Miyamoto And Aonuma Spotted At E3 2016

Nintendo’s big day is tomorrow and it will finally be a chance for them to lift the lid on what looks set to be a spectacular entry into The Legend of Zelda franchise. Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Aonuma were spotted just outside the venue and will no doubt be playing a huge part in explaining the intricate workings of the game on Treehouse Live 2016.


      1. Tomorrow is the day Nintendo takes it’s final breath. I’ll be looking forward to it.

              1. I’ve seen the episode yesterday……he does not mess around. They way they revealed him in the show was badass as well.

                1. Damn it! I want an evil Goku from another universe, not some bad guy that just looks like him in Future Trunks’ alternate timeline! Lame, lame, lame!

  1. It seems like they didn’t want to be found. Where’s the yearly all hands together with Miyamoto, Reggie and Aonuma? (Not sure if Iwata was part of it too.) Either way, they seems to be trying to hide from all this.

    1. He’s Japanese so of course he still looks young. Most of them age pretty damn well. Sakurai is the same way & he’s 45, still looking like he’s in his 20s.

  2. I honestly wish Miyamoto wasn’t popping up during these Zelda U events. I can’t help but be afraid he might have tried, and succeeded, to weasel some new innovative way of fucking playing that most will not want down our throats like he did with Star Fox Zero. Then again, Aonuma did that pretty well on his own with fucking stylus controls for Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks on the DS. :/

    1. Oh & before anyone whines that I’m whining, I’m trying to expect the worst so I can be happy & surprised when it’s better than I feared.

    1. It’s sad to say it since he use to be the guy you WANTED on your team. Now he’s just a guest that’s overstayed his welcome. :/

      1. Exactly. He’s a great guy, and made a lot for Nintendo and for the industry. But video game market’s dynamics are changing at a fast pace, and he wasn’t able to follow it. So… Time has come, and he needs to retire with dignity. Either that, or make up his mind. The latter won’t happen, though.

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