Miitomo: Zelda Items Added In Both The Shop And Miitomo Drop

Nintendo has Tweeted a reminder that the new Zelda items have been added to Miitomo. The items added to the shop are the Master Sword & Hylian Shield and the items added to Miitomo drop that are up for grabs are the items that make up the Link outfit, along with Zelda themed t-shirts.

You can get a glimpse at the items in Nintendo UK’s Tweet below:



  1. Instead of Zelda stuff for Miitomo, I’d like some Zelda stuff for games on Wii U & 3DS. I’d love to be able to unlock a Link & Zelda outfit for Bravely Second and Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 or for Xenoblade Chronicles X and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE! No. Let’s give shit to the mobile app that most gamers could give two shits about, instead! -.- I now hate Miitomo for more than just being mobile tripe.

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