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Link Takes Over Best Buy’s Homepage

With the E3 hype growing stronger in anticipation of the coming week’s events, Best Buy has joined in and added a Link theme to their homepage. Check it out below:


This is the second piece of Link artwork we have seen today, prior to the new Legend of Zelda game’s big reveal at E3 this week. However, this image has been used elsewhere before unlike Amazon’s recently leaked image.

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8 thoughts on “Link Takes Over Best Buy’s Homepage”

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  2. It’s interesting how everyone and their grandma can hype up ONE GAME. I wonder if Woolly World would’ve gotten this much hype if that was the only Wii U title released in 2015

    I just want to skip the next few months of my life and all of Christmas, until Yooka-Laylee is on store shelves. There’s no point to staying alert and waking up each day until then.

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