Miyamoto Mentioned One Problem With The Wii U Was “Difficulty From Other Companies Releasing Many Tablets At Low Prices”

Nintendo’s investor’s meeting Q&A continued with more questions. One question was related to the Wii U, asking that “when the Wii U added HD support, there were development issues and software shortages. Will the organization avoid the same problems when investing in new technologies like VR? How is NX development structured?”

Nintendo President Kimishima responded by saying that “I understand your question as being about my speaking negatively about the Wii U. Some said that the Wii U would sell because the Wii was selling. However, I said that if the Wii was selling, getting users enjoying the Wii to switch would be a hard sell.”

Miyamoto had a little more to say. He said that “at the time, we sold a game machine with the GamePad for 30,000 yen. However, we faced difficulty from other companies releasing many tablets at low prices.”



    1. Other tablet companies. The average customer probably doesn’t understand the difference between the Nintendo console and other tablet manufacturers. The average customer looks simply at the price and that the abilities of the hardware itself.

  1. the fact replacing the gamepad cost close to $100 points to what iwata said.
    if the wii u didn’t have a gamepad or it cost a huge fraction less, the console would have been more powerful.

    1. Except there’s no way it could have cost that much to manufacture. One year before the Wii U launched, the 3DS had a bill of materials of $104 and that has two screens, one stereoscopic and connected by a hinge, a cartridge slot, SD card reader, a dual-core ARM processor and a single core ARM processor, a GPU, 32 times more random access and flash memory than the GamePad, and a stereoscopic rear-facing camera, and that price includes the boxed contents like the 2GB SD card, charger, AR cards, and manual.

      The gamepad would cost less than the DSi which cost only $78 to make… and that was in 2009.

      1. You’re comparing a smaller two screen system to a big tablet. Let me add that the figured of the tablet had multiple buttons and two controller stickers compared to the DS. Moreover, the gamepad was linked with offscreen capabilities, meaning it function as a TV screen showcasing higher graphics than what the DS could produce. It’s also save to mention how much pull that gamepad used. They couldn’t even afford to make battery bigger or the price would go up even higher. The gamepad was a majority of the price of the Wii U. It was forced onto people, yet, it had no real purpose other than offscreen play. And the tech to make the tv mirror the gamepad and system is not as easy as people think. The system costed a lot more than a DS.

  2. No, the problem with the Wii U is that it has no games compared to other Nintendo systems that are worth mentioning, (especially not compared to Playstation), the gimmick sucks ass. It was trying to capture the casual market, like the Wii, but never got the handheld on the go essence at all.

  3. @koopaxross
    Are you serious? The wii u has had some of the games in certain Nintendo franchises.

    DK tropical freeze is arguably the best in the series
    Pikmin 3 is arguably the best in the series.
    Smash Bros Wii u is arguably the best in the series.
    Mario kart 8 is arguably the best in the series.

    Splatoon won all types of awards and is a new hit franchise for Nintendo.

    Zelda WW is a great remake.
    Super Mario 3D world was a great game.

    Let’s not forget Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade X.

    But the Wii U has no games? C’mon son.

    What must have system seller games are on the PS4?

    The PS4 sold well and continues to sell well based on how badly Xbox botched their pre launch and how they mandated the kinect at first . There really isn’t anything about the ps4 that makes it sell like it is. Even sony said they don’t understand it. The PS4 is barely on par with a low end PC.

  4. This is one of those times where Miyamoto should have kept his fucking mouth shut. “However, we faced difficulty from other companies releasing many tablets at low prices.” Sounds like an excuse for Nintendo to use so they can ignore the REAL reason the Wii U failed to sell into the 20m & beyond.

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