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New IP from Nintendo Announced: Ever Oasis

Nintendo has announced a brand new IP named Ever Oasis for the Nintendo 3DS. Ever Oasis takes place in the desert, and the main character is the leader of the Oasis who goes on adventures in hopes to develop the Oasis.  The main character faces and overcomes the challenges with the help of the friendships he/she has cultivated.

The player has the option to select between male and female characters. There are various tribes in the game too, that include animal type characters such as ones that look like owls and lizards. There is also a feature that allows you to build shops in the Oasis called bloom booths that you build and keep stocked up using the in-game currency. The shops then sell the stock to wanderers that visit your Oasis and you will get the revenue back.

The title is be produced by the producer and founder of Grezzo, who has worked on titles such as Final Fantasy 1, 2 and 3. He is also responsible for creating Moogles and Chocobos for the Final Fantasy series.

You can check out the trailer below:


Source: Nintendo Treehouse Stream


34 thoughts on “New IP from Nintendo Announced: Ever Oasis”

  1. Still better than Federation Force.

    But it looks less impressive compared to Dillon’s Rolling Western.

  2. Looks so cute and promising!! Seeing them play it is more inspiring than the trailer since they elaborate on the oasis and combat a bit more. I’m getting this.

  3. I saw new IP and had a slight glimmer of hope. And then I saw 3DS. And lost all interest. Poor Wii U. Dying a slow and painful death. It’s little brother got spoiled, while it got sent to its room without supper on a regular basis. And now starvation is setting in. Its hunger is so severe that it is actually to hungry to eat. So sad. So tragic. You never had a fair chance. But at least The Legend of Zelda will be there to see you off as you breathe your last breaths. If only we could ease the pain of your passing. If… If only…

    1. Did you really think they’d waste resources on the Wii U at this point in its lifespan with the NX around the corner? It’s unrealistic to think that. Expect nothing new for the Wii U other than Zelda, be pleasantly surprised if that doesn’t happen to be the case.

    2. If I could, I’d end it’s suffering by simply putting a bullet in it’s proverbial head. xD I’m so gonna dance around the carcass of Wii U when it finally croaks. I never knew I could hate a Nintendo console so damn much. @.@ This song should express my feelings. Be forewarned, it’s an explicit song so don’t play if you are at work or have kids around. Oh & if you don’t like this kind of music. I first heard this song in an AMV for the Hellsing anime.

      1. Actually, it’s the Wii that I hate. The Wii U is more the situation and the treatment it received. I’ll have t listen to the song later though. Out inn public haha.

        1. I know I should hate the Wii more because it’s why Wii U is in the gutter that it’s in, but it’s the console where I’ve felt the most betrayed by Nintendo by no fault of the console itself but that’s just how it is. I know I will look back on it with more fondness later in life if it helps Nintendo to wake the fuck up to everything they are doing wrong and because I did enjoy the few games I did play on it.

  4. Looks good. Not mindblowing, but a solid adventure title. The music I heard was pretty good, and the Zelda-like style looks entertaining. I didn’t catch if there’s actual multiplayer or not, though. I’m assuming yes, but I’ve seen it reported as a single player game in the facts sheet.

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  7. Not too keen on the artstyle BUT it’s a new IP so it gets a pass. If this was the RPG they were talking about, I can’t wait to get this on 3DS. “What about Wii U?” Meh. Just let it die already & move on. It’s like trying to save a man dying from every disease known to man: it’ll take a miracle. Just put a bullet in his head & end his suffering already. It’s inhumane, otherwise. :/

  8. I like the fact we can build up our base from the ground up as we collect shit. I loved Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King because of that. A shame we couldn’t actually have our little king go on the adventures with the adventurers to build the kingdom. Ugh! Give me a remake of that Wii game & make it big as fuck so I can build a massive kingdom while also going on adventures to help build it up! I want to be a warrior king building my kingdom, damn it!

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