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Three New Amiibo Announced For Monster Hunter Stories

Capcom has announced today that Monster Hunter Stories will be getting a new wave of amiibo figures launching in Japan on December 8th. The three amiibo include Cheval riding a Rathian, Ayuria riding a Barioth (glacier), Dan riding a Qurupeco. You can actually remove the character from the monster to have any combination you wish. These new and lucrative amiibo will cost 1800 Yen. You can check them out below.



  1. I giving a heads up to all traditional MH fans, don’t be surprised if one of those exclusive NX games by capcom is a true MH sequel! Given their release habit of the franchise Japan will be seeing a possible MH5 mid-late next 2017, Europe and America early 2018! So for everyone who always wanted MH to return to the larger screen may see this happen, with a possible inclusion of being portable as well:D
    I would recommend everyone get these MH amiibos too, because they may be used for future MH titles.

      1. That’s what they call cross save on the PS4 & XBone where you can share your save data between two of the same game on different systems. Not sure if you can transfer that save data from a PS4 version to an Xbone version, though. And the best thing of all is you don’t even need to connect the two devices or even have them both powered on or near each other as you can just download your copied save data that you uploaded to cloud storage or to a USB drive to the other system. It’d be pretty awesome if cross save did work between different company brands, though.

      2. There won’t be a need for cross play if the NX handheld and console uses the same cartridge because your save data will probably be on the cartridge itself, which is way better than cross play.

        1. Key word being if, sadly. We’ve learned from past experience that just because they patented an idea doesn’t mean they intend to use it any time soon. This idea of a hybrid console & using cartridges could be something they intend to save for the console AFTER NX. But we’ll find out for sure in the coming months. :D

  2. Go ahead and milk that Rathalos cash cow, Capcom. The Monster Hunter hype train never ends.

  3. These MH Amiibos are hands down the best looking Amiibos to be revealed, hell the best looking toys to life figures ever reveal, aside from the Breath of the Wild Amiibos that is:D

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