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Chinese Mobile Game Clearly Copies Splatoon

Splatoon is arguably one of the best games on the Wii U so it comes as no surprise that certain companies would try to clone its success. One such company is a development studio in China who have created something that looks remarkably similar for mobile platforms. You can check it out in the tweet below.

44 thoughts on “Chinese Mobile Game Clearly Copies Splatoon”

    1. The tweet that you see up there is the source has the source link; clicking on it will let you see it. But I get what you’re saying; just put the source link to keep it consistent.

        1. Um…

          … unless you have JavaScript turned off or something, it’s there. The four pictures that you see are part of an embedded tweet. Click on one of the pictures and it’ll take you to Twitter. There, you’ll see the link.

          I didn’t think it wasn’t that obvious. Sorry about that. :/

            1. Why are you accusing me of thinking you’re a stupid human?

              You said, “I see no tweet either.” In which I responded of the following points:

              – If you have JavaScript turned off, then turn it on because that could prevent you from seeing the actual tweet.
              – I gave out instructions on what to click.
              – I apologized, because stupid ME thought it was extremely obvious.
              – In order for you to not waste your time, I just saved you the trouble and posted the link in question.

              Not once did I call you stupid nor implied it. You’re actually one of the most logical people in here, so calling you stupid would make no sense whatsoever.

  1. Not surprised at this point (I mean, they already copied Overwatch). If anything, I’m surprised they waited until now to actually do this instead of,… well, late last year.

    1. “WOOOOOOOoooow….look at these graphics man! So awesome!!! I want to play it”!

      “This is killer man! Look nintendo copied our idea. What’s wrong with them”?

      Just…….that’s messed up man. Chinese have no pride? I mean I knew they try to copy other companies but I never thought they would try and copy a shooter from nintendo and make it that horrid.

  2. Description from the Chinese app store:
    Plot: “runaway graffiti” paint is a casual gaming action shooting hand travel, simple, easy to use! Its unique and innovative inkjet battle amusing!

    This is a unique as a fucking Coca-cola can.

  3. What does he mean by “mobile game”? This game is illegal and can’t be sold through Apple, Android (Google) or Windows app store. If any of those companies green-lights the title, Nintendo could instantly sue it.

      1. That’s not an answer to my question! I know that China has no copyright laws, but the USA has. If Apple, Google or Microsoft sell the game through their app store they can (and hopefully will) get sued by Nintendo. So if I’m Chinese and I have a Samsung Galaxy, I shouldn’t be able to install the game without jailbraking the phone.

        1. Actually, if you do some google searches you’ll see that China actually does have copyright laws although there are some differences regarding fair use among other things. And this sort of use is actually a violation, but the problem is not that they don’t have laws, but that they don’t care to enforce them.

            1. But you are and they answered. They can’t go after them because the government controlled courts wouldn’t allow any suit against their great nation’s citizens or operations.

              And they have their own mobile stores.

    1. If it’s sold exclusively through the Chinese App Stores from Apple and Google, Nintendo can’t do squat except send a complaint to both companies to remove them (and they will comply).

      And if you mean Nintendo will sue Apple and Google, they can’t do that based off of this; they would need to do that to the actual company that made the thing.

      This is most likely being sold out of a Chinese Android App Store that’s made by some Chinese company (which then Nintendo’s back at square 1: they can’t do squat and any complaint will most likely be ignored).

      1. First, there is no such thing as Chinese app stores from Apple and Google. If it’s from Apple, Google or Microsoft, the app store is under US-American law. They could sell the damn game on the moon and it’s still illegal. It’s complete bullshit that Nintendo has to sue the creators of the game! If Apple or any other American company makes money by selling that game through their app store, they can get sued by Nintendo, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re selling the game in China or Middle-earth!

        1. … I’m just going to ask this: do you really think that the laws in the US are exactly the same and just as legally binding in China?

          First of all: there IS a Chinese App Store from Apple and Google.

          Top Apps selling in China (iOS App Store in China)

          Top Apps selling in China (Google Play store in China)

          Otherwise, what the heck am I looking at up here?

          Second: Apple’s App Stores are bound to the laws of the country it serves, not because it’s in the US.

          Thirdly: You can’t sue a distributor of products for something like this: it never works and the person suing always loses because the courts will strike it as you suing the wrong person. You can’t sue Walmart or Amazon just because an author stole your book idea (and they make money off of it, too). And that’s what the App Store and Google Play store are: stores. Of course, there’s the argument that it’s an obvious rip off, to which I send my rebuttal as: THE WORLD DOESN’T REVOLVE AROUND NINTENDO! What’s obvious to you and me isn’t going to be obvious to the other 7 Billion people on the planet! To bring up the author analogy again, you could say that the book that they made and your book idea is obviously the same, but you’re still going to have to give a convincing argument.

          Lastly, all of this is true, but most importantly,… I’m pretty sure it’s ACTUALLY not in either app stores. As I said in my last comment, there are outside app stores that you can go to instead of Google’s Play store in order to buy apps; most coming from China (with their servers inside China’s mainland). In which case, Nintendo can’t do anything about it; the only presence that they have is the iQue company that they partnered up with (and I’m pretty sure that’s not going on for some time since they haven’t sold anything since the (now discontinued) iQue 3DS XL) and Splatoon never came out in that country, nor did the Wii U (also corruption in the courts, censorship, yada yada), so Nintendo has no chance since they have to play by China’s game, not America’s and not Japan’s. Period. As for iOS, there’s the Cydia App Store (if you have a jailbroken iPhone: And Cydia doesn’t work like a conventional app store; you can choose to let people download through your servers if you want (and I’m sure they’re smart enough to put it through their own servers). Not to mention that the thing with outside app stores also exist. So again, nothing Nintendo can do about it. So even if you’re right and I’m wrong up to this point, this last point stands no matter what, because it’s in places that Nintendo can’t touch or control.

          I’m not saying that this is not a bad thing, by the way (it is), but I’m showing the reality about it. It sucks, but Nintendo can’t do anything. And if they could, then Activision Blizzard would have sued the company who made the Overwatch ripoff:

  4. Actually, a chinese nintendo fan informed ZhugeEX about this news in the very beginning. They have this kind of “justice voice”.

    Console gamers, majority who know nothing about console games, and pathetic companies like the one in this news are standalone from each other pretty much in China or other low-developed countries. And things are always associated with government that makes them more complicate.

    But poor console gamers there can do nothing about it.

  5. It doesn’t actually look terrible. It doesn’t seem to actually play very well but it looks pretty well thought out. It’s a shame that instead of developing something of their own they stole an idea. Waste of time, really. Nintendo will probably have it taken down pretty quickly.

    1. It is a long story. Chinese game market is deformed at all. And it is not a mistake about one or two people.
      Chinese people didn’t have SNES and Nintendo 64 eras because of many reasons. Most of them have not even heard about Nintendo.
      And Nintendo doesn’t have a powerful agent like NOA and NOE to defend its copyright in China.
      Those programmers are very cheap and have to work on those kind of games to feed their families even if some of them may love Nintendo. It costs too much to quit from a job in China.
      Their bosses are just ignorant businessmen .

      The whole thing is wrong but pathetic and complicate.

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