Nintendo Has Commented On Fan Requests To Include Christina Grimmie In A Zelda Game

Singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed during one of her concerts recently. Not only was she a singer, but also a massive Zelda fan. She frequently talked about it in YouTube videos and fans picked up on it, so much so that they created many petitions and campaigns to get Nintendo to include her in a Zelda game. It has caught the attention of Nintendo, and the company gave the following statement:

“We are aware of the outpouring of support for her, as well as the petition, but we won’t be making any creative or content decisions in this time of mourning.”


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  1. good reply

    people like these are the worst

    memorial can be done much better than filling video games with deceased fans

    i apologize, if i sound too heartless

    1. I agree, not to mention insulting to the other dead fans of the franchise. I’ve never even heard of this girl before last week and just for shits I looked her up (just now). She sang a Miley Cyrus on a TV Talent show. not worth being immortalized. i wonder if people realize how many people die horrible deaths everyday.

        1. He didn’t base her self-worth on whether she sang some shitty song, he said she did not seem to do enough to be immortalized in a way like this. Someone totally unrelated to gaming or Nintendo, being recognized by them for being a fan? Why not immortalize every single Nintendo employee who passes by making them a character in a franchise they like?

    2. Reggie acknowledged her at E3 and mentioned that he was supposed to play a role in Nintendo’s presentation in some capacity. An “In Loving Memory…” type thing in the end credits wouldn’t be out of place.

  2. In N’s defense you need permission to use somebody’s likeness and it may seem inappropriate to bug her family about that.

  3. eh, saw this coming. tbh, i see no reason to include her. im a huge zelda fan, yet you dont see them putting me in one of their games. if i die, that fact wont change. celebrity zelda fan death =/= reason to put said celebrity in a zelda game.

  4. Makes sense; they don’t do that sort of thing (I guess they feel like it would be disrespectful).

    Anyway, personally I think they should ask her family first before they do anything like that.

  5. A memorial tombstone in a hidden cave would be acceptable in my opinion. But then again, how do you decide which Zelda fan deserves a memorial and who doesn’t. Just by fame or petition? That wouldn’t be fair. So, either include every fan that dies and wants to be remembered in the game, or noone.

  6. Who cares?! The whole thing was a hoax! Don’t you get it my fellow Americans? They’re trying to take your guns away. They tell you the worse then just make stricter gun laws so you’ll agree with it and allow it since its not as bad as you thought but slowly and surely they will wipe their ass’ with the constitution.

      1. I’m curious as to how that would even work to be honest. You can stop selling guns, sure. But what do you do about the people (particularly dangerous ones) that already have one? Are you gonna ask nicely? “P… Please hand over your gun, sir?” *gets shot*

  7. This is pretty much the same thing with Robin Williams two years ago.

    I think if anyone is going to make a tribute to anyone in a game, that decision should be made by the developers and them alone, like the tribute made to Iwata at the end of Star Fox Zero. Is one necessary? No. Would it be nice? Absolutely.

    I know I would strongly consider tributes to people I knew on any games I make, that’s for sure.

    1. Robin Williams is a totally different story, though. Unlike Grimmie, Robin Williams has been making contributions to the world for at least 30 years with his many characters in film. If she had been around for as long or made a very huge impact on the world as he has, I’d actually wouldn’t mind adding her into a Zelda game… somewhere down the road. Even still, it’s too soon for that since the family is still in mourning of her death and they would need that family’s permission to even do anything even if they did want to do something for the girl. I doubt they’d care about something like this right now or would even want to be bothered with something like that. Oh & not to mention Robin Williams has been in at least one or two Zelda related commercials.

  8. I´m sorry for this but Nintendo has no obligation to change their game because his death. It’s a nice sentiment on the part of fans but it’s completely naive.
    I do not consider myself a real fan of Christina Grimmie but I must say that if I liked and enjoyed his videos and I liked him very much. I saw her life since his first videos and followed close to a given me away a bit and the only period when I did not see his growth was in the voice, I liked it and saw it was a great person, Robin Williams is almost the same case I really enjoy some films but not all, I knew their disorders and some of his life in order even the reason for the name of his daughter “Zelda Williams”, were exceptional people but in the end are people, I say it’s a good feeling by all they want this content but let’s face it, this is silly, there are people who likewise be worthy of the local game were fans from the beginning, besides changing a character for this reason and even the act of putting a figure in your name here I do not see pleasing, just and honorific mention in the credits would not be bad but even so they did they knew that these artists wanted the series and proved it in life or not … do you remember the commercial of Zelda with Robin and Zelda Williams?

    1. I think Robin Williams is -slightly- different because he has been involved with Nintendo on multiple small occasions (Like the commercial, and attending E3)

      but yeah… Regardless, that still doesn’t give Nintendo the permission to use his likeness in a game. His daughter may have given them permission, and they where earlier in development when that separate petition started, but its still a matter of Nintendo’s priorities in regards to getting this game complete and polished by their aimed release date. People cant just expect Nintendo to easily put this kind of content in at the drop of a hat, and they shouldn’t get upset over something so silly.

  9. While a lot of people would probably think its “mean” to not include her, they need to understand that you can’t just add someone’s name to a game without getting permission first. That takes effort in itself, as her family may not be ready to talk about this, and they cant just wait around for permission while they’re getting a game done by a certain time. Maybe a post on their Facebook/Twitter could happen, but there’s more to Nintendo’s decision than just saying yes or no. Its not that easy.

  10. The game is done with Creative features they are in the bug fixing/enhancing/optimizing stage. Maybe even localization they can’t go back and just edit the game it’s practactly done maybe for the next Zelda game. And they mentioned her at E3 it is good enough

  11. People are stupid. She talked about Zelda all the time? So what? Everybody talks about Zelda all the time on youtube, this isnt a reason to put someone in a huge video game franchise. Do people know Zelda games are made in Japan and i doubt Eiji Aonuma even heard or cares about that girl.

  12. Putting her in the game would be stupid, since a lot of people have no idea who she is, so anything related to her would lose all meaning.
    I mean, I’m a huge Zelda fan, so I wonder if people will ask to put me in a game when I die?
    Also, if they’re gonna pay tribute to anyone who died, it should be Iwata, not some random chick.

    (And if you’re gonna reply with unintelligable hate; don’t bother. )

    P.S. I googled her and she came third in The Voice.

  13. ||American human politics is forbidden here, banishment will be applied to those who do…||

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  14. It’s unfortunate for the loss of life. It’s also not necessary to include one random fan unless they’re planning to add every fan that absolutely love’s Zelda. There could be potentially thousands of people who would be deserving. Let Nintendo make their game’s, let people pass along without erecting a statue for each one of them.

  15. Yeah this situation happened with Robin Williams a couple years ago, too. It’s sad, but I don’t think Nintendo would ever put any “real” person in a Zelda game. It’s a slippery slope for any company, and I think they are right for avoiding it.

  16. Solid Classy Reply. I wouldn’t doubt we see something though. We know the same request was made for Robin Williams. They could probably name a character after each. I trust the big N. Say what you want… but they listen to their fans. Obviously only after outcry, but hey, they arent mind readers.

    1. No they wont put either one into a Zelda game, or any game for that matter. If they do, what about their accountant that just lost his Wife? Does she get into the game too? Or the developer who lost his Father? He was a big Zelda fan, does he get in too? Aint gonna happen.

  17. Nintendo has thousands of employees, around 4-5 thousand I believe. Those employees have friends and loved ones who die all the time. Im sure they would love to put their deceased family members likeness into a Zelda game. If Nintendo put everyone who requested, or everyone they knew who died into a Zelda game, there would be nothing but dead people in Zelda games. Not to mention all the thousands of people who didnt get in the game… Nintendo cannot put one single deceased person into a game. They cannot open that door.. If they do, next thing they know they start getting emails saying, “why did Joe Blow get into Zelda but my dead brother didnt?”

    Its absolutely silly and flat out ridiculous to ask Nintendo for this, and everyone who signed the petition really needs to start using their heads a little bit more.

  18. yeah i forgot she was killed by some criminal but i don’t know much about her and her songs but sure why not i’m glad the fans request this for nintendo.

  19. This is ridiculous. Just because she was a celebrity doesn’t mean she should BE in a game. What’s funny is that most of the people who want this have probably never played a Zelda game.

  20. You put this chick in the game and then you might as put in piece of shit Robin Williams too. Honor the garbage who killed himself. Pathetic.

    1. What a stupid, pathetic inhumane comment. You clearly don’t know anything about people that commit suicide. People that usually do such a thing have done it either because they are suffering from a mental illness like depression or they have been bullied so much with very little support from loved ones that they think the world is out to get them so by the time people realize they need help, it’s too late. I wish Catholicism, and any other religion that’s ignorant of the subject, would get rid of that stupid “suicide is a mortal sin” bullshit. It’s such a dark age mentality that should have died when humanity realized the world isn’t all black & white and discovered that some people suffer from something they can’t control. But I probably wasted my time & energy on trying to wake up a close minded piece of garbage to the REAL WORLD.

        1. You are probably right. But if it isn’t, I’ll laugh when he gets to Hell & doesn’t find Robin Williams there and finds out Robin, a guy that committed suicide, got into Heaven instead of him. lol Unless it’s an atheist. In which case, I pity the guy even more.

  21. I don’t see why not a little nod to her in the game. Robin Williams deserves more because he actually starred in plenty of Zelda commercials.

    Although in the end it wouldn’t be a sin if it didn’t happen.

  22. Maybe one day. But like Nintendo said, they shouldn’t make such a decision during a period of mourning. After all, they’d need permission from the family to do such a tribute and I doubt they want to bother a family that’s still in pain.

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