Miyamoto Says Nintendo “Has The Core Technology” On VR Too

Nintendo President Kimishima said at Nintendo’s investor’s meeting Q&A that Nintendo is “researching” VR. However, Shigeru Miyamoto had more to say on that, mentioning Nintendo’s research in virtual reality has lead to the company having the core technology. He explained that “I heard VR was a hot topic at E3, so I went to check it out. It was on display, but it wasn’t what I expected We’re also researching VR, so we have the core technology. Long play sessions are an issue. We want to release something that can be played for long periods, carries value, and is affordable. We want parents to feel at ease.”



    1. How? He is showing concern to the younger fan base, you know the fan base Nintendo is always concern about. In what way is wanting parents feeling at ease when their kids play VR games not giving a shit about the adult fan base, where is connection?

    2. How many times have I wrote on this blog saying this. Let me retort: Nintendo doesn’t give a fuck about core game base anymore. They want casual gamers and thats the money they saw at the Wii. They want that and don’t give a fuck about us Hardcore fans. They just want the paper.

  1. I am watching a Super Mario Maker Playthrough as we speak so I just have to say Nintendo is the best lol!

    I think youtube and the online gamers that stream/broadcast their games are loving Nintendo now-a-days for the views it gets them.

    Something Nintendo should pay some good attention to :)

  2. Hmm… perhaps the NX gimmick is gonna be VR? Knowing Nintendo, they like doing that (wii motion, wii u gamepad) I personally doubt it, but seeing as how they are keeping quiet because of a pretty big secret (possibly the consoles gimmick) and them now saying they have the tech and are researching, it could very much be it.

  3. Can anyone elaborate on what he might have meant when he said “…it wasn’t what I expected.”? Did he have higher or lower expectations than what was on display or did he just not know what it was gonna be like? I mean, we already knew what the PSVR and Oculus Rift were going in so I don’t think it could be the latter.

  4. I’ve been curious as to how long you’ll be able to play PlayStation VR without it causing headaches or such. The PS VR is $399, the same price the PS4 was at launch. Nintendo essentially is saying they don’t want it to be a high-price startup. The Samsung VR headset sells for $99, which seems cheaper until you take note of the fact you need a certain phone, which likely retails between $600-800, in order for it to do anything. With PlayStation VR you need a PS4 but any model will do. Still, it’s an expensive startup. If Nintendo finds a way to make it more affordable and better for long-play then they could totally take over. They have the IPs and games such as Mario Party or Splatoon could be easily converted to VR.

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