ||Blind hate…makes you oblivious to the greatness of these weapons…||

            1. Xenoblade Chronicles X: censorship over a character that could have easily had her age changed along with a breast slider being removed when they could have easily just given the game preset options for boob sizes since some people went overboard & made the boobs either too damn big or non-existent. In other words, the localization team were being lazy as well as being censor happy drones.

              Super Smash Bros 4: still has terrible lag & the 3DS version holding it back.

              Splatoon: terrible content starting out which has thankfully gotten more over the many months, but is still held back by no battle customization like the ability to change the time limit & forced stage selection where you can only choose 3 different stages at any given time.

              Super Mario Maker: no slopes, too many costumes of characters that have no business in the game when there is still things missing from the Mario franchise, & terrible moderation with no ability to let people back up their created stages on their system so all that hard work gets deleted instead because the person who made them wasn’t’ popular enough even though the stage was well made & everything.

              So no, they aren’t great weapons. They are all good at best and okay at worst. Then there are other games on the system with terrible support & poor, shitty marketing, & censor happy idiots. Not to mention the multitude of big titles that skipped it because not only were some 3rd parties being cheap or being assholes but because Nintendo has got an ego the size of a damn Starkiller Base because they are too stupid to realize they aren’t the big bad Empire they use to be & actually thought they could support it all by themselves if 3rd parties left because they didn’t want to deal with Nintendo’s stupid gimmicks. All that in mind, Wii U is the 2nd worst Nintendo system ever behind Virtual Boy. But you are half right. It doesn’t invalidate Wii U at all. If anything, it validates how shitty the console really is.

              May the NX save Nintendo for us all. Otherwise, it was nice playing on their consoles for 20+ years but I won’t be around for the next 10 if they continue to fail. LONG LIVE SONY’S PLAYSTATION FOR IF NINTENDO DOES FALL!!!

              1. ||You never played them…the outfits are within them…and stop promoting Sonyan garbage in here…or you’ll get banned…||

                1. I don’t need to play stuff to know some things in the games are total trash since I can do something called research. And it’s not my fault Sony has a lot better things to show than NintenD’OH! *facepalm* right now. I can’t wait to go play some more of Witcher 3’s Blood & Wine expansion DLC on my PS4 after I’m done on the computer & watching some WWE Raw. If you insist on using the old “you haven’t played it so you’re opinion is invalid” crap, I can just as easily do the same and you know EXACTLY which game I can bring up, too, as it’s something we both hate with a passion & both have said numerous times will be terrible even though we haven’t played it yet: Metroid Prime Federation Force. OOPS!!! I said it’s name!

                  1. ||Comparing any of those weapons…to abominations like Federation Force…renders your logic irrelevant…||

                    1. Now you are just pissing me off. If I’m Stranga 2, you’re just fucking Brandon Hardacre 2 with the constant defending 90% of everything shitty about Nintendo. In fact, you’re just pissed I’m not bending over for your narcissistic role play character bullshit and for Nintendo’s crap. Thanks for reminding me that even gay people can have a few assholes among them. Go back to the scrap yard where you belong, Quadraxis. In fact, I take it as a compliment that I’m Stranga 2. Better that than the little Nintenbitch you are becoming. I actually use to like you but now you’ve just become a bad joke. Anyway, I’m done talking to you. You are not worth my time anymore. When you feel like not being a Nintendo fanbitch because I’m not bending over for Nintendo like you, then we’ll talk. So go ahead & say whatever you want about me. ……asshole….

                    2. ||This is how low you have fallen…just like Stranga…you can’t stand some who still likes the few great things…Nintendo still creates…and now you even resort to the same behaviour…as Skeltons420…||||

                      ||Amusing how your hatred for Nintendo…actually makes you hostile for real…towards others…||

                      ||This is the reason…to why you humans…need to be destroyed in any realm…||

                    3. We tend to have good conversations, and I wasn’t in the best of moods at the time because I was upset that I hurt my kid before getting on the internet today. With that in mind, I apologize for getting short with you. I should really refrain from getting on the internet shortly after waking up and when in a bad mood as my impulse control is shit after only being awake for an hour or less. Especially when I don’t get a full 8 hours of sleep.

                      Oh and…

                      Switch water with Nintendo & Gatorade with Sony.

                    4. Oh & sickr, when you see this outburst, I’m sorry but I was trying to be nice & not insult Quadraxis while trying to joke with him but he’s just gone too far with insulting me because I’m not happy with what I feel Nintendo is doing wrong.

  3. If anybody was considering buying a Wii U now would be the worst time with possible NX information coming around the corner. Those few people should be looking to see if they want to save for the NX or just move to Ps4/One.

  4. im thinking of buying another Wii U and never opening it. 15 yrs from now it’ll be their most valuable console because it’s sold the least. So it’s already more rare.
    Food for thought.

  5. It’s pretty easy to see that these lower numbers are to be expected, people that are at least a little informed know of the NX and that it’s coming what? end of this year for handheld and next year for system?

    Why would that many people buy one now? when a newer console and Zelda are coming out at the same time.

  6. Just imagine back when Nintendo put in that initial factory order (15-20 million??) and they were worried about whether they ordered enough! Because they paid $300+ (probably $350 going by their statement they needed to sell a game to make a profit) they haven’t been able to lower the price despite the fact that they knew early 2013 they were not resonating with people and desperately needed a price cut. There have been no economies of scale because they haven’t even worked through their initial order. You couldn’t do a worse job than Iwata did launching the 3DS and Wii U. I’ll never understand why people defended his efforts.

    The Wii U might have been successful if it came out in 2011 when the tablet craze was at its height and the power difference wasn’t mitigated by the fact PS4 and Xbone were right around the corner. Or, what they should have done, they could have come out with a super Wii. A tablet less Wii U for $199 that allowed Nintendo to finally enter the HD era and because no expensive tablet could have been on par power wise with PS4. However, that would have meant no Splatoon which I love but as far as business goes, it would make sense.

    Let’s hope Kimishima is making the right decisions with NX. Seeems so. He delayed it so it wouldn’t have software droughts. Of course, they said the same thing with Wii U too. But the difference being, they only have to make games for one console so they should be able to support it by themselves and if it sells well enough 3rd parties willl come back.

  7. Long term, this is fucking pathetic. Short term, good job, Nintendo. Gotta give them credit for selling that many Wii Us during the worst point of it’s lifetime.

  8. I’m not going to spin this positively. Nintendo should have said nothing about the NX until this E3 and showed glimpses of “Twilight HD”, “Pokken Tournament”, and “Color Splash” at last E3 to make it seem that the Wii U still had some sort of future… A quick, thirty second “Zelda Wii U – Holidays 2016” teaser would have been a nice white lie to spare our hopes and dreams.

    This last year was a PR nightmare. I know they were going through the passing of a legend, but there is no reason they should have let the Wii U sink this low coming off of the release of “Splatoon” and heading into “Super Mario Maker”. If they were willing to lie to us on “Zelda” and “Star Fox” all year, why completely destroy any illusion that the Wii U was going to be reasonably supported until 2017?

    1. Instead, people like me are going to become increasingly pissed as the months pass by. Sometimes some false hope & little white lies are better than the truth that’s just gonna make people’s anger build up. Better people get mad when the truth is revealed a month or two before it’s release & eventually get over it as the wait won’t be nearly as long as being told the truth a year and a half prior.

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