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Miyamoto Talks About What Goes Into Making A Nintendo Game Special

In a recent interview at E3, Kotaku got the chance to ask Nintendo’s very own Shigeru Miyamoto some intriguing questions about his idea of what goes into making a Nintendo game special. When asked the question on how he knows when a game is good, he replied with:

“Ultimately I want a lot of people to enjoy the game, but the initial barometer and gauge is whether I enjoy it or not. Another thing is whether the uniqueness is maintained in a game as a Nintendo game, compared to [games from] other companies.”

When asked to elaborate further on “uniqueness”, Miyamoto responded with:

“It could be how to play the game or some of the techniques or technology being used. There’s always a limited amount of things that we can use, so it’s how we use that and in what combination. So it’s really–instead of creating–a little more like editing, in a sense.” Miyamoto continued, “This becomes a little bit of a conceptual talk, but I think what’s really important is that there is a core [to the game]. And, based on that core, we use technology … to develop the game. I think what a lot of people see as unique is using different technology or different techniques [to make games], but I feel like, as long as you have a core that’s unlike others, that’s what ‘unique’ is. So we can be using the same kind of technology, the same kind of techniques, but when we use it, we get something different.”

Finally, Miyamoto was asked what that core of a game was:

“I think it comes down to the experience of the customer or people playing the game. It’s something we do with the Wii U. You can only experience playing a game with two screens on the Wii U, and it’s really about using the past techniques and technology that we’ve used before. We keep at it, and at the end of that we discover something new.” Miyamoto said, “So even with a Zelda world that is about swords and magic, if we were to make it 3D and really realistic, and render the player realistic, you’d run into games that are just like that all over the place.”

“And so Zelda is really about exploring and adventuring [through] the land. And you’re kind of fighting against the land as if you were hiking in real life, and that’s how this game works. And the player has to think for themselves and has to put their ideas into practice. That’s what this game is.”

You can check out the full interview over on Kotaku’s website.

48 thoughts on “Miyamoto Talks About What Goes Into Making A Nintendo Game Special”

  1. Today I saw someone say that they couldn’t understand why people play Zelda. They claimed it was “too kiddy” and a game people that haven’t “fully matured yet” play. And he couldn’t bear to finish playing because it was too child friendly. People on the internet are just too funny…

  2. I think I’m done hearing from Moto. So you’re saying that the person and the experience matters most with games, and you want people to enjoy it. Right Moto? So why did you create Star Fox for the Wii U? When not msny people enjoyed the game or wanted the game that way? When the game barely passed the green light of being released? This guy keeps talking out his ass. I think he needs to really retire.

  3. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||I alone make Metroid great since the Wii though, my logic is undeniable…||

    1. The Wii U should have had a Metroid game. If for any reason you want to make users go through two different screens, using the gamepad to see what Samus sees and the gameplay on the TV makes the most sense. When you go into a ball, you use the TV part. If you wanna see Samus on the TV and the gameplay on the gamepad, you can switch. I just made Metroid with a Wii U game in 1 minute. Why can’t they. They have people who are paid to make good ideas.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||As long as they make a Metroid in the Ing’s image, meaning dark, lonely and without disgusting light, I’ll be satisfied…||

        ||Just stay far away from the disease that is F!/6\.6ti%67(_ Fo#/ce…||

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||It’s average at best, even though it’s horrible by Metroid standards, it still felt like Metroid during the gameplay atmosphere…||

            ||The story and my enemy, Samus Aran were weakly done and served no purpose to our common history and duel of fates…||

            ||The difficulty is what I enjoyed the most, Fed¤&(“3ion F!”¤3ce is just a virus that must be forgotten as soon as possible…||

              1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                ||If you still play your Wii U, add me [N-Commander] and try to finish my 5 first worlds in order on Super Mario Maker if you want to test your skills…||

                1. As a proud owner of every Nintendo home console released to date (and most of the handhelds too of course), I most definitely still play on my Wii U!
                  I will absolutely take up that challenge when I get the chance!

                1. Seriously! That final part with her summoning those monsters to attack everyone and all you have to do in that scene is focus on MB to activate a cutscene!? That was bullshit on so many fucking levels! Grr!

                    1. Least some other games would have made you input some buttons to make it into an interactive cutscene. Other M didn’t even bother to do that! I would have been less annoyed if it was an interactive one.

                      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                        ||I don’t like it, it disrupts the flow, just make the story and portrayal great again…||

                        1. Other M needs to be retconned into a better game. That’s all there is to it. Thank God Miyamoto isn’t in charge of it. Otherwise, he’d want to reboot the whole thing all because one little game failed like he did with Star Fox Zero because of Command failing.

                          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                            ||Well at least Starfox Zero is somewhat better than an even worse sequel to Command…||

                            ||But it certainly isn’t worthy my resources right now, it needs to get a lot cheaper before I even get it if ever…||

                            1. Ah yes. The Lesser of Two Evils Syndrome. :/ Just like how America has to choose between a liar (Hilary Clinton) and a crazy person (Donald Trump) this year for a new President of the United States. Well least Hilary Clinton has done more good than harm for the United States and our international allies so better to have a liar than a nutjob that can only say crazy things like making Mexico build a wall. Next he’ll want Canada to build a wall so people can’t get OUT of the United States. After that, he’ll want us to stop all trading & tourists from other countries coming in and tourists from the United States going out. In other words, he’ll turn us into the modern day China where we try to keep people in and out of our country. :/ Sorry. Went on a tangent there.

                1. Samus is going after a space pirate who is taking over space and ruling pirates. She has to go to different planets to liberate it, as the pirates are taking resources and destroying the wild life/people who live on these planets. The use of another Metroid is what is helping the pirates take over the plants and you have to stop them. I just wrote you a story and gave you levels. Mind you, that may be a weak story but Nintendo wouldn’t give you anything better.

            1. lmao just because you don’t like Sticker Star and Star Fox Zero. Get your facts straight, because every fucking EAD game is supervised by him.

              1. It’s not just those two games, though. Miyamoto is also the guy that didn’t think to put online multiplayer into Pikmin 3. If you are going to do an offline multiplayer, it makes perfect sense to also do online multiplayer. He’s also the guy that wants to force innovation down our throats. For example, he doesn’t want to do another F-Zero game til they come up with some innovative idea for it. People don’t want an innovative way to play F-Zero. They simply just want to play it and see a continuation of the story. It’s a freaking racing game. It doesn’t need to be innovative. It’s time to stop being so in awe with what Miyamoto has accomplished because it’s blinding some of you from the fact he’s growing out of touch & forcing what HE wants on his customers.

                Miyamoto’s pretty much the waiter that tells you to order the special when you just want a regular hamburger but continues to try to talk you into getting the fucking special because he likes it & thinks it’s better than what you wanted. Since he’s also the restaurant’s best, favorite waiter, he won’t be fired for pretty much ignoring what you wanted as he forces the special on you. Thus, the asshole effectively made the restaurant lose a potential regular.

                1. lmao, as I said, he just supervises the games and gives his suggestions and helps a lil’ bit with small tidbits.

                  there’s the director and the producers and the entire dev team to blame as well


                  1. In that case, they all need to go. Miyamoto for being out of touch & afraid of change and for those idiots for listening to his stupid ideas. If they’ll be puppets for him, they’ll just be puppets for someone else when he’s gone. We got enough of that bullshit from Reggie being a damn puppet for Nintendo.

          2. “I think it comes down to the experience of the customer or people playing the game. It’s something we do with the Wii U. You can only experience playing a game with two screens on the Wii U…”

            Yeah, and that gameplay experience is dumb.

          3. It’s time to stop thinking about the initial thing of whether you enjoy it or not, Miyamoto. If you ran Nintendo, you’d kill it in no time flat as you’d only give things to people YOU want. That’s not how you run a damn business. If you only serve a small faction of people, your business is doomed to fail. Serving only 10 people & telling the other 1,990 to eat what the other 10 are eating or fuck off is a stupid business decision. This is why Star Fox Zero is THE worst selling game in the franchise. You made the game for a small fraction of the fanbase & told the rest to sod off. Well we’re doing the same by not buying Star Fox Zero. Sod off, Miyamoto! …please….. Before you ruin what’s left of your good name. If you haven’t done that already.

                1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                  ||It is not, the worst part of your history, is your combined ignorance…||

          4. Was this question raised as a take that, so fans have no right to complain?

            To put it bluntly, there is nothing special about:

            -Pokemon Shuffle
            -Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
            -Triforce Heroes
            -Metroid Prime: Federation Force
            -Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

            Everything else either lives up to this ideal, or is at the very least debatable.

            1. The lack of Sticker Star and Color Splash is disturbing. He is the one responsible for Paper Mario’s current direction after all.

              1. I couldn’t in good faith discredit those games as not special. Heck, I can’t even put Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, Star Fox Zero, Paper Jam, Nintendo Badge Arcade, Pokemon Rumble World, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gate to Infinity, and Sakurai’s Final Smash DLC Content up there. Despite my discontent for them (and there’s PLENTY to go around), I can’t write them off as not having any value. I however can do so for the really shallow and pointless titles as listed above.

                And it’s still to early to condemn Color Splash. It’s not the first two entry that we want, but it can at least be a decent game.

          5. “You can only experience playing a game with two screens on the Wii U”.
            Yeah, that’s exactly why I don’t like the Wii U as much as I loved past Nintendo consoles. I HATE having to look at 2 screens. Constantly looking up and down, and getting dizzy in the process. I only love the games that I can use the Pro Controller on. Not to mention, the Gamepad is too big, bulky and heavy.

            1. Heavy? That simply isn’t true (but your opinion, so OK) and it is a solid controller for some games, like Windwaker… But I accept your opinion in that it is at least not for everyone and forcing people to look at two screens or use the game pad was not and is not a good idea.

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