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Nintendo Reconfirms The NX Is Due To Launch Next March

Nintendo has reconfirmed that the NX will make its debut in less than a year. According to company president Tatsumi Kimishima, the upcoming system is still on track to launch globally in March 2017. Kimishima has also explained why Nintendo decided not to unveil the NX at E3 earlier this month. The firm apparently didn’t want its rivals to copy any of its new concepts, akin to what eventually happened with Wii.


59 thoughts on “Nintendo Reconfirms The NX Is Due To Launch Next March”

    1. It follows the pattern of “every 3 months” we’re getting, September is half-a-year away from launch, and it can be timed alongside TGS (not at the show, but at the same time). It just seems like all the stars align at that point for an NX reveal. Also, the comment from the CEO of Nintendo of Canada locks the Fall as the announcement time.

      1. I’m going to add a date prediction for the reveal. It would be neat if I was right, but no biggie if I’m wrong: Thursday, September 15th.

    1. I think that the key to everything are the cartridges, I’m thinking about the possibility of two separate consoles (NX and MH) both using the whole library of Nintendo games in cartridges (and also digital downloads), so you can enjoy your game wherever you are… That would be pretty cool!

    2. Im guessing NX is going to be a base system on par with ps4/x1 with after market add on’s to make the system more powerful, add VR, ect to suit what the gamer wants. That allows them to continue their “blue ocean” effect and also capures the higher spec driven gamers. That may be a little ambitious, but I believe a patent they filed some time back would allude to this.

    1. They haven’t started production yet. They are preparing for production as they said in the investor’s meeting.

  1. I’m glad Nintendo is being smart this time around and not letting their ” idea ” get passed around and mimicked. I still remember when Sony tried to 1up Nintendo by showing off that bullshit Six Axis controller that had some motion control functionality to it only to look foolish and desperate….smh. Nintendo needs to keep the NX a secret if it has this groundbreaking innovation (that hopefully won’t hinder it’s hardware power) but they need to not wait too long to not show it off to the world

    1. You can bet your ass that once Ninty reveals the NX, Sony will come out and announce something similar to what Nintendo announces and theyll say that theyve been working on it for years. 😅

    1. Then prepare to be more saltier than a freaking salt mine. The Nintendo NX is more powerful than the Wii U.

    1. I think what Kimishima is saying is that Nintendo didn’t want companies to steal their idea for the NX before they had a chance to introduce it FIRST. I don’t think Nintendo cares about what happens afterwards so long as their potential consumers know their ” idea ” originated from them

    2. Also, if a company copies the idea before the NX’s release and does it in a bad way, it might turn off consumers and people would stay away from the NX.

      1. Do you think that that THQ uDraw board had a bigger role in what is consider the Wii U failure?

        Ive never really put two and two together, but it makes sense.

        1. Unless that uDraw thing got alot of negative coverage in the media, I don’t think so. In my opinion the Wii U failed because Nintendo once again tried to capture the casual market, but the problem with casual gamers is, they don’t buy a new system every 5 years. They have tried it once and have seen it.
          But regarding the NX, if another company steals the idea and spoils the impact of surprise and curiosity, people are not interested in the NX anymore and potentially even have a bad opinion about it, because the earlier company made a cheap copy.

          1. Well The Udraw tablet single handedly sent THQ in the downward spiral that ultimately got them to file for bankruptcy. If i remember correctly THQ banked on those tablets and released it before the Wii U came out. It flopped and the company started struggling because of how many they manufactured. They just couldnt sell them.

            Lol thats exactly what happened with the uDraw tablet, at least as far as it being a cheap product that didnt appeal to almost anyone. Idk how much fault the uDraw tablets failure factors in the Wii U failure, but it sure as hell makes sense. I cant believe i thought of that.

  2. Honestly, I don’t blame Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft announced their console replacements and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was because of the NX. Good luck guys.

    1. A prediction regarding that game: A demo will arrive on the eShop the day of a December Direct, Thursday the 15th. That or some Gamestop or Best Buy demo will be made available.

          1. The Zelda fanbase is so passionate that all the positive talk indeed muted all the negativity towards Nintendo this E3.


      1. Oh. My. God. That looks fucking awesome! A shame it’s most likely way beyond my price range. :/

  3. Understandable considering the PS Move and the Xbox Kinect. Both of which totally bombed. Only Nintendo can do the gimmick the right way (for the most part). Even though I am ready for a “break” from Nintendo on the gimmick. I really just want at least one generation of a normal Nintendo console again.

    1. Actually, the Kinect was a HUGE success for MS, which is why they decided to include the Kinect 2.0 with the XBO. 2.0 on the other hand, is a failire and its hardly acknowledged anymore by MS.

  4. Makes sense, because they really did try to copy the Wii motion controls, with the PS move, and the kinect probably wouldn’t even be born without the Wii. That’s the risk you run when you release early unfortunately.

    1. Actually, the Kinect was based on PlayStation’s Eyecam which used a completely different form of motion control from the Wii’s.

  5. if the “new idea” is only freaking remote play nintendo needs to check themselves before they shrek themselves.

  6. Didnt I tell yall this months ago. Thats why they kept it secret. If they unveiled it at E3 Sony would make Admustments in their R&D before the NX launch. But it makes it tough for Sony to make changes after it is released because the PS4.5 doesnt have the features and already have planned for 5 million or more PS4.5s to sell. So it would take at least 2 years for Sony to sell copycats.

    1. Sony and Microsoft know what it is. They don’t divulge because they don’t want their known plans being leaked in return. It’s an agreement all the major publishers and the big three have. Nintendo delayed the NX for one reason only. There were supply issues. They used this extra time to polish Zelda BOTW for NX, port down to Wii U (reason for the delay) and ensure 3rd parties had time to work on ports for launch.

  7. counting the days to the NX release… because that’s the day i’m going to Gamestop to buy a PS4!

    enough is enough with these guys. the one thing they could have done for screwing over the WiiU was get us Zelda this year. but no, why would they do that? fuck those 10 million consumers that took the risk and supported their console even though THEY DIDN’T.

    i’m too old now anyway for kiddie drinks like Kool-Aid.

    1. Do you want Nintendo to give away their secrets so that Sony and Microsoft copy Nintendo’s concept on purpose? Grow up, kid! You need to have more patience because you’re too old for that bullshit you’ve made for 0% reasons.

    1. It’s because they’ve learned their lesson not to give away information on their next system. The more they keep a secret until the unveiling, the harder for Sony and Microsoft to mimic Nintendo’s innovation, concept, and idea.

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