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Miyamoto & Kimishima Talked About Iwata Asks & The Two Months Nintendo Had No President

Another question with new information was brought up at the recent Nintendo investor’s meeting. The team was asked about the lack of a Nintendo President for two months following Former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s passing and even Iwata Asks, saying that “about last year’s leadership change. Last July, Iwata-san passed away and in September, President Kimishima succeeded him. There was a problem with not having a president for 2 months. I want to know why that was. What will happen to [Iwata] Asks?”

Nintendo President Kimishima responded first, saying that, “In regards to [Iwata] Asks, I don’t come from a game dev. background, so if I ask, it wouldn’t be interesting. Former President Iwata entered the hospital before passing away and directed Takeda, Miyamoto, and I at that point. However, he didn’t expect to pass away so soon, so we needed time to decide upon the following organization and direction.”

Shigeru Miyamoto added on with more on Iwata Asks. Miyamoto said, “thank you for the last question. About Iwata Asks, even he said, “It’s gotten in a rut.” For now, we want to continue Nintendo Direct with Morimoto. We will do lots of new things.”


16 thoughts on “Miyamoto & Kimishima Talked About Iwata Asks & The Two Months Nintendo Had No President”

  1. “He didn’t expect to pass away so soon.”

    Even though it’s been a year almost… that’s heart-wrenching to me, especially since it sounds like he was still trying to run the company as he knew he was dying while in the hospital.

    It’s sad that such an amazing, determined human being who did everything in his ability to try to please fans until the day he died… Didn’t even get to finish what he wanted to do so that he could still try to please us. I regret ever doubting him. Rest in peace, Mr. Iwata.

    1. I had a feeling he probably knew he was dying & was trying to get his affairs in order before he did. :/

  2. Gosh. He entered the hospital and died while still running things as a president.

    That man was something else. There goes this weird water on my eyes again.

      1. fanboy
        1. A person who is completely loyal to a game or company reguardless of if they suck or not.
        2. A pathetic insult often used by fanboys themselves to try and put down people who don’t like whatever it is they like.

        You are the second definition. Anyway, if the NX is going to be a step away from the bullshit Wii & Wii U pulled and it was Iwata that set that ball in motion, I will change my stance that he should have been fired. But if the NX is just going to be the same bullshit and Iwata planned that, I stand by my stance that he definitely should have been fired. Not from the company, mind you, but at least from his position as CEO. Either way, it’s a shame he passed away since he had family that most likely needed him in their lives and being fired from the CEO position would have definitely given him more time to spend with his loved ones.

        1. Why people keep bashing Wii as a wrong thing?? Wii was a fantastic console, it’s my favorite console of all time! I can understand stupid hardcores going butthurt on Wii, after all it outsold PS3 and 360 and ended its life cycle with 101 million units sold. I don’t see any reason to this Wii hate, it’s a far better console than the Wii U (I mean, has a better idea, it was cheap, had games that everyone played and wanted to play, it was popular). The Wii’s epicness and success is the major reason of why I defend Iwata.

          Well, who puts hardware ideas in motion is the hardware development team, not the CEO, the CEO only evaluates and says Yes or No to key decisions, so condemning or praising Iwata for the hardware decisions is nearly meaningless, but I can praise Iwata for the Wii’s commercial success.

          Lastly, people really, REALLY need to learn to not put too much expectations on Nintendo hardware, Wii and Wii U made clear that Nintendo will only build the hardware they consider neccessary for their ideas, they’ll only make a super powerful hardware from the hardcore’s wet dreams if they need this power level for their ideas.

          1. The problem is you ignore all the bad associated with Wii & praise all of the good. You can’t do that and should keep an open mind to all of the bad it did too. This might be a more extreme example but the point still stands: that’s like praising Nazi Germany for the few good things it did like a better economy & the better cars at the time that came from Germany and then ignoring all the inherently bad things like concentration camps committing torture & acts of genocide, killing some of your own people because they disagree with your methods, policing free speech & satire, etc. Sure the Wii has some good quality games but those get outweighed by all of the copious amount of bad, casual, shovelware games. There is a reason the Wii is the laughing stock of the video game market. The Wii sold millions, sure, but so does Call of Duty but I don’t see many of you praising that franchise. Wii should not be the exception because “it’s Nintendo” because otherwise that’s just being a fanboy. If you want a console example, look no further than the Sega Dreamcast. It had a few great ideas and features but those great ideas were ruined by the amount of bad attached to the console. If you want to call the Wii the best console ever because of the few things it did right, you have to do the same for Dreamcast, too.

            I enjoyed the Wii, too, but I’m not gonna pretend it didn’t fuck up in a lot of other areas.

  3. Oh god! Please don’t be talking about the face of any company, guys! I’m sick of hearing that crap from WWE over who should hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! They’ve sadly made that into a dirty phrase now…

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