E3 2016: Amazon Has Leaked An Image Of Zelda Wii U Art

A piece of Zelda Wii U art has been leaked on Amazon and depicts Link climbing a dangerous rock face. Clearly the art wasn’t supposed to go live yet, but it does give us a taste of what to expect when Nintendo showcases the game on Tuesday. The Legend of Zelda is coming to the Wii U and Nintendo NX sometime next year.




    1. I second that! Time to replace that original e3 reveal pic with something even more spectacular!

  1. YES!! With all the mountains and rock formations we’ve seen, I was so hoping rock climbing in some form would be a thing, and it looks like it will be! Also, this art looks beautiful.

  2. i hope this means rock climbing (they had that before) yea but like next level rock climbing. like more free range climbing of rocks, cliffs, castle walls, trees, maybe a bit of a par core element. they did make the horse more intuitive by letting it avoid trees and rocks. it would be cool to add a assassins creed kind of obstacle avoidance. like being able to just run into things and let link auto jump around them. that combined with a more explorative climbing element would be awesome.

    this raises expectations a bit.

  3. Art style seems to be pretty good, but means nothing — let’s be realistic. The gameplay better de good, Aonuma.

  4. Well, that probably isn’t gameplay, as I doubt the wii u could handle a “painted” landscape and animation… NX perhaps but i have no idea obviously. Waiting another 9 months for this game is a straight killer. Really really want it now. So bummed. Surprise us nintendo. With something, ANYTHING

    1. Hum, the gameplay of it we’ve seen so far is along those lines, isn’t it?

      Anyway, the delays were indeed buckets of cold freeze water upon us… I would like to put my hands on it ASAP.

      1. I agree. Playing this on the Wii U and the NX next year will be a very joyous day for me……I need this immediately

  5. Im just hyped that we wont have to be calling it “Zelda 2013” or “2014” or “2015” or “2016” or “2017” or “Zelda U” any more…

  6. That’s probably not even any indication of some new things Link will be able to do. If anything, it’s probably just like the trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare where in the trailer you see people floating in outer space fighting yet the game never has you actually doing that as you never step outside of the space base in-game. But maybe Nintendo will surprise us.

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