Nintendo Says That Paper Mario: Color Splash’s Story May Make You Cry

Nintendo Producer Risa Tabata spoke with Eurogamer about Paper Mario: Color Splash‘s story, which was confirmed to be getting more focus in this title than in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It won’t be on the scale of, for example, a BioWare RPG title, but there will be more focus on story in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Tabata said that “some of the things we’ve focused on in the past are the humour and a well-put-together story. That’s something we’ve really focused on for this title”. Risa Tabata says that “you’ll probably cry” by the time the story ends.


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    1. Ikr? What a stupid noob? Call Of Duty had more sad fucking endings than whatever Color Splash is gonna be online.

      SPOILERS! It’s Kersti’s death 2.0 but in HD.

      She’s lying to the fucking press just to make a quick blood money outta a now emotional less dead series.

      If she is breaking the law just like how games like MN9 and Aliens: Colonial Marines are called “Big Games” by awesome developers.

      We’re gonna have a bad time.


      In other words. She’s the Randy Pitchford of the Paper Mario series.

    1. Currently crying in laughter due to how ridiculous their statement is.

    2. You must have really said to yourself “This will be the comment that everyone wants to say and I’m going to fucking beat them to it” LOL

  1. But will be be the good type of emotional scene cry or will it be the overtly sappy cry?

    I doubt this will even think about topping Super Paper Mario’s ending or the majority of Thousand Year Door’s story.

  2. Strange that she seemed to say almost the contrary in another interview… But if this is true, the future looks a little brighter for this game!

  3. i will definitely cry when nintendo starts putting some gcn games on wii u vc like 1000 year door and eternal darkness but that wont happen for wii u, it might happen on nx or as richard from reviewtechusa would say ‘codename nx’

    1. Yes, we’re “butthurt” about the fact that we haven’t had an actual traditional Paper Mario game for over a decade, and Nintendo refuses to give us one. That seems like a pretty valid thing to get butthurt over.

  4. They will cry, all right. They’ll cry about the fact the story is shit compared to the original 2 Paper Mario games. But not to worry. I’m sure people with no preconceived notions of how a Paper Mario game should play or how great the story was before this & Sticker Star released will notice. Right, Miyamoto? But I guess it’s better than nothing, right, Keiji Inafune? Least Reggie’s body will be ready for it. Please understand that this is a travesty & a blight on the first two Paper Mario games, so if you don’t like my comment, deal with it!

    1. Stop taking that “better than nothing” quote out of context. That was added by the guy translating, not said by Inafune himself. You’re so focused on hating him you couldn’t notice, but then again, that’s par for the course for a lot of the people on here.

      Blind hate that leads to incorrect conclusions, and false logic.

      1. And “too much water” was also taken out of context. Didn’t stop that from becoming a meme.

        1. Out of context or not, they gave us some nice little ammo to use against idiot video game developers & idiot video game journalists. Oh & idiot video game analysts. lol

      2. Til Inafune or the translator comes forward and tells the truth, this debate will continue. For now, I put it on Inafune til otherwise proven by someone higher up, not some random commenter that could easily be lying to damage control for Inafune since it wouldn’t be the first time someone defended that guy’s bullshit concerning Mighty No. 9. But I digress. Inafune deserves hate for a lot bigger sins committed over the last few years with that game. Like using people’s money that they trusted to him to pay for shit not even related to the game of Mighty No. 9 that they were paying for.

      3. Now if you have some hard based evidence to prove Inafune didn’t say those words himself, I’ll take back what I said concerning that quote.

      1. It was good. I left that out purpose, though, because it was a spin off. Sticker Star & Color Splash are trying to pass themselves off as mainline Paper Mario games when they should have been considered spin-offs at best since they aren’t even true RPGs.

    1. I won’t be because I’m not buying. I pity anyone that does buy it & realizes too late they spent 40 bucks on crap as they regret buying it. At the same time, that’s what they get for buying a game that wasn’t what they wanted out of Paper Mario but bought it anyway for whatever reason.

        1. Oh yeah! I forgot this is a game that further proves the Wii U is a failure trying to win back casuals. Poor Wii U. It was sadly fucked over by Nintendo long before 3rd parties ditched it. Sadly, it took some of us awhile to realize this. :/

            1. I’ve come a long way, haven’t I? Nothing like two console gens in a row (first Wii and now Wii U) causing me to lose my save data to piss me off and make me realize Nintendo aren’t perfect and are behind and out of touch with the rest of the world, etc.

              1. Nintendo rubbed their hands together and gave out a massive slap to fans with that 2015 Nintendo Direct. That’s what woke everybody up. 👏*POW!!!* Back hand slap!

                1. Til E3 2016 came and made everyone apparently forget the bullshit Nintendo has been pulling this gen since some are right back to defending Nintendo without question.

                  1. Nintendo’s problem is that they are not willing to change. They have become obsessed with doing things their own way! With Nintendo, it’s either their way or no way. Yes, it’s true that you can’t expect to please everybody since we all different opinions. But Nintendo really needs to be more open to criticism. It’s like they just ignore anything and everything that isn’t about praising them. And there is zero excuse anymore for continuing to stuff very underpowered tech in their consoles. That doesn’t have anything to do with trying to be unique. That just makes it look like they’re being cheap.

                2. Oh and this also means Nintendo’s pimp hand is mighty strong. Wait. A pimp smacking his victim gets them in line to continue being a slave to his will, sadly. With that said, it’s best to say Nintendo’s pimp hand for getting their hoes (fanboys) in line is strong.

    2. Are you from the future? I thought I destroyed everything, I guess I got some more work to do.

    1. It took me a minute but I remember what movie that’s from! 300! Awesome movie! Two thumbs up for the comment!

  5. ” you’ll probably cry by the time the story ends.”

    I think you mean cry before the story even begins.

  6. A game has never made me cry so this would be a welcomed change. I’ve been hoping a game would get me so involved in the story and characters I’d cry, movies and tv shows sure have! If it DOES make people cry then props to the team that worked on the story!

    1. Video games have at least made you angry and hate certain villains though, right? Play Life is Strange for PS4, Steam, and Xbone. If that game doesn’t get you emotional, I don’t know what will.

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