Evolution Will Work Differently In Pokemon Go

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company revealed many interesting tidbits on Pokemon Go as the Treehouse livestream kicked off during its second day at E3. The on-the-go mobile title has changed how some of the core features will work in Pokemon Go in comparison to the handheld games. In fact, evolution will now work entirely differently, relying on candies rather than levels. Should a Pokemon be captured, the app will automatically give you a certain number of candies which you can use to make them power up and evolve.

Fans will also be pleased to hear that the stream reconfirmed trading will work in Pokemon Go, though it’s not yet known when it will be added, and will be compatible with the main games. And while the app’s release date has yet to be announced, both companies revealed that its peripheral portable device, Pokemon Go Plus, would arrive in late July.



  1. Yeah its kind of annoying too lol.

    Little bastards like to run away a lot too.

    Also hatching eggs gives you a good amount of the candy for the pokemon in the egg.

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