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The Australian Police Have Advice For Pokemon Go Users

Pokemon GO recently launched in Australia and New Zealand and the police force already have some advice for those of you who are using the application. You can check out their amusing response below!

For those budding Pokemon Trainers out there using Pokemon Go – whilst the Darwin Police Station may feature as a Pokestop, please be advised that you don’t actually have to step inside in order to gain the pokeballs.

It’s also a good idea to look up, away from your phone and both ways before crossing the street. That Sandshrew isn’t going anywhere fast.

Stay safe and catch ’em all!

Thanks, Cian M


  1. ||Our new private security forces in Australia will soon be converted completely…||

      1. I know it will die down eventually plus i retired fromanything pokemon so as much as i thank you for prividing me with the info i’ll pass thanks

  2. At least Australian police have a sense of humor about it, unlike the US police who would probably tackle anyone who gets within 50 yards of a station.

    “Subject has a phone and has not looked up once. HIS PHONE JUST WENT ‘Pika-Pika-!’! IT’S A BOMB! GET THAT MOTHERFUCKER!”

    1. Especially if the poor guy happens to be Middle Eastern in appearance. :/ I’m surprised some asshole in America hasn’t suggested we do to them what we did to Japanese people that lived in America during World War II after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor yet. -.- Thankfully, like Trump, they are too busy wanting to kick them out of the country right now. Both ideas are horrible, though.

      1. asshole politician in America hasn’t suggested* Ugh! There! Right where it belongs!

        1. ||It’s amusing what is happening right now in the Xbot Homeworld…||

          ||Revenge against the law forces, the fall of the Xbot land is at hand…||

    1. Damn it all to Hell! D:< That's supposed to be to my comment to Brisk! *decries about the fact WordPress lacks an edit & "delete your own comment" option for users*

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