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The Wii U Version Of Mighty No. 9 Is Suffering From Many Problems & Deep Silver Is Releasing A Patch Today

Reddit users are reporting many problems in the Wii U version of Mighty No. 9, including glitches, frame rate drops, long load times and even the Wii U bricking completely. A lot of the issues seem to be present in the Wii U version, although there are a few Steam version problems being reported.

Deep Silver has released a statement saying that “we’re aware of some isolated incidents of consumers experiencing issues on Wii U, and they’re actually being addressed in a patch that’s deploying out on Wii U systems today. The patch is already live in Europe, and should be hitting U.S. before the end of the day”.

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Update: Here’s a video of the game in action running on the Wii U

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47 thoughts on “The Wii U Version Of Mighty No. 9 Is Suffering From Many Problems & Deep Silver Is Releasing A Patch Today”

  1. Wow. It runs like shit. LOL. On the bright side, the game made them a ton of money before it even released.
    I’d say someone needs to audit that shit, but since it was crowd funded, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have to open the books.

    Oh well. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

    1. No, he doesnt have to open the books… Donations are considered personal gifts, and at the moment anyways are tax free. All the money they got for Might Number 9 is clean and taxless… Wonder how much they actually pocketed? One million…. two million? lol.

      1. Yeah, at least. Fuck… If I was a dirty pirate with no code, I think I’d try to pull this shit and retire. ;D

  2. This game really wouldn’t have been so bad if the budget wasn’t 4 million dollars.

    I think I’d be happy backing it if I’d only had raised like 250 000 on the kickstarter or something.

    Then this outcome wouldn’t sting so much.

    1. What should have happened is they should have take the extra fucking 4million, hired more developers, and produced an outstanding Megaman spiritual successor. Instead, God only knows what they did with the money, and they still couldn’t hit the fucking deadline. God I am so done talking about MN9. The Bullshit wreaks too much.

      1. reminder the game wasn’t actually only 4 million. they had a publisher backing them – the kickstarter was just a way to ensure people were interested.

        the same as shenmue 3.

  3. I found it very fishy that the reviewers didn’t had this kind of problems but the players does AND even more suspicious that the publisher already had prepared a day-one patch for the game (what companies have that?).

  4. Not looking good, unfortunately. This game seems to be an uninspired, generic Mega Man X title, series which I don’t like at all. But since I backed M#9, I’ll be forced to get it.

  5. So many delays… so much waiting… and they fucked it up. I think they didn’t want to keep the fans waiting, so they released it incomplete just like a certain game I know *cough cough* Sonic ’06 *cough cough*

  6. The Kickstarter demo overheated my computer. Nothing’s done that before or since. If it’s bricking Wii U’s I’m gonna avoid buying it on any console at the moment. I was planning to grab it on PS4 but I’m not about to let my limited edition console potentially fall to that fate. It has a bad track record to me so I’m avoiding this game until I’m sure that these issues are sorted out on all consoles. I won’t risk any of my systems for a game that’s half-assed and rushed.

    1. I would say don’t risk bricking your PS4 but since Sony gave it a universal account system, the console getting bricked would only be a minor inconvenience since your saves are hopefully uploaded to the cloud or onto a USB drive and your digital purchases can easily be redownloaded, too. And I’m sure Sony will gladly fix your PS4 for free if it was a game you got that fucked up the console, not anything you directly did.

  7. This wouldn’t have been a problem if Nintendo had given the Wii U a universal account system with cloud storage for save data or let us put our save data onto an SD card or USB drive instead of the shitty console locked bullshit!

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