Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Features “Different Visuals” On NX But Same Experience

We all thought that this would be the case, but The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has told Tom Phillips at Eurogamer that the Nintendo NX version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the same experience but will feature improved visuals. I assume there will be less pop in and possibly more foliage as some parts of the Wii U version did look a little bare. We should find out a little more about the NX version later this year.

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      1. Of course that would be more than likely true, but you can’t just assume that they will better because he said they were different.

        1. Yes, you CAN assume that. If there are two options for any scenario and there is one option that is a lot more likely than the other option, it is not only possible but actually LOGICAL to assume that the more likely option will be the case. This doesn’t mean it will be that way, but you can definitely assume it.

      2. I think it’s fair to say they will also improve texture resolution and makin the foliage more density. I don’t think saying “at best” is right since that is a huge difference eeven if it is just improved shaders.

    1. Then what else do you think it means? Do you think Nintendo decided to implement a completely new art style for the NX version of the game. Of course it means improved visuals. Just by default it would look better on the NX since it will obviously be more powerful than the WiiU. And I’m sure Nintendo will go even further and vastly improve the graphics for the NX version. The game is meant to be the NX seller for crying out loud.

      1. First of all I’d bet money that it would look better on the NX. I am simply saying you can’t know for sure by someone saying the graphics will look different.
        Second: we know nothing about the NX besides it’s “A brand new way to play video games”, not a successor to either the Wii U or 3DS. That’s what has been confirmed by Nintendo. And knowing Nintendo… there’s a possibility that they’re gonna bring out something that is going to disappoint a few people.

      2. I tell you what, if the NX it’s a portable/home hibrid, Zelda NX could sport low-res textures and graphics, he did’nt said better visuas, only different.

      3. The nx version, don’t make me laugh. People who purchased the wii u have been dangled the next ‘zelda’ carrot since DAY ONE!!!! All we have had is remastered versions of games we have already played. Do Nintendo now actually think they are still in the console market? For me, no. Nes, snes, N64, game cube, wii, wii u……no more sorry. another mario, another metroid (wouldn’t be a bad thing) another zelda,that’s it really isn’t it. I just can’t see where Nintendo are going. ‘its about the game’s’ I’m sure Sony are doing a great job of that at the moment with there current console.

  1. I’m not buying a NX just to play with more “pop” in Zelda if the experience is the same.

    NX already sounds like a bad idea with these rumors floating, so I’m just getting Zelda for Wii U.

    1. People who say this frustrate me. Why would you buy a system for one game? And why are you jumping to conclusions?

      So instead of buying the NX with a possible launch lineup of Zelda, Mario, Metroid, 2 new IPs, 6 Third party titles (FFXV, KHIII, RE7, Watch Dogs 2, etc.), and a form of BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY, you’re gonna get Zelda for Wii U?

      Instead of buying the NX for every subsequent Zelda and first party title THAT WON’T BE ON WII U in the future, you’re gonna get Zelda for Wii U?


      1. I’m getting Zelda on the wii u. There will be other games I can get on the NX. People have options and they will choose what is best for them. I don’t care about the improved visuals. I don’t know if the NX will have the gamepad and I like switching between the TV and gamepad. I like maximizing my time.

        1. But this is an assumption. The only unconfirmed thing that the Wii U has over the NX is off-screen play.But if the NX has off-screen play, then it’s the EXACT SAME game, but the NX has better visuals.

          At that point, the only thing that should be an issue is money. If you can’t afford the NX, or the timing is bad money-wise, then buy it for Wii U.

          1. I will have the NX day one. Money is not the issue. I have the money for it right now. There will be other games for the NX. I’ll have my NX and Wii U in different rooms so I’ll play the one that’s room I’m in. Gamepad is why the Wii U is special for me. It has kept the arguments to a minimal for me and my wife.

        2. Well I’m buying both the Wii U and NX versions. Some may ask why but that’s because I want to experience this game on the Wii U’s control setup (gamepad) and I know I’ll be very anxious to see how this game will look and perform on more powerful hardware (the NX). Either way I can’t wait to get my Zelda fix come next year. It’s gonna be a epic ride

          1. I’ve both multiplats on different consoles so I understand. Were they needed no but they were wanted.

          2. If Nintendo would quit being idiots & adopt a universal account system with cross save & cross buy, you wouldn’t have to pay twice for the same game because if you bought it digitally on NX or Wii U, it’d be available on the other for free. Sony’s doing it with PS4 & PS3. I bought Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate for PS4 and if I had a PS3, I could download it on that console for free since my account can be put on both. It’s not locked to the damn console like with Wii U’s NNID. Shame Nintendo Account didn’t come with that for Wii U. It better come with NX, though.

  2. So why should we buy the wiiu port again? For it being a game specially made for the wiiu its beginning to seem like it plays second fiddle to the nx

    1. It’s just like any game that’s on two successive systems. The Wii U version will be for people who just aren’t quite ready to upgrade to NX.

  3. *Response to above comments*
    The WiiU and NX versions will launch simultaniously … and though we don’t know what ELSE will be on NX at lauch yet, it is highly doubtful this carry-over Zelda game will be the only exiting game in the day one lineup to make owning alaynch-day NX worthwhile.

    Even if the only difference is higher framerate, improved lighting and shaders, minimally tweaked textures, and extra particle effects (smoke, fog, ash, etc), anyone who intends to get whatever NX is on launch day would be hard-pressed to excuse why they would prefer to play the WiiU version with access to both sets of hardware.

    No one should be quick to assume they will or will not want to buy an NX until they know what it actually is, and what else it will launch with … unless they just know they will be broke next Spring/Summer and just can’t afford to buy a new Console yet … which is perfectly reasonable. That is why it’s great you can still play it on BOTH.

    1. I definitely agree. I for one think this game looks so big, that stuff like how trees move in the wind took a hit (and because I will admit that I can be a graphics whore, would make me prefer the NX version along with all the reasons you said).

      Makes no sense to get the wiiu version if you plan on buying an NX at launch.

      IF they were to release Zelda earlier for Wii U, only then does it make a lick of sense

    2. ||Only a complete imbecile…would think the NX to have…one weapon ready for launch…||

          1. I’d actually love to see a proper Part 3 made with the arcade version bundled in. Also, some type of scarescraper online multiplayer mode would be great too.

  4. I already think the game looks stunning! They did say however it would run on the Wii U at 720p (not 100% sure about the framerate) 60fps so maybe the NX will be 1080p 60fps. Also there were a few rock textures i think could be improved, but I didn’t think anything looked outright bad, I’m already very happy with the way the Wii U version looks. That beings said, I’m a Zelda Fanatic, i would buy an NX only to play a better version of Zelda even though i already have a Wii U.

    1. Same here bro. I’m a Zelda junkie and unlike a lot of people I’m buying both versions. No doubt the NX version will feature better improved visuals and maybe more frame rates but the Wii U version will off-tv play which will beneficial to me. The only way I would get only the NX version is if it has an improved version of the gamepad which I seriously doubt it because of what Kimishima said about the NX being a more different brand of console from the Wii or Wii U

      1. I would buy both versions but unless the NX isn’t backwards compatible I’m gonna trade it in towards the NX because I’m like dirt poor at the moment, lol. Yeah i hope the NX has some sort of improved gamepad, i LOVE that thing!

      2. But what if the gamepad will be compatible with the NX? I can’t seem them not trying to cash in on a Splatoon sequel and we’re going to need a gamepad to play it…

      3. They could have a more powerful Gamepad & still use a traditional controller as the main controller. I’d love it if Nintendo would spend the next console gen simply improving on the Gamepad & Wiimote Plus as optional controllers.

  5. First it was “the same experience”, now it’s “the same with different visuals”. I think we all assumed “different visuals” when we asked if the game would be “the same” on the NX. The visuals are the most significant difference with most any port or remaster, so the straight answer would have been “The NX version will have improved load-times, frame rate, resolution, and lighting”.

    Not a bad thing, though. Gives me some incentive to be an early NX adopter.

  6. Read the context of the tweet before making these headlines. He replied to someone asking him if Aonouma really said there would be different visuals. Tom Phillips replied “he didn’t have to”. He’s making an assumption, not a confirmation.

        1. When Breath of the Wild was revealed the other day, I would have said hell yes. But after what Reggie said, I’m back to being cautious again. We’ll see in the coming months. If I like what I see of the NX when it’s revealed, then yes. I’ll get it. If not, I’ll just get the Wii U version since I already got a Wii U put up in storage here at home. :/ It’ll be the last game I buy for Wii U. And it’ll be the first game I buy for Wii U after I gave up on it 3-6 months ago. I’ll have to get the game physically, though, since there isn’t a universal account system for cross buy and cloud storage. Not to mention my NNID is attached to a broken Wii U I can’t use right now.

  7. That game is fricking beautiful, but the Wii U weak hardware shows despite all the wizardry. Even if NX is at XBone level it should be enough to achieve that better framerate, decent AA, LOD and less crappy textures I think.

    Crossing my fingers, but hey, it could be just the same visuals.

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