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Keiji Inafune On Mighty No. 9: “I Own All The Problems That Came With This Game”

Keiji Inafune is aware that not all players are happy with Mighty No. 9. The lead producer says he is taking full responsibility for the highly-anticipated game’s issues and doesn’t want to come up with any excuses for how it turned out. Following several delays, Mighty No. 9 was finally released earlier this week on multiple platforms, including Wii U. The game has so far received less-than-favorable reviews overall, with critics using words such as “charmless” and “uninspired” to describe it.

“You know, I want to word this in a way to explain some of the issues that come with trying to make a game of this size on different platforms,” Inafune said. “I’m kind of loath to say this because it’s going to sound like an excuse and I don’t want to make any excuses. I own all the problems that came with this game and if you want to hurl insults at me, it’s totally my fault. I’m the key creator. I will own that responsibility.”


45 thoughts on “Keiji Inafune On Mighty No. 9: “I Own All The Problems That Came With This Game””

    1. Because him and his team made a single bad game? Why don’t we just end the guys at platinum games careers too. Unless we find out that he spent the money on crack I am happy that he is already working on several good looking games.

      1. Because Platinum Games didn’t made an awful game with fans’ money, the least they could make is to release a patch that upgrade the graphics to what was shown at first, remember that little demo that was made in 7 seven days? How come that 12 sec video looked better than the final version?

        1. *facepalm* It wasn’t ‘the fans money’ it was ‘investors money’. Why is your money suddenly more valuable than anyone else? Kickstarter is a business transaction, not a charity.

      2. There’s a theatre saying that you’re only as good as your last performance. Luckily, the point is that’s short term thinking. In the same way Dustin Hoffman’s legacy won’t be defined by Ishtar, Inafune is more than just this game. And there’s always that next performance to define how good he is.

    2. I don’t know about that, his other project ” ReCore ” is getting a lot of praise and good press. One bad game does not automatically signify that his career is done

    3. Yea mean while he is also making record and just released another azura striker. He is doing fine. They can always release updates, DLC, and a sequel.

  1. Well it is good to hear he admits the faults so maybe his future ambitions won’t fly to high only to be burned up by it’s own hubris. Let’s hope this is a sign that he and his team might actually try their hardest to fix the Mighty no 9.

  2. i get the dissapointment alright. i can even laugh at the memes. but to all the people who gave this a negitive review without even playing an hour is retarted. i literary saw some one compare inafune to hitler (obviosly a troll but god damn) atleast the miiverse community is better

  3. Here’s to hoping Bozon, Playtonic, Hideki Naganuma, Igarashi, Greg Johnson, and Yu Suzuki doesn’t disappoint with their future projects,.

  4. I'm just an Animal Crossing

    I can’t believe people got swindled like that. So sad. Not even close to the art direction at the start of the Kickstarter. Pepperoni explosions and some whack ass trailers. I feel bad for all the people that contributed. They clearly got robbed.

  5. People here need to acting so childish… Some of you make sound like people can’t make mistakes at all… BUT LOOK AT ALL THE GAMING COMPANIES… Every company has made a game that we all were waiting for to just to find out it was crappy or sucked… it happens! Nobody is perfect and if you think you are, how about you go and work for that company and fix the problem. At least Imafune came out and admitted he messed up. You don’t see a lot of these companies come out and do that. Give them a break… geez. I am going to buy the game regardless of the reviews… Cuz even the critics sometime don’t know what the hell they are talking about either.

    1. He deserves a good roasting. If it wasn’t crowd funded, he could have been even further up shit-Creek.

      It’s called accountability and responsibility. It’s easy for him to accept one without the other as he already has people’s money.

      Research what happened before you start insulting the insulters. You’re just making yourself out to be an ignorant ass.

      I can respect the comments on this site where people are trying to stay neutral, but people who ignorantly support him just make me shake my head.

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  8. No his career isn’t over his rep is just damaged. If he went and release another good game most people would no longer care it happened. I think the game looks fine. But could REALLY need more polishing.

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    1. Maybe all the Inafuna apologists on this post can help you. Look at the bright side, your WiiU still works.

    1. Probably woulda helped! -. – I’d like to see how much he actually spent on game development… I’m guessing, not even half.

  11. I don’t think most people understand how expensive developing a game is. It’s loads and loads of work, and yes, the final result wasn’t up to the expectations, because the expectations where too high for a low budget project. It’s loads and loads of work, plus taxes, software licenses, plus kickstarter rewards and logistics. When you work on a budget, you can’t afford running into trouble because that can also mean you run out of money, and therefore, not being able to complete the project.
    Most people might thing 4 million dollars is a huge amount of money, but actually it’s not that much.

    1. You really don’t understand. Please go fucking research this thing. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re defending someone with no knowledge of what actually happened. This games budget was not 4 million.
      Also, Shovel Knight Says hi.
      There was a game that stayed on budget, met it’s goals, delivered it’s content, and didn’t fucking waste people’s time and money.

      1. And just gave an update on the second free campaign and the other promised DLC this week! 3 years after the initial funding, the same amount of time it took MN9 to come out.

    2. Here’s the thing, though: Full-On 3D platformers like Yooka Laylee and A Hat In Time both look like they’ve accomplished more with less of a budget than this game. Meanwhile, a group already working with a limited budget tried to make tie-in merch/show/etc with the funds and tried to sell a new project by saying the former one was complete when it wasn’t.

      Now I’m totally game for Recore. It was one of my favorite things to watch at Microsoft’s conference this year. However, this is a clear example of how not to run a crowdfunding campaign.

  12. So many defenders, or fanboys, of Inafune on here. lol Or as I like to call them: corporate slaves. BUT least he admitted that he fucked up. Now to show he actually means what he fucking says, he should be trying to give some people that backed this game their money back. Maybe not all of it since they’ll be getting this game either digitally or physically for free but at least some of it as a good gesture to show he means what he says. Words are fucking meaningless without any action to back them up.

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