Zelda: Breath of the Wild Will Have More Voice Overs, But Link Will Stay Silent

Eiji Aonuma stated in an interview with Game Informer that Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have more voice overs included. He didn’t say if Breath of the Wild is fully voiced, but Aonuma did confirm something else. Link will remain silent.



  1. I imagine they’ll have voice overs for major characters and/or cutscenes, but just text for more minor NPCs.

      1. They still have 9 months to add it, so I’m still keeping hopes up. Hearing Zelda in the beginning and then finding out the old man was just text left me sour. They should definitely have it fully voice acted.

        1. If this is after Skyward Sword & Link and Zelda became a thing, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was Zelda telling Link to wake up. It’d be a nice little nod to Skyward Sword, too, when Zelda sent her loftwing to wake Link up that morning in the beginning of the game. Just once I want a Zelda game where Link is trying to save Zelda not because she’s the princess & not because she’s his friend but because they actually have feelings for each other beyond friendship. Oh & I’d love a game where they are siblings, too. xD

          1. For quite some time, I thought that this would be after SS. But then today, someone mentioned that this could be after Hyrule was flooded and so now I’m starting to think that this is well after Spirit Tracks.

            Also, I have no doubt that they’re an item in SS. There’s really no other logical explanation with that (and Japan seems to like doing that sort of thing anyway), so with your wish, I don’t think it’s something that can’t happen.

            1. If this is after Spirit Tracks in Hyrule, it pretty much makes the King of Hyrule’s wish using the Triforce at the end of Wind Waker meaningless. I’d rather that not be the case. :/

              Sadly the people allergic to Link & Zelda being an item will just use that side thing with Peatrice to say “No they aren’t! You can have Link hook up with Peatrice so hooking up with Zelda is impossible!” -.- What they don’t want to point out is the fact you can turn Peatrice down which leaves the doors wide open for Zelda since it’s obvious to anyone that Link & Zelda have a thing going on even if they haven’t sealed the deal & voiced their want for a relationship with each other. I wish Nintendo had put something at the end where, if you didn’t pick Peatrice earlier in the save file, you can have Link say something like “I love you” or something along those lines to Zelda so there will be no way people can ignore the possibility. Maybe one day.

              1. Oh. I forgot about that. But still, Hyrule has been destroyed and been in ruins way too many times before, so I wouldn’t necessarily think it’s out of the question. n’t. In any case, it’s just a possibility. We’ll wait and see.

                As for the Link x Zelda thing, that sort of thing is being said with Naruto, where they said that Naruto could hook up with Sakura, so the (now canon) theory of Naruto hooking up with Hinata would be impossible. But look how that ended up. There’s enough evidence to say that Zelda and Link has feelings for each other (especially considering the fact that they are both being reincarnated over and over and over again).

                As for Peatrice,… I’m sorry but I don’t think it really matters. At all. Link can like her, sure, but he could end up losing his feelings for her in the end since he would like Zelda more. This is pretty common with harem anime and manga. (I’ve followed that very deeply years ago. That’s why I know. Don’t ask.) So their argument is completely moot here. I think you can breath a sigh of relief here. So what’s the point with Peatrice? Personally, I just think it’s another thing to do to get another item in the end, but Nintendo just knows that people like to ship others with Link so they kist want to fuel the flames.

                1. Very true. It’s a Japanese game. They tend to like harem type things so why wouldn’t some like the idea of Link hooking up with multiple girls. Besides, there is always going to be that one person in the harem that the guy, or girl if it’s a girl with an all male harem, loves more than the others. Yeah. I know how harem anime works, too. >.< Not to mention I'm sure it's the same with a guy with multiple wives. There is always that one wife he loves more than the others.

          2. As for the voice being Zelda,… I don’t know: the voice seemed British, and I just can’t picture Zelda with that voice. Of course, it’s still a possibility, so I’m not entirely ruling it out, but looking at the voice and then imagining SS Zelda and TP Zelda speaking with that voice,… it’s seems weird to me.

            1. The voice sounded beautiful to me so I honestly don’t care if it was British. If she sounds just as beautiful when she has more voice over lines, I’d be perfectly fine with whatever accent she has.

              1. I’m not saying that British voice are bad, nor that the voice isn’t beautiful, but it’s just that I think that it might look strange to me that it IS Zelda. But like I said, I’m basing it off of the Zelda’s that I’ve seen in the past. We obviously don’t know what Zelda’s new design will look like, so if the design fits the voice, I’ll be fine with it.

  2. This game looks…. mediocre….

    Just when I thought Nintendo couldn’t fuck themselves even more, they come out with this 2011 looking bullshit…


    1. … I would much rather look at a game that looks like this than almost all of the games shown at the other conferences.

  3. I just want one game where Link would speak like Marth, Ike, Shulk, Robin, Toma, Cloud, Lloyd, Stahn, or Flynn. But I guess we’ll always have the Link to the Past Fan Animation. Not everything has to turn out like the DiC cartoon.

    I’m beginning of think that Link has a disability.

    1. Link is literally supposed to be the ‘link’ between the player and the world, i.e. the player represents you, and isn’t meant to be considered their own character. That’s why the series is called ‘Zelda’, not ‘Link’. If the character were to be given any actual personality, it would shatter that illusion and you wouldn’t be able to project your own personality into the character.

      1. I honestly believe that’s a cop-out. Geralt of the Witcher games talks yet I feel like I am him when playing Witcher 3 since I can choose how he reacts to certain things in the game. I can either make him be an awesome, valiant, & honorable guy or I can make him into a total asshole with a heart of stone. It mostly depends on the skill of the writers & whether they want to put forth the money, effort, & time to give the main character multiple choices on how to react to things.

      2. I never gave two shits about projecting my own personality in Link. Ever since I found out he had a name in SSB64 and played games such as LTTP, OOA, and OOS, I’ve always wondered he actually was. That and if LOZ would get an anime on Kids WB based on LTTP. This was the early 2000’s for me.

        Unless you’re an animal or robot, it’s cheap having everyone around you but yourself get dialog.

        Nintendo has this fixation on keeping protagonists silent, especially in games where the bar has been risen and it’s no longer necessary. Aside from Link, look at Mario, Gen 1 Red, Samus (in most games), Donkey Kong, Ness, Ninten, Lucas (for most of Mother 3),

        I don’t know what you’re into, but I will never project my personality into an Italian plumber or a series of blond-haired boys in green tunics. Red is a given, but that’s what extended mediums are for, such as anime and manga. Except we got Ash Ketchum, a.k.a the “what-not-to-do” trainer, who serves as an educational tool (no pun intended) so traveling companions and gym leaders can have their know-it-all moments and sound much smarter than him, not to mention he’s the one most bound by the anime writers’ mandates, or else he would win a conference, and we’d see an expansion of everything between conference champion and the enigmatic pokemon master title.

    2. I think that after the CD-i Zelda games, Nintendo probably thought it’d be best to leave him speechless in order to prevent people from reliving those nightmares.

      1. They honestly let a western installment get to them that badly? Yet they forget StarTropics (outside of eShop). Maybe they should watch Deltora Quest sometime or play Tales of Vesparia.

        1. Sadly. In fact, it’s not just Nintendo that game gets to badly but many Zelda fans, too. Go make a thread on a Zelda fan site and ask for Link to talk in a Zelda game. I guarantee you most comments will be hateful & shit because you asked for Link to talk.

        2. Well yes. This (as well as the thing with Rare getting taken by Microsoft (though I can see the argument that they should have bought them outright instead of keeping only 49% of them) and the Japanese culture that sort of makes them act that way) is why Nintendo is very untrusting with the West (yes, they own Retro Studios which helped them a lot and they’re very close with Next Level Games, but they seem like extremely rare cases and those two conform at lot more to Nintendo instead of Nintendo letting them do exactly what they want).

          Yes, StarTropics is a bit similar to Zelda, but for the most part, it came out before the CD-i games (at least according to the research that I’ve done in the past few minutes), so I can still see them losing interest after the CD-i games even though they made StarTropics (and its sequel).

          Also, I’m not too sure what exactly you mean about “outside of eShop”, but if you mean that’s not available in the eShop, well it is (at least in the US and Canadian eShops):



          (And I’m not talking about the Wii Shop Channel versions.) But if that’s not what you’re talking about, then I’m not aware of any other version.

          As for the last sentence, we were talking about Link, so unless those two things had starred a talking Link or something, I don’t think those two would convince them otherwise.

          1. I was referring to the fact that they were both western installments. Nintendo remembers something as bad as the CD-i games (infamy), but forgets something as good as StarTropics (obscurity). In a perfect world, Nintendo would forget that those CD-i games ever happened, NOT use them as an excuse to keep Link silent, and let him speak, while StarTropics would be as notable as Banjo-Kazooie and the Rare-era DKC games.

  4. Not meaning to be racist at all, but accents can grate on people’s nerves wherever they come from. Having Link silent means he does not have an off putting voice.

      1. Flynn or Lloyd from the Tales series have accent? Haru Glory from Rave Master has an accent? Leaf from Deltora Quest has an accent? Meis Triumph from Thousand Arms has an accent? Cloud Strife has an accent?

  5. That’s fine. Link can be silent, I mean, Nintendo do designs link to be us. We give link a voice and purpose.

    Also, I think… I’m guessing… That the world will go through seasons, making interaction change each season… I’m totally speculating.

  6. I’m calling it now… The world map will go through seasons… And you can do different things during different seasons.
    I’m speculating, but you heard it from me first!!

      1. You two should read back a few articles. One of the Breath of Wild articles mentions there will be changes in the weather. Nothing on snow yet but there was talk of thunderstorms where lightning can zero in on your sword when wielding it.

  7. damn it i could have figure they will put link as silent once again oh well maybe in the next zelda game but i’m pretty sure zelda will speak like princess peach from mario series.

  8. As much as I’d love to hear Link talk since each incarnation is different so they can easily change the voice actor for a different Link if people don’t like the current voice actor, I’m okay with this. Funny thing is a good majority of the time when people complain about a character’s voice in a game, it’s usually a minority. Look no further than Captain America: Civil War’s release in Russia where many were upset by the voice actor that voiced Peter/Spider-Man. Only around a thousand people signed the petition where as I’m sure there were millions that saw the movie. No way in Hell only around a thousand people saw that movie in Russia. Not to mention I’ve only seen at least one person not liking the voice actor for Geralt in Witcher 3. Hell! There is always a few people complaining about this actor or voice actor was a wrong choice for that character. Believe it or not, there are people that don’t like who is playing Tony Stark in the Marvel movies.

    I can understand why people worry, though. To be honest, I’m more worried for the guy they got voicing Ganon if he is in fact in this game. Remember what happened to Bowser in Super Mario Sunshine!?

    *facepalm* Whoever thought this guy was perfect for Bowser’s voice should have been fired on the fucking spot! In fact, he, or she, should have been shot! In the leg, though, where he will suffer mild blood loss at best. A kill shot would have been too extreme.

    1. *watches it again* I changed my mind! The guy should have been shot dead for hiring that voice actor!

      1. Sad. The awesome music & everything in that mini-dungeon you have to go through to get to Bowser and that is the voice we are greeted with! D:<

        1. It’s like going through all of Norfair’s lower region only to hear a voice like that from Ridley! D:

            1. lol Let’s hope we go all of E3 2016 without any mention of that game because they realized how stupid they were being & are quickly trying to change the artstyle or something. Damn it! I just remembered they’ve already given a release date. Maybe it’ll get delayed. :D …better not hold my breath or I’ll die, though………

              1. Unlikely. Very unlikely, that they’re changing the atrocious art style. But if they do, I will give it a chance as they will have fixed its primary offense.

        2. What do you expect for a guy who:

          -Never out right kills anyone
          -Captures the same princess over and over again, all for cake, and a possible crush.
          -Competes in golf, kart racing, and tennis with his enemies.
          -Keeps a random axe that closes bridges suspened over lava lying around his choice area for climatic battles.
          -Rides in a clown-themed hovercraft.
          -Can even get his butt kicked by the very princess he usually captures
          -And even teams up with his enemy against other villains (Exor, Smithy, Blek, Dimento, etc.).

          To me, I wasn’t surprised at the least upon hearing his voice. Shadow Mario being Bowser Jr. (at a time where we only knew Baby Bowser) was a bigger plot twist.

  9. The problem with voice acting is that people want a voice acting which is related to their country. People in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden,India, China, Indonesia and other countries suffer US or British accent. Having link silence make it better for everybody living on planet earth. Saying that comics or manga related vidéo games are generally more accepted when they are in they original language. To go back to voice acting in video games the bloke in Russia ( as an example) may not understand what they saying because believe it or not people don’t or refuse to learn English (we are free to decide what we want)… For game like Zelda I am for not voice acting and I have to say I am disappointed to hear there will be some.

      1. Personally I would not have any problem with it but that my personal preference. However I don’t think I am in the majority and some people will not be impressed by it…. Actually I would find it fantastic and funny to have Australian accents (this is in my top list with Geordie and Scottish accents).

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