SEGA Is In Good Shape To Take Sonic Feedback

Online gaming publication The Verge has run an extensive interview with Aaron Webber who you may know as the person behind the amusing Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account. One of the things to take away from the interview is that Webber says that SEGA is in a good position at the moment to take onboard feedback regarding the franchise which has divided fans in recent years. Here’s what he had to say.

When you look at the stuff that’s coming up, how do you feel about the future of Sonic and what you guys are going to be able to do with this moving forward?

I’m very optimistic. Part of that is that I get to see behind the curtain at what actually is coming up. At the same time it’s because Sega is a company that’s in a good position right now to listen to its fans. I think many years ago, let’s say when we released the trailer for Sonic 4, and people complained about the physics and things like that, that Sega was not in a position to take feedback and adapt to it and implement it in development. But the Sega of now is in a much better spot to take feedback and have that choice. There are some cases where your fans aren’t always right, and fans will have a million different opinions, but I’m very optimistic and hopeful for the future with what we can do with the Sonic account to bridge the gap between fans and our company.




  1. SEGA must have took a look at all the different fan requests and made sure to do the exact opposite. Maybe because they find it funny or something.

    It isn’t. Seriously. Stop.

  2. I saw the headline and my first thought was ‘who says?’

    I’m sure they have had lots of fan feedback before this, and if we give them some now I doubt they will listen.

  3. “There are some cases where your fans aren’t always right…” I suddenly want to punch a baby now. :/ Must be the mentality they take about not some of their fans but MOST of their fans. I expect this is the same mentality some retard part of the development for Federation Force has. But maybe I’m reading too much into that part. *shrug* Whatever. If the next Sonic game is yet another flop, I will so be there to help fan the flames so they burn faster.

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