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Miyamoto Says That The Decision To Not Have The NX At E3 Was Because “We’re Worried About Imitators If We Release Info Too Early”

The Q&A at Nintendo’s investor’s meeting paused briefly to show a video with Reggie Fils-Aime on Zelda: Breath of the Wild. After the video, remarks were given by Miyamoto. At one point he explained the reason behind the NX not being shown at E3. He said that “normally we would’ve shown the NX at E3, but we didn’t. We’re worried about imitators if we release info too early.”


45 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says That The Decision To Not Have The NX At E3 Was Because “We’re Worried About Imitators If We Release Info Too Early””

  1. Makes sense. I mean, look at all the cheap Android tablets based upon the Wii U Gamepad that released months before the Wii U.

    1. Uhh… I think you need a bit of a refresher on history. While Apple didn’t make the first tablet, they did popularized it. Apple revealed and released the first iPad in 2010. That’s a full year before the Wii U was shown, and 2 years before it was released. After the iPad got traction THEN everyone else started making their own (modern) tablet. It’s a bit naive to think companies based their tablets around Nintendo’s, especially when one is made for gaming and the other is made to replace a laptop.

      1. The ipad came out in 2010. The Wii u game pad came out in 2012. So it was probably in development around 2009, right before the iPad dropped. But the iPad was 500 for their cheapest model. Many casual gamers see that as too high. But when Android brought out their cheap tablets and smartphones started to be in every household by 2012, then Nintendo’s unique idea didn’t seem so unique.

  2. While that is a valid reason why they didn’t show the NX at E3 this year, I have to ask, how long exactly has the NX been in development?

    I ask because depending on how long the NX has been in development, I wouldn’t be too concerned about imitators on the grounds that even if it were shown at E3, development would have gone too far for anyone to imitate the technology and release it before the NX.

    1. Imitators are not just meaning Sony or Microsoft. There are other companies out there that will try to imitate game consoles. China is a good example of that.

  3. “If we release information too early…”
    While there’s a benefit to waiting closer to launch, you can’t exactly wait forever. I doubt anyone will copy you unless it’s proven a success again like the Move/Kinect were created years AFTER the Wii. The longer you wait the less time you have to drum up excitement, and given Nintendo isn’t on most people’s radars, you’re going to need more time.

    1. Well if the big selling point is something like a hybrid counsel/ handheld like many speculate then all Sony has to do is take the Vita revamp it and bundle it with some PS4s and try to sell it as the First console/ handheld. They would either need to put some more horse power in it so it can keep up with the PS4 games or slim it down to make it more affordable so this new Bundle doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, this is something Sony could do by this Holiday season if they wanted. And well if it wasn’t that then maybe what their secret Idea is it’s something simple that it may have took time to come up with but can be implemented by Holiday season. But as long as it doesn’t get in third parties way I will be happy.

  4. Maybe at E3, Nintendo could have shown off a 5 second teaser of the console and zoomed in really close to where you can’t even see what it really looks like and say “you know you want this.” XD

  5. They’ve been talking about not wanting imitation with the NX since it was first revealed. My thoughts are that what makes it special is something that is easily implemented, but clever enough to drive sales. Nintendo doesn’t want their thunder stolen, when bottling lightning again seems to be their goal.

  6. September should be the latest if they want to release it in march. Soon enough…but man, the wait is killing me.

    1. They’re only saying it because they don’t want their rival companies to copy their unique innovation (gimmick to some dude bros) and calling it their own.

        1. Yeah but don’t you find it funny that as soon as the NX news was out that they both tried to get teh lead again on nintendo that they threw a more powerful version of their consoles (ps4k aka neo and xbox one S aka Scorpio)?

          1. Microsoft and Sony already had those projects in their pipeline, mostly due to development studios demands with regard to processing power.

            I believe you remember some talk during last year on getting access to the 7th core of PS4 and XBox One, and etc.

            I’ve had some episodes of persecution mania in my life, and am still fighting it. It’s such a difficult task, believe me.

  7. I love that they are taking this approach if they really can keep the details of the console under wraps until that close to launch. It will be good for both the copycat reason he talks about, as well as the perceptions of consumers. I think consumers get fatigued and loose interest in things the longer they know about them.

  8. Who would want to immitate a company who failed miserably with their current gen system. Besides Nintendo totally isn’t ripping the VR idea off for NX by looking at how it sells with their competitors or anything… Nintendo stupidity and arrogance 101. The company doesn’t know shit about advertising and looks at E3 like a fucking Nintendo direct episode, nothing more.

      1. What are you talking about? Sony clearly copied the Wiimote with the PS Move remote and Microsoft copied the Wii’s motion control functionality with Kinect

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  10. If you have faith in your product and know that, quality-wise, it’s better, (and if you have your patents, obviously), then you have nothing to fear. If an imitator did somehow come out with something either before the NX was released, or around the same time, it would most likely pale in comparison and the contrast alone would be beneficial for Nintendo. Nothing like a shitty similar product to highlight your superior product.
    Not to mention that the more you hold it close and secret, you can only keep hype going for so long before people either lose interest or get mad at you for doing so – or for them to focus on other products from the competition like VR, Hololens, PS4.5, etc.

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