Zelda: Breath Of Wild Will Be Profitable If It Sells 2 Million Units

One of the many things to take away from the recent Nintendo investors conference is that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild needs to sell over 2 million units for the game to be profitable for the company. Shigeru Miyamoto told investors that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has over 100 staff, and over 300 people in the credits, and has been over 5 years in the making.


      1. even without that. Mario Maker sold more on the WiiU and while many might have abandoned the WiiU by the time this game launches, it should be very easy to achieve 2M copies on the WiiU alone. ZombiU, a third party game for a 18+ audience released at launch of this unsuccessful system, managed to sell 1M globally, so it *could* happen that the most hyped 1st party game of that system could reach 2 Mio at a time when the userbase is at its max. I’d say it should easily reach over 3 Mio on WiiU alone and hopefully something north of 8Mio on NX, but that depends on the NX.

    1. I’ll give them a week. Mario Kart 8 earned some amazing profits for Nintendo in just one week… and that being on the Wii U, Nintendo’s worst sold home console!

      1. They probably made the game very efficiently , like not spending more resources than they should even though they kept the project very ambitious, and also managed to get good money with the sales (it was the most expensive game I ever saw on eshop, but it is deserved of course). Also, the game is around 1 million on VG chars

  1. 2 million worldwide will be a piece of cake. Splatoon has been at over 4 million for months and its a new IP. A Zelda game of this caliber, and with this level of hype surrounding it, will hit that probably in the first week or two, especially if the NX ends up being as cool as it’s rumored to be.

  2. Shouldn’t be a problem for a Zelda game, let alone a Zelda game that got the whole attention of E3 this year.

  3. Please no, just give us a spiritual sequel to Spirit Tracks (that isn’t Triforce Heroes) on the handheld instead. This game is too different as it is (not that it won’t a good game).

  4. It can hit 2 million on just the Wii U. Everyone and their momma are looking forward to this next Zelda game. It’s going to sell a shit ton.

  5. I already have it preordered from three different places. I’m waiting to see who has the best bonus when they are announced and then canceling the other two, but still. Count me as one sale towards that goal.

  6. Just to put in context. The worst sales for a Zelda home console entrie is 3.36 millions from Majora’s Mask. So it’s secure to assume that it will hit the 2 millions mark.

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